2005年08月25日(木) 11時01分



2005年07月18日(月) 17時46分

That news make me shock on Sat 16 with his breaking and bad news.

he drunk and raged in the park on midnight of 14 and then the policeman keep him
to the police station to calm him down and let him back to the hotel.
Next day, he go back to Osaka immediately with strictly punishment of the company.

now, he stay at home in Osaka and the company postponed all of his works as the punishment.

I hope that this incident will make me think over and over for what he did.
And make he thinks for future and what he should do next after this.

I think this incident is his fault too. b'coz he should not go with
that employees again for the 2nd time as he might know how old is he
and how about his capacity to drink alcohol and he should know the law.

This is all passed and can't change anything but he could do the next thing better.
Hope he will not quit the company he is still be NEWS.
I will wait when he come out and say apologise to everyone for this incident

I cried so much as I know that he will disappear around 3 months
I may really miss him so much absolutely and surely

I wait for the brightest day for him to show how good he is in the future
He will be back with gorgeous prince Hiroki

ターオちゃん より。
大切なことは あなたのLion Heart です。 

gonna be 

2005年07月01日(金) 1時25分
who will come to Thailand???
Keichan & Massu go to Korea
and Thailand????? can't think!!
hope someone of NewS come to Thailand

today I sent mail to Keichan and Massu
Just wait for the answer

cake o tabetai~~~!
uchi o gekkonshitai!

please come to Thailand

back here, stand here 

2005年06月09日(木) 15時15分

ureshii datta ne!
uchi is back to work, to show how he is!

Uchi kun gambatte ne!! 

2005年06月06日(月) 15時17分 is on the net now!
happy desune! News fansite start already!

I can show how much we love NewS
Take 4 days to make a website
and forget Uchi for a while sorry na!

hope it is good luck

News saigo!

genki kudasai 

2005年05月19日(木) 16時55分

あなたの笑顔 を 見てみたいね。

get well soon!!!


2005年04月08日(金) 17時31分

見せて  見せて  
ニュース の コンサート の チケット。

Finally, I saw NewS Concert for 3 times in Osaka.
とても たのし かった です。

内君 は とても かっこいい ですよ。 

山P も かっこいい ですね。 

亮ちゃん は いい ですね。

幸せに、大切なひとへ。NewS でした。

First Album 

2005年03月24日(木) 12時14分
Omedetou Gozaimasu!

NewS First Album "TOUCH"
on 27 April 2005
with great supplement for Lot 1 and Lot 2


and 20 Apr with 5 new Radio programme with
Tegochan, Keichan, Kusano, Massu and Shigechan
atarashii programmes and gambatte ne!!!

Sakurasake : ARASHI is No. 1 in Daily Oricon Chart
Cherish : NewS is No. 1 in Weekly Oricon Chart
Very good Job, drea guys~!

Just 12 days to go 

2005年03月18日(金) 10時32分
so excited na~~!
Just 12 days left, I will go to Osaka.

see you soon, Uchi kun and Ryo chan
I will make my dream come true, I will try!

kokode NewS desu 

2005年03月02日(水) 16時23分

Great NewS!!
CHERISH with 2 versions

Today, I went to apply VISA to Japan.
I think I will pass, just wait the result on this Friday.
Exciting!!! and can't wait anymore

My dream will come true in next tomorrow
Uchi, see you soon, not long time to see you in Japan
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