Bye Yaplog

September 10 [Thu], 2009, 5:07
I hate this shit hole.

i love fort minor~

August 01 [Sat], 2009, 10:25
specially this part

It's like Flat Liners, see that flick?
People dying, come back saying crazy shit,
people that they did wrong come back to attack them,
And everyone that they hurt comes back for revenge.
Well if that was ever going to happen to me,
I'd pretentiously would be attacked constantly,
But then again, for all the pain in my past,
There'd be a lot of people that had better watch there ass.

iiii have not updated in forever.

July 31 [Fri], 2009, 6:33
que pasa bitchola~

so last night i came downstairs to get something to drink
and there was a huge ass hobo spider like right by the fridge.
i screamed and pranced around the corner,
zakk looked at me and laughed then he got up to see and he said, "HOLY SHIT!"
that fucker was HUGE!!! but danny punched it. so it died.
all heil danny the spider puncher

its been hot as shit the last couple days.
up in the hundreds. vancouver broke the record this year at 107.
seven degrees hotter than last year.
it was a bitch trying to keep my hamtaro cool
but we made it. its only about 90 something today
and i can tell.. i don't feel like kicking someones ass as much..

i have a ronald mcdonald beanie baby in my lap.
its probably the most terrifying thing ever.

oh and a new cellphone since the old one died horribly.
its a black and blue samsung propel
fuckin' gorgeous lol

so i took pictures~

daisuke, anna tsuchiya and wataru got mah back

and for the final pose!

hiiiii face~


May 19 [Tue], 2009, 7:23
Chi[ma]ira is AMAZING!


April 30 [Thu], 2009, 6:58
         byoucifer           . -king TOGEpi- THE byotakitarutiki ☆ says:
i spilt coffee on the front of my pants
         byoucifer           . -king TOGEpi- THE byotakitarutiki ☆ says:
so it looks like i pissed myself..
         byoucifer           . -king TOGEpi- THE byotakitarutiki ☆ says:
sort of.. i mean if i had a penis..
      Hyori        Loves       Byou       says:
hehehe want me to suck it off
         byoucifer           . -king TOGEpi- THE byotakitarutiki ☆ says:
         byoucifer           . -king TOGEpi- THE byotakitarutiki ☆ says:



April 23 [Thu], 2009, 16:29
not even hostess snack cakes~

      宮脇渉        says:
i’m sorry but even if penises magically looked like hostess snack cakes
      宮脇渉        says:
i still wouldnt put one in my mouth

the proof is in da pudding.. or something fucked up like that XD


April 16 [Thu], 2009, 12:10
i have bronchitis...

no more smoking :[


April 16 [Thu], 2009, 3:28

my purin
she's a panda bear hamster
and she has gotten soo big since we got her.
we found out that she can't have another hammy friend..
hamsters are territorial and they don't suggest two in the same habitat when they're adults.

but thats okay. i don't need another one.

hello, whoever reads my blog (O_O);

April 07 [Tue], 2009, 22:01
i haven't posted anything in a long time.
there wasn't really much to post with, there really isn't now.
but i took some pictures recently...
so i thought i'd upload and share them :3

chicken nugget mighty kids meal with a butterfinger mcflurry
it was AAAAAAAMAZINNNG~ (;___;)

seriously. monkey, pogs, cute as hell 14oz coke and cigarettes!
pogs are fucking awesome man..

jammies 8D its fuckin bed time.

BUT... one last pic before i go.

isn't she the cutest little girl ever?!
(;___;) i love my zoe


March 31 [Tue], 2009, 18:09
i am so freaking drunk right now i cant even think straight.
lmao i think its, really funny that im like almost trying perfect.y without even seeing the screen
i guess i was wrong hahaa oh my god..

okay i need to like go lay down or something'

by the way i downloaded born recently and they are really good i'm surp[rised by ryoga's voice its actually really nice and his screaming isnt half bad either!

i'm gunna l0ok at this later and laugh and um anyway okay
later everyone!! <333

love you all. ,
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