October 08 [Mon], 2007, 22:28

Baby was born on september 26,2007.
She name is so uru

She is cute and fine.
She makes us happy.

Just I thought,I want to make family.
I need family.Someome usually with me.

I miss person.

I need someone,usually go to bet with me.
I don't want to sleep alone.

It's natural for human.Especially me.

If I find,I'll be happy happy happy


October 08 [Mon], 2007, 22:06

He is like my brother.
He usually run.It' s really cute
He is calm ,kind and handsome.

When new car came here(TOYOTA),he always wipe the car.

But already car is enough clean
Because of new car.

So he is really cute!

I think ,they are good couple.

I hope, I'll be make couple,like their.


October 08 [Mon], 2007, 19:13

She is like my sister.
She is kind ,cute,clear thinking and warm.

She takes care about me a lot.
She taught me,
How to live in Sydney.
How to shere.
I've lived with her for 4 months.
Here is really comfortable.
I respect her.

It's great experience.I met you.

Thank you.

Makoto final day! 

October 08 [Mon], 2007, 9:57

「Chatswood Makoto sushi bar」

Actually,I really hate Makoto's work.
It's really busy, boring,monotonous.

Just I ask to customers,
「would you like anyting to drink?」
「Would you like some more tea?」

It's not intersting for me.
That's why I hate.
When I began only 3days,I cried infront of Yuri(leader).
And I said .「I want to quit.」

But Luisu gave some advice for me.
「You should continue your work.
You should study English.
You should go to school.」

So I tried.

Today I thought,「I miss Makoto」
I tried to work in Sydney.
It was not easy for me.But I could.
I met good friends in here.

Hong kong Chinese,Korean,Vietnamese and Australian.

It's great experience for my life.
Everybody really kind.
We don't have border.
Nationalty is not important for us.
Personality is most important.

Sometime we ate some sushi!!secretly!
After work,we went to cafe.Chat Chat Chat.

We talked about Makoto,future and Love
And I became love teacher for Judy

If I return in here ,I never work.
But I want to say,

Thanks Makoto.

Thank you 

October 05 [Fri], 2007, 19:15
Thank you every thing.
Gave me a lot.

I like your smile.
I like your arm.

Gave me time with me.

I'm happy.
When just sat down next to you.

Gave me all.

You make warm my heart.
You make me full.

Everlasting love 

October 05 [Fri], 2007, 17:22

Beautiful sea.
Clear water.
Sand makes sound 「kyu kyu」

Long long beach.

I want to see you again.
I want to see blue sky and strong waves with you.

I hope forever.

My feelingA 

October 03 [Wed], 2007, 9:18
I went to school everyday.
When I came here,I couldn't speak English.
Just I could say.

「My name is Akiko!Nice to meet you.」

So I improved a lot.

Suddenly I realized.
I have good friends.They are like family.
Mira, Hyu, agunesu,Yoon, Rasseru.

I'm happy when I talk them.
They make me fun and comfortable.

My feeling @ 

October 03 [Wed], 2007, 8:38
I've lived in Sydney for 6 months.
First 4 months,I was sick for home, friends, him.
I cried every night.
Especially first one month.
I couldn't stop tears.

Everyday I thought,
「Why I came here?」

I thought,
「I don't have good friends,
Everybody childish.」

But I thought、
「I have to enjoy,Because I chose myself.
I spent money and time. so I have to ・・・」

I had a pain in my chest.

And I was worried about my future.
「How can I make? What I like?」

Yamucya 2 

October 02 [Tue], 2007, 21:22

Chieko ayano sachi


October 02 [Tue], 2007, 21:16

Yamucya in Cyaina town
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