2010年01月17日(日) 1時40分
I've started "Twitter" in English.

I'm not sure how long it has been continued...

Maiking Plan II 

2007年12月07日(金) 23時38分
I was planning a lunch party these days.

I've decided its detail.
At first, we are going to have a lunch at the French restaurant which I've reserved.
We will be able to have a chat during the lunch.
Next, after the lunch, we are going to take the Special VOICE lesson.
To be honest, I worried about VOICE event if they don't want to join it.
But I thought that we are NOVA students, who care?
We all have "NOVA spirit" it means "Survival Communication"!!

I asked that Bob gave us the VOICE lesson, he undertook it pleasantly.
I thought it was so nice of him.

I'm ready for all of that events.
And I hope it will be fine day.

Making Plan 

2007年12月03日(月) 23時55分
I am planning to have a lunch party with my Internet friends.
We have never seen each other.
But we have a common point that all we were NOVA students!!
So we always told about own NOVA lessons, discussed many problems of lessons, and gave many advices each other.
And we have been keeping friendship for more than 3 years.

I'm feeling very excited because I will meet everyone in a few days.
I have to make a good plan for them.
Are there anything interesting to do?

Structure 1 

2007年11月24日(土) 0時24分
Because I am a native Japanese speaker,
it doesn't follow that I am a good teacher of Japanese.

From my daughter's claim,
it follow that it was my son's fault.

A Great Sorrow 

2007年07月09日(月) 19時44分
I went to Saitama to attend my friend's funeral yesterday.
I remembered a lot of things about him.
He was always kind to everyone.
He had operations three times because of a valvular disease of the heart.
He sometimes suffered terrible pain, I thought, but he had never complained about that.
He had studied his disease a lot.
He always did his best.

But...We can never see him.
We all felt deep sorrow at his death.
I couldn't stop crying.

If it is possible, we want to see him again...

Deep Sympathy 

2007年07月07日(土) 13時33分
My friend,he was a classmate in high school,was died.
He had fought his disease for a long time.

I'm really sorry for his death.
I'm so sad that I lost for words.

Almost Drowned !? 

2007年06月28日(木) 16時41分
My children's school started swimming class.
It was my son's the first swimming lesson today.
It was a nice day for swimming.

I asked him how the lesson was, when he came home.
He said " I was almost drowned."
I was really surprised.
I asked. Why? How?
From his story, it was too deep for him in the center of the pool.
A teacher found him drowning, and quickly saved him.

If the teacher hadn't found my son drowning,he would have died...
I felt really horrible.

But... he seems not to be afraid of the pool.
He is looking forward to next lesson!

No Meaning Meeting 

2007年06月26日(火) 23時44分
I had to attend a meeting today.
To be honest,I didn't want to go there.
Because I knew that we couldn't come to any conclusion.

She seemed not to try to understand other opinions.
And she repeated and repeated her speach.
I thought it was silly to continue discussing.
I really got tired.

I can't follow her.

Kind of BAKABON?? 

2007年06月25日(月) 16時29分
I often forget my lesson booth nomber.
When I have two lessons,I'm always confused which is the first lesson booth.
Today,I completely mistook.
I waited at wrong booth.
My teacher called me, and took me right booth. orz
I was really embarrassed.

When the second lesson,Bob was teaching next to our booth.
My teacher sometimes laughed to look at the back of me.
I wondered and turned to look at Bob's booth.
How crazy!!
He showed a picture that was maybe drawn by himself to us,without attracting his students attention.
The picture looked like kind of BAKABON.
I and my teacher laughed again.

My Notebook 

2007年06月20日(水) 0時57分
A notebook which I used at NOVA was finished.

I always used this notebook when I had NOVA lessons at this branch.
I looked through it from biginning to end.
I remembered a lot of things.
It is a valuable memories for me.
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