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B, Social Conflict Paradigm

1, Orientation - Macro level
" Used for the analysis of conflicts between different groups and resulting social change"

2, Image of Society

a, System of inequality based on unequal distribution of resourses
b, Constant conflicts over resources
c, Very Dynamic

3, Two Social Categories

a, Dominant Category
"Control resources in society"
b, Dominated Category
"Struggle to increase their share of resources"

4, Resulting Social Change

5, Critical Evaluations:

a, relatively radical approach
b, too much emphasis on conflict and social change: tend to overlook the
importance of social unity
c, politically oriented - less value free

Finish Macro Paradigm


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1, Perspective 1 (Macro) Perspective 2 (Micro)

B, Two types of paradigm

1, Macro Paradigm (Used for bigger job)

"Percieve social phenomena in a larger social context

2 Micro Paradigm
"perceives social phenomena in the context of smaller group activities and
individual social begavior"

Four Major Paradigm
A, Two Structural-Functional Theory

Orientation - Macro level

Major Theoretical Paradigm

A, Structural - Functional Paradigm

1, Orientation - Macro level
"used for the analysis of large social structures dysfuncrions of analysis of
large social structures as they relateto the stable operation of society as a whole.

2, Image of society

a, Complex system of interrelated components (i.e. Stuructures)
b, Each component (structure) has unique functions for society's operation
c, Relatively stable overtime

3, Two core concepts

a, social structure
"A relatively stable pattern of social activities and interaction among the
member of a society"

Social Institutions = bigger and beaft up social structure

b, Social Function
"purposes and consepuenses of a social structure for the operation of society as a whole"

5, Robert K. Merton's typology of social functions

a, Manifest functions (+)
well intended ovious function

b, Latent functions (+)
not intended, not ovious function

c, Social disfunctions (-)
Infringement of human rights

6, Critical evaluation

a, relatively conservative approach
b, too much empasis on stability
c, tend too overtook the importance of social change


2006年01月22日(日) 12時32分
"Whistleblower: a person who engages in whistleblowing or, in other words, blows
the whistle on wrongdoing; a dissenter from wrongdoing" I find whistleblowing a bery interesting topic. When is it necessary and when should one feel that strong obligation to whistleblow. I crosses my mind that if a company is doing wrong, or even if an co-worker is doing something wrong, that one has the responsibility to rep
ort it. But on the other hand, in the past, a person that whistleblows ends up getting the shaft. After one whistleblows, it is very hard to find another job. Depending on the situation, the whistleblower may be hated by others. I think that there should be laws that suppoort whistleblowing and protects those that engage in it.If
one felt like their rights to get another job were protected, then maybe companie
like Enron would be busted long before it creates as much damage as it did.

Insider trading 

2006年01月21日(土) 13時58分
"Illegal insider trading - occurs when a person, who has special access to or is aware of unpublished corporate information, uses that information to make a profit by selling or buying corporate securities. If that person wrongfully obtains this nonpublic information, the trader has committed insider trading." (Source) Insider trading seems to be more and mmore of a topic of todays news. It seems that the people that are running corporations, or those with insider information or becoming more and more greeding or unethical. I at one time thought it was stupid for people t
o go to jail for insider trading. But after I read more about it I can see the issue.Most people trade fairly on the stock market. They do their reserch and make investments that they feel to be the best. So those with insider information should have anupper hand on the rest of us. The outcome of most insider trading schemes end with hurt markets and money that lose money. So I now think that it is a good thin that insider traders go to jail.

Blackberry blues 

2006年01月21日(土) 13時55分
Looks like Blackberry has lost yet another case on the patent dispute. It looks like they may not be able to sell their products in the US in the future. I have to say that I for one would not be sad, and I know a few Blackberry users who wouldn't be either. Though I wonder what this will do for Pocket PC and Palm sales. Palm seems to be doing well in the organizer/cell phone market and there are other ways to check your e-mail wirelessly then using the technology of the blackberry.

Video rentals take a hit from online sales/rentals 

2006年01月21日(土) 13時51分
It seems that video rental stores are suffering do to the demand in purchasing movies online or renting them online or using pay-per-view type services to order the movie directly from you cable provider. Will this change how movies are seen? I
think so. Just this last weekend I was home and watched TV using the new satellite program my parents had bought. It was great. We even ordered a movie and didn't even have to make a trip to the local blockbuster.

new vs old 

2006年01月21日(土) 13時46分
I don't know about you, but I have NEVER owned a NEW car. I think that my parents have purchased only one car new and that car was the family car that we drove for 13 plus years until someone broadsided my Mom when she was making aroutine trip to the grocery store. According to this article new cars seem to have problems just like older cars, according at least to a sample of AAA where of 79,000 cars about 5,000 were brand new. I have owned my car now for 4 years, it is 10 ye
ars old with average miles and I have yet to make a major repair. Keep on truckin'


2006年01月20日(金) 12時55分
A, Sociological Imagination
C, Wright Mills (1959)

The process of looking at the relationship between individual
experiences and forces in the larger society that shape our actions.
(thouths. see "Reciprocity between society - individual)

B, Social Marginality
"State of being placed outside of the mainstream in social setting"

The Development Sociology (read the textbook)

The Sociologists' Tool
A, What is Theory?

1, Theory (tool) Researchers' tool meant to be used
2, Perspective/ Paradigm (general view)
"A set of foundmental assumptions that guide thinking and research."
(A category/family of tool)


1, Define Intro 2 things social marginality
Describe what and why.

2, Unique experience because of social marginality

3, What did you learn

sources 1, Text 2, Notes


2006年01月20日(金) 12時51分
UCC- Uniform Commercial Code

Spream law of law - U.S. Constitution

Equity P12 Equity - Remedy

--------------------1, Reccession
--------------------2, Specific performance
--------------------3, Injunction


2006年01月20日(金) 12時39分
As a single person I'm always looking for someone to "hook up" with. Now Apple
has made it even easier. Imagine that! No, its not the iDate it's the iPod! A new
service called can deliver your future dates right to the palm of
your hand. Could they make it any easier. What are people really willing to pay
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