Cashouts from StormLinx and Free20!! 

2006年03月22日(水) 9時01分
Reached the minimum payout in both sites and requested the payment yesterday!
I got paid $2.00 from Free20 and $2.21 from StormLinx via PayPal.

For StormLinx Payment...
I had to wait a little, about 2 or 3 days to get paid, they had experienced problems with their server, of course they emailed and notified us about their problem. It was solved and we got paid. Unfortunately, they updated the total payouts made in their site, and the money I requested was deducted from my account balance.... I hadn't received my payment!
Then, I emailed the StormLinx Staff and they paid me within 2 or 3 hours.
Now, I have my $2.21 in my PayPal account.

For Free20 Payment...
Free20's webmaster is chinese, so he doesn't understand english very well. There is no Cashout button for PayPal payments in his site, so I contacted thorugh MSN and requested my payment. He took about 5-10 minutes to send my payment.
But I must say, it tooks me forever (about 2 months) to earn $2.00 from them. They only accept traffic from search countries, so it's quite difficult to get credited hits.
Anyway, i have my payment now in my PayPal account.

For Tenjo Money Mails...
I'm still waiting... they will send my payment within 30 days. It's a long time to wait for getting paid, but I heard they are honest and paying site, so I have to wait only.
I will post when I received my payment.

See ya!

Pika**nchi Limited Edition DVD+Next... 

2006年03月21日(火) 3時48分
I just bought my Pika**nchi LIFE IS HARD dakara HAPPY DVD from YesAsia Today!!
I'm so happy!! It has a very important discount, so I bought it with my PayPal money!! It will be shipped within 2 days, it's "Ready to be shipped" status, so I have to wait now for it arrives!
I saw some parts of the movie in a low quality wmv video I downloaded from Internet, I didn't want to download the DVD rip version, because I want to see the movie and rip it myself.
Can't wait to get my DVD + Special Disk + 5 figures + Booklet and everything it features!!
This is my higher purchase on the net after 5x5 THE BEST SELECTION CD+DVD order, yeah 2004.
I'm still waiting for Arashigoto book... hope it be shipped soon.

As for the next purchase will be ARASHI, SUNRISE Nippon, Typhoon Generation, Kansha kangeki ame arashi, Kimi no tame ni boku ga iru, Jidai (LE) and PIKANCHI (LE) singles, hope to add to this list, ALL or NOTHING DVD.

And after them, Sakura sake CD+DVD single, One CD+DVD and HERE WE GO albums!! I have to do my complete wish list now...

I'm so happy~!!

Test & Quizzes Results pt.1 

2006年03月18日(土) 15時58分
Making some online tests about personality and others, I got these results:

Personality Test: 40 (out of 64)

"aicchuu, others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest... Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over it if that trust is ever broken."

From Love Test: Personality Test

Well... I don't think others see me as sensible person, but the rest is right.

Que extension de dominio te favorece mas? (Espanol)

I'm dot org in this... but I prefer dot net more than org. Anyway...

Arashi 2006-2007 Calendar arrived!! 

2006年03月18日(土) 3時27分
Yay!!! This morning I wanted to know how was everything about my calendar and find this nice surprice.

I entered the Tracking Number that UPS provides you for tracking your package and find this:

Status: Delivered
Delivered on: 03/17/2006 11:27 A.M.
Delivered to: US

Remember, I'm currently living in Chile, so I will have to wait a little to see the calendar, but it finally arrived to US!!
Good~ News~!!

Waiting for Arashigoto!! 

2006年03月17日(金) 6時17分
The past week I bought my Arashigoto book!!
I saw many scans and read many articles on the net about... it looks promising. It was released the past year, but I didn't have enough money to buy. Past week only paid $18.75 for it (it has a higher price before).
Probably everyone saw everything of the book, but I wanted to save my impressions for later, when I could have it on my hands. I forbid myself to look for Arashigoto pictures and I did!! Now, I only have to wait it be shipped. But, I must said, can't wait anymore, I want my book now!!
I'm also waiting for my calendar, UPS ships the calendar within 3-5 business days, about 2 or 3 since I received the email confirmation.
With these news I'm ok... a couple of days ago I was very worried, you know... you can receive your item as you cannot.

The order I placed on YesAsia is now on "Searching from Suppliers", I hope they find the suppliers soon, if not, then don't put the book on sale!! Hahaha... but don't think of that. The book will be found and shipped soon (I hope!).

Introducing fees -> People leaving... 

2006年03月17日(金) 6時02分
These are bad news....
Site Point, where I got all my Paid Posting jobs introduced fees for posting yesterday. Not only me, many people doing this started to complain about.
Fees introduced are about $10, just for posting... this means the success in your job offer is not guaranteed! If people contact you for the job, the ad price will worth, but if you don't get anyone for your work... $10 lost.
They said the introduction of fees will help to make the forum more professional... yes sure! All people there is leaving now, including me... there are no new job offers since this announcement. Before this, everyday were new jobs to do.

This was my best way to make money online, but I will have to find another. I need to find another forum for paid job offers and there are, my problem now is they aren't active like the one I'm leaving now.
Stupid people. Everytime is more difficult to find something for free.
You have to pay for everything on this life!

I tried to ask for help about forums that could be used for post paid posting jobs, but those people just deleted my message...
Anyway, will find another way... I just registered on Talk Free Lance, and there is 1 paid posting job. I have another sources to look for.
For now, I already have some jobs I can do while I solve this problem... will finish them soon and hope to have more to do later.

Let's pray now... see ya!

Need a friend living in Japan! 

2006年03月15日(水) 3時30分
I forgot to post this... I'm looking for a Person/Friend currently living in Japan. Well, the reason is for buying some stuff that I can't obtain from USA...
The store from I want to obtain my item doesn't ship orders to USA, and it's very urgent, important to get help from somebody.
I don't know another way for buying it, probably making a special order, but it very risky to loose money and they don't find anything. The item I want to get is almost out of print! And it will be so hard to find in Japan (or not?)... at least it was very difficult to find in an online store. But I will try this option, find somebody that could do this favor to me could be difficult.
My friend met somebody in Japan and ask for her to buy some goodies (not the ones I want)... and that person sent her items, I just hope I could feel lucky and get my items if I use this method.

Which is the item do I want to buy??
It's related to Arashi Stuff of course, I'm not interested in anything else. Many Arashi's Limited edition singles/albums.

So if there is anybody reading this, and you are currently living in Japan, would you mind to help me??? Contact me via email or post your comment here. Even, if you know where to submit special orders in online stores will help me a lot, contact me anyway!

Your help is very appreciated!!

Making some easy money 

2006年03月15日(水) 3時16分
I have earned some money today making easy things.

1. Two 10 paid posting jobs for $1 in some forums.
2. $1 for adding 10 sites to a favorite link index.
3. I hope to add some sites to a topsites list and get paid.

I still have some paid posting jobs in a couple of forums I can't ignore, because it's good money and they are looking for quality posts too. I need my money for buying my stuff online. These paid jobs are for certain amount of money and limited time only...

The site I'm posting daily and hope to get paid is Cash Posting: $0.03 per post, and minimum payout is $15. Good money too.

Arashi Calendar!! 

2006年03月14日(火) 20時20分
Just received the shipping confirmation from xxxxxxx of my Arashi's calendar!!
I was worried, because I didn't buy the calendar on YesAsia with that expensive price, and it was out of print anyway. The store where I placed the order was in japanese and all the suppliers come from Japan (almost out of print). I thought I will receive an email telling me "Your order cannot be shipped, because the item your ordered is already out of print" or something. But I'm happy now.
I could track my order through UPS and will receive it soon, in about 3-5 days.
Hope everything will be ok, I want my calendar!!

I promise the next year will order cheaper from CDJapan!!

Cashout at Tenjo! 

2006年03月14日(火) 20時09分
I reached the the $20 minimum payout for cashout in Tenjo Money Mails. It took about 2 months, clicking PTC and reading all mails without referrals!!
Once I saw the $20 balance on my account, clicked on the cashout button.
I joined the program because many people said they got paid, so I hope I can receive my money soon. I read the FAQ section, and they take about 1 month to make the payment, still too long, but I hope it worth!!
I will post here when I have received the payment.

For people interested on this program, sign up under me if you want: Tenjo Money Mails

PTP, PTC and PTR to make money from, even referring people will help you lots to earn faster!!