March 28 [Fri], 2008, 23:38
11am brunch
1130-1230 class
1pm-3pm animal
3-4pm toefl reading
4-5 turtoting
5-6 listening
go home eat dinner with kiko
go club

1 2 3 daa~

March 25 [Tue], 2008, 1:40
I have been escapinig my reality. The reasons was that I did not keep my journal. As a result, I could not make place a day and I wasted my time. I did not study harder. I just watched my doramas most of my weekend. I felt just depressed, and I did not have any motivation of studying, cooking, and exercising. I was almost a loser and I was corrupt at heart. I have been feeling down in the dumps since I got god score of GRE. However, I do not want to waste my time and lose my perception. I need to keep working.

I will finish my uniform paper until 3pm.
I will study TOEFL of listening untill4pm.
return book.
go to science library
6pm Toefl reading
7pm squash

night write animal

terrible TOEFL

February 25 [Mon], 2008, 1:04
It was best place I took TOEFL ever. I listened crazy music band during test, and the distance between other people was so close. Moreover, the sunlight wasa I coud not believe this. I tried to concentrate my works

little light coming through the skylight
as the sun's rays peep through the clouds
The sunlight gets into the trees.
The bright morning sunshine shines in through the window.
Thinning out that tree will allow more sunlight to penetrate.

I have only 4 days which means 96 hours.
I need to focus on vocabulary and math.
ready Go!!


February 16 [Sat], 2008, 1:43
It was my first valentine’s day in the United States. Valentine is day which couples are supposed to express their love for each other by sending card, flowers, and sweets. I sent chocolates and card to my boyfriend on 14 February. He will receive my gift one week later. I noticed that there are differences of valentine’s between Japan and the Untied States. The history of valentine was person’s honorary. I did not know that valentine was a person. In Rome, king was fighting other countries and wanted men to be solders. However, men did not want to go wars. King had terrible solution men to go wars which prohibited married because he thought the reason of men wan did not want to go wars was staying with his family at home. It was awful solution, so people got married secretly. The main character of secret marriage was valentine. He helped people’s marriage. He was arrested and was killed on 14 February. I thought there are no related with chocolate and the history. The reason of giving chocolate was strategy of business. America did not have holiday after Christmas to Easter which is at some point between late March and late April each year. Business Company tried to make money, so they made holiday between December and March.
One thing of the differences of valentine between Japan and the United States is giver and receiver. In the United States, men give chocolate and treat dinner. In Gainesville, most restraints were full and crowded. The average of cost which men used was more than 100 dollars on valentine day. Children exchanged card with small candy or chocolate regardless gender. On the other hand, In Japan, valentine is a day which woman can confess man her feelings. There are two types of chocolate; true chocolate which give to lover and obligation chocolate which give friends and colleague. Men prefer hand making chocolate from their girlfriends. They compete with their friends how many chocolate could get.
Another thing is having another celebrate day which is white day. America has not white day because both sex celebrate on valentine day. White day is one month later on March 14 of valentine day and men who get chocolates are supposed to return present such as candy, white chocolate, and flower. A Marshmallow manufacturing company introduced the white day in the 1960s. As for couple, woman expect more expensive return gift than gift she gave. Moreover, one interesting thing with Korean is that they have Black day for people who neither give nor receive gift. The poor friends gather same home and eat black noodle. This is not official holiday, but I think Japan should import the culture. It is going to be fun in Japan.
Last one is wrapping in Japan and in the United States. Americans give gift directly. However, Japanese prefer wrapping gift because we have culture of wrapping. When I walked mall in Japan near valentine day, I will see wrapping space as well as hand making chocolates space. Japanese believe that wrapping is polite attitude and feel rude to receive the gist no wrapping. I think it’s time of economic, so Japanese should use paper carefully.


February 13 [Wed], 2008, 6:47
I might lose my USB which contain my all assignment. I am so shocked. And I did not finish some application for graduate school. I am sooo sucks. That's terrible day. I need to do assignment again. Oh gush.

disgusting residents!

February 12 [Tue], 2008, 2:35
The disgusting attitude of some UF students in my complex made me bad. Last Saturday night, it was nice weather which was blessing and moderate temperature. . I loved to go to hot tab in the night because it reminds me of Japanese hot spring and it is very comfortable to get in hot water while watching stars. I had thought I wanted to there to feel luxury and relaxed as much as I could. However, the stupid some students smashed my feelings about hot tab. My room is located near pool and hot tab that I could overlook the view. When my roommate called me to the riving room, I was shocked that there are two naked couples in the hot tab. In other words, they were having sex. I assumed they knew it was public spaces. They might be drunk and one couple got excited about seeing another couple. My dignified roommate screamed to them it was disgusting. They were still there, so she called police. One surprising thing was that two women who were in hot tab came to our room and angry. They said that why we called police and bitch to my roommate. I think they lack of common and moral sense. If I compare with Japan, there might be naked stupid students during party. However, would sex in public spaces in Japan happen? No! Even though there are difference culture between Japan and the United States that Americans are more reveal than Japanese. I believe it never happen. No matter what culture is difference, I think there are rule to coexist. If someone is discomfort and displeasure because of your attitude, you should not do the action. The important thing is that thinking about other feelings and be thoughtful.


February 10 [Sun], 2008, 9:55
I went to mall with KIko, my roomate, is a crezy faburous girl. She will get engaged in this week even though she has to wait to get marry with Ron. It is kind of ridiculous, but I do not care. She seems so happy when she talk about the marriage. I found out my size of my ring finger which was 6.5 or 7. It is different from Japanese size because I was 13 size in Japan. The size in the US made me happy because I had complexed my thick finger. I do not have to care about my size here. Moreover, we went to polno shop which we can buy sextual goods, tools, and polno bideo. We lent some bideos and might enjoy them. I need to focus on GRE several times and go back to watch porno. haha

Everything goes well

February 09 [Sat], 2008, 3:50
Finally I got much better score of TOEFL. It was 63 IBT which means 503 score of paper TOEFL. I cannot be satisfieded because some graduate school required more than 80. I have to keep working. I have a little worry about my applying, however, I can do it little by little. Everything goes well. Dai jyo u bu


February 08 [Fri], 2008, 4:52
I found the conversation partner, who named Heeralc, is learning Japanese. This opportunity is very nice each other. We will give and take own knowledge of language. This morning I was disappointed my low English level again, but my friends motivated me because sheneel praised me a lot improving my English. I believe in her and I think I am so simple. Anyway, I learned good sentence which is useful how to complain to hotel. When I stayed terrible hotel, I can say I want my money back. I should say before saying not using restroom. Tomorrow, I can see Herrol, so I am excited.


February 06 [Wed], 2008, 6:44
I went to a class of ELI in the morning, free class in the village, and educational library. I realized that it done not matter place I study. If I have motivation of study, I could learn form everywhere. I promise I will finish watching Japanese drama in my home. I need to focus on GRE and TOEFL. I feel my English level in my reading and writing class is low. It is hard to follow class; however, the graduate class much more difficult to follow. I need to follow and learn form the class. I need to be more organized which I can make plan and practice the same as it.