revolutionary movement, from griffey sneakers Guangzhou to Macau via Hong Kong

July 17 [Tue], 2012, 13:04

In 1895, Sun Yat-sen led the first armed uprising --- Guangzhou Uprising, after the failure of Sun Yat-sen to seek the development of the revolutionary movement, from griffey sneakers Guangzhou to Macau via Hong Kong, arrived in Kobe, Japan, Yokohama, planning branch in the establishment of Hing . End of the year, Sun Yat-sen in Yokohama, cut queue, change clothing, abandoned the mandatory feudal ideology in the Qing Dynasty clothing, put on a suit and Japans new clothing students installed, non-commissioned officers serving, said the break with feudalism, advocating new ideas, new science , new culture, active in revolutionary activities. Sun Yat-sens easy to service operations, is his anti-feudal revolutionary struggle of the griffeys advocate of democracy is an important part in the history of dress culture has a profound effect and significance. Red to help tailor Chairman Mao Zedong, Zhongshan Fu Sun Yat-sen to coincide with the Ningbo tailors in Japan to open up the Societe Generale. Sun Yat-sen first to Yokohama, there are overseas Chinese apparel industry to participate in the reception, they become an important supporter of Sun Yat-sens revolutionary cause. According to the memories of the person concerned, the Sun made-kai Huang Xing revolutionary comrades in his spare time frequented synonymous Chang, Changs woolen tailor shops, and the intention to create new clothing entrusted to the the Zhangfang Cheng and fashion griffey shoes industry overseas Chinese. These rather famous tailor fashion industry in Japan, according to the views of the Sun Yat-sen, Huang Xing, suit styling and production technology, loaded reference to the Japanese students, non-commissioned officers serving ideas for reform, integration into the Chinese clothing cultural traditions. From the trial of the tunic, each detail has a specific connotation of a new culture, according to the five branches of the democratic republican institutions, the country of the four-dimensional, the Three Peoples Principles and the Chinese revolution needs intellectuals to participate in the founding of the concept of change Zhongshan Fu skirts have five grain buttons, four bags, three cuff, breast pocket was built with poured penholder type. The former Government of the Republic of uniforms. October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao Zedong wearing a tunic, standing on the rostrum of Tiananmen solemnly proclaimed to the world the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, bringing to the late 1970s, the tunic into the homes of ordinary people, it became of that era national service. " Therefore, the Creation of the tunic into red to help tailor the epoch-making contribution.

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