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February 10 [Sun], 2019, 10:13


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Thumbs up . A very nice movie.
2035 - an era when you can love a voice without ever having to charge your phone. They should make Her 2 and its actually Scarlet Johansson as his wife 😉
So many terrible platitudes used as dialogue. 
Love,love,love it...great Giorgos!!!
Of course we all know this will dominate in categories such as Costume Design, Production Design, Cinematography, etc. But I’m betting on this also getting nominations in the major categories as well!.

The movie just reeks pure Oscar Bait
5/10 “Too much wahmen”
i know i want to read this book and see the movie, but i'm not sure whether to read the book first or watch the movie first... to anyone who's read the book/seen the movie, what's better to do?.
i'm not okay i'm not okay i'm nOT OKAY /fetal position/

I just saw Her and loved it. Now I’ll have to watch Him! It looks hilarious!.

can u explain ?? this movie?? pls...


They won Grand Jury Prize and Coppa Volpi for Best Actress at Venice Film Festival. Congrazzt🎉🎉🎉🎉.

I haven't read the books and judged this movie to be feel good by the tone of the trailer. Laugh all you want..

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this movie sums up female nature perfectly and the manipulative, Gold digging, hypergamous, scheming and coniving creatures they are.


Very glad to see someone countering the nihilistic bullshit that was Me Before You!

Killing that poor duck was terrible!

Omg, LOVE the book. I think I might cry if I see the movie... And it's supposed to be narrated by death...

hands down my fave movie of 2013. It is a shame that some people cant intellectually fall this deep to enjoy this movie. But thats okay as well, if everyone where like this, then the significance would be lost. For a singular thinker to enjoy and understand this depth of a movie is like a deeper person trying to not see the bigger picture in things. Its just how people see the world..

who is samantha??

They should just give them their Oscars now because that movie looks amazing. The only movie that can come close is 12 years a slave.

Going to see it this weekend :3

It kinda reminds me of EDI and Joker from Mass Effect games...:D

Double Oscar for Serkis.




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