About Windows Slow Startup Problem

February 29 [Wed], 2012, 19:30

About Windows Slow Startup Problem

Your personal computer slow startup is not just frustrating, but is yet another time waster. You'll find numerous reasons for your personal computer startup up progressively---from lots of programs loading for the anti-virus program checking for updates. Trying to find what's resulting in your body too up progressively will help you solve the problem and acquire your body to working properly.

Lots of programs loading lead to windows xp slow startup

Getting lots of programs loading for your computer's memory could cause the boot-up method to run slow. When several programs are trying to load for your system concurrently, a bottleneck sometimes appears which in turn causes laptop computer to decelerate. Just in case your products is tight on memory or virtual memory (where a part of your hard disk drive may be used like physical memory), the boot up process might be even reduced. To solve this problem, affect the start-up designs inside the "System Configuration Utility" program (discovered by striking "Start," "Run" then typing "msconfig" inside the "Run" box. Then click "OK").

Numerous instant message clients (Yahoo, Goal, MSN) loading at start-up may even decelerate your computer's boot process. As soon as message clients have to load into memory first, then they have to connect to the net for updates also to check who's online from your instant message list. This process might take several minutes if other programs are trying to gain access to the net and start too. Most instant message clients possess the way to change their designs to ensure that they're not going to start at boot up.

The windows registry could also make the windows slow startup. Invalid records could cause your computer's registry to locate programs that are forgotten about in your body. Not merely will your computer boot up progressively, nevertheless it may have shutdown problems too. To solve this problem, manage a registry scanning and cleaning program to eliminate invalid records also to take proper care of any issue.