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March 05 [Mon], 2007, 2:45
I've moved to http://vanyo.blog4.petitmall.jp/

currently still in the process of moving. ((:

relink me.



February 28 [Wed], 2007, 23:49
Today's been a fruitful day for me. Primary school gathering was the best! Haha! I met up with Lileng and merlyn! It was quite awkward when we met up at first but soon we were laughing over the old times.(I sound olddddd.)

There weren't alot of them but more than I expected. I love the 6-2 clique! How we used to diss each other and poke fun at others. I was a bitchy student then.(I'm less bitchy now! I think...)

They took a really long time to start the fire cos it was raining. It rained for the whole day!! A damp and cold day. They took so long and made me COLD AND HUNGRY. I think I would be bashed up pretty badly if they all weren't my good friends cos I was nagging over the chicken coming in contact with the flame. IT WOULD CAUSE CANCER OK! I'm just trying to lead a healthy lifestyle people!

Darren, Dickson, Xufeng were being super nice starting the fire and cooking for us! Pearlyn Yuxuan and I were bitching around. like who we used to dislike and stuff. Omg, seriously, I forgot all my past grudges I used to bear after this gathering. Everyone's my friend! HAHA.

Maxime was acting all weird. He is still a joker. The great joker who made Mr Chiang(Our P6 form teacher) had high blood pressure. He had to go to the hospital ok! Mr Chiang couldn't come. TSK. Too bad. Fendy left early with Peiwen.

We played mass games. Weird but fun! OMG, I suck at those games. Did a stupid dare. OMG. I was dancing in the swimming pool singing TTLS at the top of my voice. I had to do this action to look into the sky and there were apartments up there!!! This guy stuck his head out to stare at me!!! wth!

KuongHing had to do dirty dance around Maxime to the song BUTTONS. Gross. I'd say total gay-ish. HA. And yes Ahmad, I remembered how you used to bully me. -.- Minmin and Xiangyi came. We started eating. Xuejing was one MIA person. Still as quiet as ever... WaiKit, hmm.. we met up a couple of times so yes, khairul and I started random talks and starting reminding me what Ahmad did. OMG, AHMAD, you would be dead if you did it now.

Took loads of photos. Tay Xufeng. Send me when you are online.

I'm tried. Leng's dad sent us home and I brought home leftover stingray! hahaha! We're gonna meet up soon to visit Waikit at SNOWCITY! He works there lah.

I'm tired. HAHA. Goodnight/

I need butter

February 27 [Tue], 2007, 15:14
Went to watch Nino's Letters from Iwo Jima with kelly tay, I can't remember the actual title but its kinda nice. Haha, we expected him to act as some minor role but he was one of the leads and the only one who survived ok! -.-'' The movie's quite gruesome, I couldn't take some of the parts too. You guys should go watch it too.

We just walked around town abit and got stuff. I got a cookie box thing! Its DIY and they prepare all the ingredients you need in the box. I just have to buy butter later.

Can you guess what's this?

A) Exfoliating sponge
B) Foot scrub
C) Rice cake
D) Cotton candy
E) Cotton wool

WHAT IS IT? The answer's D)Cotton Candy!

Cool right. Kelly and I thought it was tasteless(cos it looked tasteless what!) But no, it was really sweet! Too sweet in fact.

Isn't it cute!!! My mummy and I were just playing with the toys at Kiddy palace while my brother and sister were playing with the keyboards.

We couldn't resist so we bought it! You really should see it move! The ferrieswheel would go round and round and those tiny animals in the cart would be transported up the "steps".

My quadrapop high scores now 300 000 plus. Hahaha! 'm so proud of myself! Btw I want to get loads of stuff. I haven't changed money to buy the NewS single yet! -___-

Stephanie! I can't go Japan until 2 years later. that's what my dad said. Tsk. SO how much I save also not of much use.

I tell you first.

February 27 [Tue], 2007, 14:49
credits to whoever uploaded this

Kiwoo's super cute. I was commenting that he was soooo hot in A Love to Kill. I actually watched that show cos of him but didn't know his name. HAHA. My sister says he is ugly. LALALA~ I like what. Tsk. Then I realised he acted in Windstruck! I thought I remembered a really tall prince, so I went to check, TADA! It was really him!!!

Shucks forgot to label again.
He was the prince who stuck out his ring finger then fainted! HAH!

He was in BRIAN's A year living in winter. And I melted. BUT WHY IS HYEBIN IN THERE TOO?! So cute. He is 189!
I feel abit stupid drawing the thing out. -.-'' But he is so cute! No one snatches him from me! Muahahaha!

My past 3 days?

February 22 [Thu], 2007, 18:50
I gambled, I played, I ate and entertained people. Lastly, of course, I collected my ang pows~~ HAHA.

Come on baby, time to spend my money.

CNY's here~

February 18 [Sun], 2007, 1:21
Not a really exciting day but it's also CHANGMIN'S BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday Max!Hahaha, hope you'd have a healthy and happy year and receive lots of love from all your fans! Keep up the hard work!<3

A few hours ago, I was busy entertaining others at my uncle's house. Gregory came! Haha, he was so cute! He is coming over to my house tomorrowtoday! Prolly Christian's coming too! Aunt Pat didn't make tom yam soup for me... Haha, but she promised me another time! Yay!

I can't believe, just to talk and play with Gregory, I spent like almost an hour in the TV room watching pokemon. WTH? Btw I think horsea is super cute. But it had a weird mouth that spits black ink. I thought only octopus squirt black ink... =_=

Did you know that our whole family including my uncles and aunties forgot to "lao yu sheng"?!!! Hahaha!!! OMGOMGOMG. How can someone forget something like that?! So they decided to do it at my house later. Goodness. hahaha. Now I know where I get my forgetful genes from.

ARGH. 25th Febuary is such an exciting day for people who live in Japan and Seoul. Concerts! Ryo's gonna be doing his con with k8 and Dongbang's tour had already started by then. HUHHHH. I wanna go and see Ryo and Yunho! @_@ Too bad luh. My life's like that.

Every year 'd get a nice nice box that were part of the abalone packaging. Now I have one more, can keep my mistick boxes already! hahaha.

I suddenly remembered about smth I'm proud of. I MADE DENISE UNSILENT HER PHONE. HAHAHAHA. FYI, she has never left her phone un-silent before! ^-^

There is this commercial that shows a black sheep singing "Baa baa black sheep have you any flowers~" The black sheep has no childhood. Simple nursery rhyme also don't know how to sing. tsk tsk tsk...

I'm so bothered

February 16 [Fri], 2007, 23:49
I was venting my frustrations when I realised, they took up quite a lot of space for an entry so I moved it to "whether-you-want-to-see-it-or-not". Hahaha.

I was suppose to wake up early today cos I didn't manage to catch Mrsoft on TV the night before! But I couldn't wake up! -.-'' Went to meet Denise after that at 1330. We were so proud of the message tone I made. I finally found a nice one to cut!

We were trapped in mise. When we entered, it was practically empty! I don't know why but suddenly the those people came in like a swarm of noisy bees. We were outnumbered so we had to do our stuff quietly. I was staring at the missing bakanishi. HIS POSTER IS GONE!!! FOREVER.

It was kind of long. I saw Yoochun's kid! And I couldn't help but got a picture of that kid! I just realised. If I got the pictures online and developed them it'd be so much cheaper! I got yamap for my dearest sister! I know she missed him. HAHA.

Denise was rash. That was the old me. Buying without thinking. I used to be so crazy and bought every single picture with a bakanishi in it! -.-'' The present me is super stingy and would have second thoughts on buying unofficial stuff. But I know she was happy lah.

We then headed down. Being kay-poh, I thought we should go down to B1 to check out some biscuits and they were there! Sitting on the shelves, nicely. -.-'' The auntie who was at the cashier was so nice!

Then I accompanied Denise to buy her shoes! We were at heeren and seh tried on her shoes! So embarrassing. I was stuffing a pepero stick into my mouth, it wasn't a pretty sight. I thought facing the glass panel, it would be less embarrassing, BUT W-R-O-N-G.

This guy and his girlfriend walked pass and looked kinda shocked to see me eating that way. I couldn't do anything but pretended that it was my normal way of eating! Argh.

Denise got her shoes. She kept asking for a size smaller. hahaha! then we decided to go have late lunch. She bought a dogtag and wanted to do some engraving but found out it was way too pricey. Abandoned the idea and had lunch.

Left cine and saw Bindy! I have good eyesight I must say. I can spot people from afar! Chatted for while and walked on. then from some distance away, I saw Kelly. Then I saw Jean! HAH. Kelly's easy to spot cos she was in her uniform. Denise found out that Kelly and Jean's friend is in the same sch as her!

We went to TAKA and got our "paper" and yay! We headed back home happily. It started to pour heavily suddenly. Theroute to the mrt was half flooded. We were squuezing and I wanted to avoid the flooded areas but was being forced to step on a puddle! So this twig thing landed on my slipper and I had to shake it off! EWW.

Saw D's friend on the train. We were playing with the message tone cos my phone was on outdoor mode, which meant extremely loud ringtones. Denise wass so mean! hahah! She waited for the train to stop(So it was quiet) and sent me a message. My phone started talking ok! So embarrassing.

(I think my post is really long today. Cos i have alot to share and complain about. hahaha.)

Choosey Lover

February 15 [Thu], 2007, 23:02
Happy birthday Kusano! 草野さん!お誕生日をおめでとう!May you have a wonderful birthday! There'd always be someone(like kelly) waiting for you to come back~

Denise made this for The-ten for grad day!<333 Let me pray that you can't find me.

[Choosey Lover] is so damn sexy! hahaha! Too bad I can't find any download server that I can use to download from. Some kind soul, send it to me? I hate MU>.<

Anyway, Denise came over and we fangirled! hahaha! Fun-ness. Btw, Denise how can your friend say that!?!? kjlgj;klgfd. Desiree teow. You caffe flavoured misticks are rotting in my house. Please call me when you wanna get it. I know you wanna eat them so much! Heh.

Tmr 'm going to town with Denise! She gotta get pumps. I got mine already! But I'm quite tempted to get more shoes! Finally my bloody version B is here! Sitting in mise. C's gonna take a while more.

I'm being random but I need eyecandy! Someone tell me what is a mullet? What is it? Huh huh huh? My face is still peeling... Damn the sunburns!

My sister receieved a truckload of chocolates! So lucky right. her Vday had always been more exciting than mine since birth. Let me emphasize. SINCE BIRTH. Maybe her life also more exciting and plentiful. I lead a boring and luck-less life. hahaha.

Tmr's there's gonna be a dinner at my Ahma's place. Yay! then I get to see Xiang again. BUT, how, 'll be reminded of my pathetic results slip. @_@

Gotta buy sweets to top-up my "belle" tin. I seriously think biology helps us alot. Improves my general knowledge.

A leopard never changes it's spots. Whether it was 2 years ago or now, his/her real colours would be revealed. I don't really believe that one can change for the better. Let me define him, S-C-A-R-Y.


February 13 [Tue], 2007, 18:48
Elaine toe was sick. So sick. I wonder how she found the energy to leave house. She was still down with fever and I had super bad cramps. So we were like two sick girls roaming town.

Had to go to guardian to get my 40cents water and panadol. Elaine couldn't decide on what to eat so I ended up having mee sua. Today's a tuesday and half-priced waffles at gelare!! Too bad we missed it.

Elaine wasn't in the shopping mood so she just walked around and tried on clothes. I was still hunting for my shoes. i found someting to drap over my shoulders. I realise this newyear, 'm all set for one colour. -.-''

She didn't get anything. I got more stuff. WE SAW UTT! Elaine was like "Utt! Utt! Utt!" OMG. He was super cute! walked pass us! We were like screaming inside. I used to think he wasn't so cute when I saw him on tv, but up close? He is damn cute! Maybe cos SG guys aren't close to looking as cute as him.

I got my freaking shoes and finally headed home cos elaine was sick. Wanted to let her rest also. Viral fever sucks.

I'm panicking cos the stupid printer of mine ran out of black ink! wth! My verification slip was like un-printable!jkljg;ld

Tsk. Whatever lah.

February 09 [Fri], 2007, 23:39
Am I suppose to be blogging about my freaking results? Well, I suppose most you people out there are surfing blogs just to find out how each other have done. Oh hell. I was fine until I was being the usual busybody snooping around other people's blogs.

My results maybe freaking bad to most of you but I was somehow relieved but still, disappointed. I have no idea on how to continue my life. Like which road should I take. (I'd just marry a rich guy and forget about studies)

BBF elaine did awesomely well. She did work hard. UNLIKE ME. Yea, I was slacking throughout the whole suppose-to-be-mugging period. Tearing open that bloody envelope was the worse 5mins of my life.

Mummy thought I would faint or have a sudden asthma attack in school or smth so she wanted me to open it at home. OMG, she even called my dad to ask if he was free, in case anything happened, he'd be able to fetch me home. -.-''

Mum brought me out shopping to loosen up a little after that. I have a great mum. She knows I'm still not satisfied with my results. WHO WOULD BE!? Still haven't got shoes cos I haven't "met" the right one yet.

Tmr's ijc's funfair. Despite the l;jgfhjkl;h feeling after the results, Crystal and I had decided to go.

Please. Someone guide me.
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