normal one 

May 13 [Fri], 2005, 21:43

k, one thing...
I couldn't sleep till 3 in da morning last night
how come this happened
i mean, i'm usually always sleepy nd i fall in asleep in 3 mins

well if i can't sleep 2n, then it would be a big prob=[
it's just becoz i'm gonna go to Strasburg 2m
nd gonna do shoppin whole day

Never mind,,,,,,i'll save it later again if I can


dumb dumb=p 

May 13 [Fri], 2005, 21:37

we were doin some very silly things...
I dun wanna comment any more about this pic

bed&side table 

May 13 [Fri], 2005, 21:27

I hav no clue why i keep postin my room's pics
Mmm, but it's kind of good feelin to see my cleaned up room

I kno it's borin for u guyz...

my desk 

May 13 [Fri], 2005, 21:19

Before, the desk was covered with full of papers, magazines etc
nd i couldn't even study at my desk=p
well, it's possible now


May 13 [Fri], 2005, 21:16

i can't believe it,,,
but i actually cleaned my room up this morning!!!
plus did some school work

i kno dat it's amazin since i usually dun do dat so often
but o well, my room was so dirty nd there was even no space to walk
i think it's much worse than normal guy's room
so it took me 3 hours to clean it up

but now it's fine
ahhh, it's so nice havin a clean room
well, i dun kno how long i can keep it like now
maybe 3 dayz? one week?? mmm, i'll try


May 11 [Wed], 2005, 21:37
okay...i havn't updated for so long...
well, it's just becoz i had lots of things to do

I dun remember wat i did on dat day...(lol
o ya, first went to buy da present for my dad's B-day wtih my mum
nd then went shopping=]
i think i spent more than 100 euros on that day
well...actually, it's not true...
i didn't pay for dat but my mum did(lol
so got so many things without payin anythin!!!

on sunday, i went to Freiburg with my family
plus dat day was also mother's day
so we went out to hav a nice lunch=]
i wore mini-skirt but it was sooooo cold outside
seriously, i was freezin damn

we, i mean my family, were soooo busy on dat day
k...first we went to Strasburg to get fresh fish
it was very tasty
anyways, then we had a big home party for my dad's B-day...
it was pretty nice, i think
except dat we all wanted to sleep in da party coz of da tiredness
well, Happy Birthday

I should say one thing... dat I was such an idiot yesterday...
some ppl know y i say dat...i suppose...but I'm very very sorry bout dat...
how come i was so damn

nd to Joey & Carina
thank u soooooooo much for takin care of me...
i kno u guyz thought i'm same as somebody who we kno pretty well(lol
but ya... i lov u

well, i hav no more interest to continue writin 2d...
so i'll do dat 2m=]

good night

present =] 

May 06 [Fri], 2005, 20:32

okay...this is da pic frame, which i bought for my dad's B-day
i lov this sooo much dat this looks so cool plus also very cute
but damage for my purse was also as big as the pleasure of buyin this

Plus, it first didn't hav any colour...(it was just with black nd silver)
nd i usually like da one with cute colours...
so just painted it with some water colours=]
i havn't finished dat yet but it must be so nice when i finish doin it

nd after dat, i will put some pics in=]
omg, i spent (nd will spend) huge money nd time on this...!

well, so he should get me a expensive present for my B-day

so i'll watch DVD now... c ya 2m

for spring nd summer,,, 

May 06 [Fri], 2005, 20:15

well, i think most of ppl in my class already know...
but i bought new shoes last weakend for this spring nd summer

mmm, u know wat i wanna do right now?
Change my clothin style
coz i wanna be a bit more sexy than last year...(lol
...omg, it sounds soo wrong! but i dun wanna be childish anymore...

so i'm now tryin to wear somethin which make me to look a bit older
such as mini-skirt, short tops...etc

phew, but i can't change my personality even though i change my style...
ppl, how can i be more adult mentaly??

Went shopping! 

May 06 [Fri], 2005, 19:59

So it's friday 2d
da second day of holidayz...(lol
well i mean, i'm so happy dat i can sleep longer than usual!

But this morning, my mum came into my room at 11 to wake me up for nothin...
Mum--, I went to bed at 3 last night

yup, nd in the afternoon, i went shoppin to buy presents for my parents
(5/8 is mum's day nd 5/9 is my dad's B-day)

nd wat i hav in my hand on da pic is da present for my mum...
I found really really cute store in my town
nd spent more than 40euros 2d

omg... i should save some money for summer holidayz...=[
( hey guyz, i'm girl! Girlz need lots of money...)

Can't Sleep...=[ 

May 06 [Fri], 2005, 3:38

I dun kno y...but i can't sleep
so dat's y i'm online now...=[
How come i CAN'T sleep

coz usually, well i can't say this with a laud voice,
I always sleep durin da lesson(lol
expecially in history nd English...

but this doesn't mean dat i dun like those 2 subjects!!
Just i hav a strange habite dat i wanna sleep when i read da book
so last time when i tried to study for my german test,
I slept at my desk nd next morning, i had a pain in my back

k, btw, the old woman on da pic is my grandpa's sister
(i dun know how i should call her=p)
she's so sweet even she's already over 70!

i wanna be like her when i get old...
like very kind to everybody, cute, hav lots of knowledges, honest...etc

but sounds like i can never be so...

well i'm gonna go to bed now=]

~*.;' about Akikaki ';.*~
BD-26th Oct. 1988
Living place-Germany
Job-just student=]
Hate-MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X(
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