Studded with two gems sè Ziyun

July 08 [Mon], 2013, 10:52
rì period: October 17rì transit Chu: "uh, almost" Jiang Chen: "You poor little sister" Chu transit: "Well, after a while on-line and Ulrich sworn sworn." Jiang Chen: " Lin egg big, I want to kill you. "transit Chu:" Harbin taxi to it, brother prepared to give you a dozen hungry Xifeng. "Jiang Chen suddenly melancholy," his mother, the old fool spray function Kyo, buddy today actually sprayed but he, the old animals, so you spray I, while I do not take you leveling up "Jiang Chen's words were not a joke, after all, is a nine-day transit Chu head, Li Wan machine daily rì , busy with something, if not the next Big Ben, Jiang Chen really do not want to bother him. So, on the line, he put the rice group into teams Lan and Li Jing, Li Jing leveling very hard, playing before a game has been crazy town rushed to 39, and took the championship and was rewarded with a system, it has also been a turn, are eligible to enter two city. Can also this time, one that he was totally in his system prompts appear in the interface - "ding dong" system prompts: "athletics task is already open, because you have reached the level of 35 or more, so get eligibility to participate in the task. "Jiang Chen glanced at the contents of this athletic tasks, suddenly elated. Unlimited competition level in 35 or more players can participate 1v1pk activities. 20 times per day per person has the opportunity to enter the arena, then challenge four players, each group has five individual players in the arena were defeated a group of five players, you can get a reward system, if 20 times seize all opportunities to overcome all the four groups player, you will get a considerable large reward. Awards are not equipped, but a variety of props, such as washing point volume and so on. Unlimited competition on time, every day 20:12 point "Consumer" setting very strict, no props mall, all the traditional free games can be used in rb buy things in this world can only rely on their own hands to earn ♀ civilians also gave players the opportunity to start from scratch, while also allows for some cāo very poor, the family is very wealthy and rich handsome white Formica sway them this money contributed surplus value,Oakley Sunglasses Fast Jacket, in order to better achieve the goal of common prosperity. And this set came out, a small part of heartless players saliva sound immediately cheers millions of people drowned, we can see that this setting Shendeminxin. Jiang Chen is naturally very, very happy, after all, this guy is now the name of the poor even own a house are not, he will naturally want to own a house and his wife struggle. So now he getting ready to pick a prime time tonight on a good dry 20 games pk race. But before this, he was honest leveling. He first went and rice Lan Yu Wei find Castellan House, the task before killing the bear handed flames, a man received a 20 backpack plaid, then he let m Lan stealth Shoot the Moon enters the jungle, visited about the enemy, the results Bear pilots discovered the fire? Eau has not been killed, Joseph was still standing in the deep forest. Jiang Chen croon, "your sister, before it pulled the Ghent abusing like, now I add the two new equipment, put on a treatment girl, see you can not kill me," m Lan also yīn insurance smile, as if by magic from the magic backpack conjure up a Purple shrouded temple bow, "Hmmm, sister has had weapons." Jiang Chen see the bow, not calm up, "Damn it, this weapon is really good ah" product order: Templar class equipment type: bow using Level: 40 physical attack: 190360 Additional are xìng: blood +180 crit rate +2 ATK +50 gems Hole: 1 Templar class equipment plus an xìng is 23, is a 01-hole gem ♀ weapon is perfect, is xìng are full bore full, put Jiang Chen greedy No, "town pk game The winner is the chance to get a fraction of weapons, the whole of China total on two champions got temple arms, small fresh, your luck great bar "m Lan yo smile," Oh, luck is good, but gem not done, I do only one a fire ruby. "Jiang Chen Lan understand the meaning of meters, the highest level equipment can inlaid temple two stones, if set up a gem, really a waste. Jiang Chen of small fresh no endangered, Huhu leisurely from the magic backpack and took out one thing, stuffed rice Lan soft white hands, while m Lan then smiled, they have eliminated the best silver snake bow handed down to him. Although two people know time is not long, but understanding the long, so laugh,Oakley Holbrook, nor hypocritical. M Lan said, "You wait for me at the gate of the city, I went to two a synthetic gemstones look, for a while, and you meet." Jiang Chen nodded, then ran toward the gate over there. When he arrived, found that there were already Qiaosheng Sheng stood a porcelain doll, her head is not high, only about one meter sixty-two, but translucent white skin, face and very supple, the scale is staggering round upright. Jiang Chen discovered that Ulrich in helpless, but also very charming, but she Pincher shown to everyone are her strong and sturdy, soft side rarely displayed. After seeing Jiang Chen, Jing sè face crimson, like birds generally threw herself into his arms, that a pair of magnificent arc fiercely against his little chest flat, almost made him impervious up. "Is too small, thank you, Mom just called me and said day brother had helped her secure the residence." Jiang Chen laughed, "You should thank the old Chu." Jing Tao, "ah, I've given day brother sent the Xinyu, the day brother and you are good. "Jiang Chen secretly Road, ah, the good man almost put a little old and a two rogue third leg to scrap it, this guy is too Nima good man. Jiang Chen Jing staring, suddenly found himself and his heart has been posted closer, because she simply felt Jiang Chen is a good shape, some small temper well and is also very generous attempts boy, but today when the boys put their little temper out on her and get rid of people who hated him, his own sense of justice in her release, when he is not tall and mighty image also deeply imprinted in their hearts, and then can not be obliterated. Or, more precisely, Ulrich's heart also has its own selfishness, she just eliminate their own fairy tale prince to rescue themselves. And Jiang Chen, was her prince. Ulrich being hugged him, saying words of gratitude when m Lan is unfortunately appeared, this time in her hands clasped already studded with two red stone Ziyun bow, stared standing in situ. If the change in the past, their girlfriends and a man so close, she will for their girlfriends happy. And now, she was somewhat speechless complex taste. However, looking panicked loosened Chen Jiang Jing, innocent face looking at her, she was again, like a spilled bottle of flavors. Then, like this, and Ulrich, never been in love with a girl in my heart burst a foul language: t, Am I in the move? Studded with two gems sè Ziyun bow without any changes on the color, but in literal interpretation, more than a "mosaic effect: Strength +2." However, rice Lan actually very happy, "Hey, a success." Jiang Chen little hit her, "a synthesis of two gem stones, the success rate is 100." Rice Lan Staveley, "hate you guys Flattery will not say a word the girls. "Jiang Chen continued molesting her," two synthetic gemstones three stones, the success rate of 70. "small fresh anger," slut river, I want to make you die, "Jiang Chen light Well said, "I'm useless shot dead, three synthetic gemstones four stones, the success rate of 50" Jing Tao, "how the success rate drop so outrageous?" Jiang Chen laughed, "What could be more ruthless, just saw nine synthetic gemstones gemstone success rate of 10, actually only one. "m not angry Lan," But having said that, the temple class equipment level cap is 2 mosaic, what order goods equipment, mosaic Level limit could be 10 gems ah "Jiang Chen Tao," There is no doubt that the artifact. "rice Lan laughed," not to consider this, and really, I think now only able to get within a month legend class weapon. "Jiang Chen gave poured cold water on her," the little fresh, this thing a little difficult. "eliminate" ladder equipment is growing, in other words, equipment, goods order of increasing more slowly,Christian Louboutin Pumps Sale, but the equipment level The advantages can be reflected, so our goal is to keep after the conversion advanced equipment, so that their higher genus xìng strive to cobble together a senior fastest temple wear, so someday see the legend level bss, have the ability to push. "rice Lan said," Ay, Shoot the Moon jungle 50 of bss we fight are struggling, this is just jīng English bss it "" So, let's go quickly, while the first the whole jungle trip, and then get rid of that animal, for even his underwear all burst out "Mi Lan Tao," Cut, burst to give you wear "" Well, eliminate iron pants. "" Hmmm, elimination is rusty iron pants. "" Little fresh, so do not take you, you went bad. "" That is thanks to you, slut River "
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