new diary 

2005年03月21日(月) 5時55分
i change my diary because i can't type some chinese words here, and everybody i can't type english words at home.
My new diary
Thank you for visit !! I hope i can see u all there !!!!
PS: some people said they can't enter the site. i try at school .....that is ok now(i hope so) then, if u can enter , u can try more times!!!!thx!!!

st. patrick's day 

2005年03月18日(金) 3時46分
Today is st. patrick's day,if anyone wearing green ,he/she can get a chocolate egg. And i see some dancing show on the 1st floor at the UW, and cooking show outside. It is very good day!Actaully i don't know what is the meaning of st. patrick's day but i enjoy this because chocolate tastes good!!!!i really can see many people wearing green!!!!!
And about my PE class, hokey ......ah......ok la, better than football !!!!!!
i need to make a car for my science class. tomorrow is the Due day , i still have no idea on it, kyo said it is better then learning at hk......really good....too many activies to play la, those are funny game but not that good for me bor,,,,,u know i am a lazy person ma!!!!anyway it is better than kelly's is great!!!and i need to finish my english next tuesday , i hope everything alright!!i still have not enough 1 month , then i will have my exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x.xgoing to die !!!haha!!!!anyway i miss u all , i hope i can see u all very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!cu!Soon!!!!!!!!

yellow win 

2005年03月16日(水) 3時41分
There are not enough one month for exam....every class is important for me!!!
first, PE is just for G10 i won't have any PE class in my life any more...that should be sad??!!ha, so i enjoy everyclasses, only 10 class jar ma!!ha!!i am happy;)

and i don't like my english class....that teacher....i think she is too young la!i miss my old english teacher,,,,,,then in my pe class , the teacher asked who are u reprect la,.,,,i write my father, my fd,,,,,i won't tell u who he/she here.....and my school staff Kathy ....yes, it is a difficult topic for me....i was thinking about my idol that time , i think that if i write hide or miyavi,,,,,who would know that ???haha, so i write down my father!!!!ok, anyway , my G10 has not enough 1 month!!!!i just hope i can pass all exam coming soon.....i need to have english class even if i hate that very much!!!!!!>.<i really want to do my diary everyday, but i can't ......
i am waiting for the day that i can really enjoy my school it too far????
Or, just a second?!


2005年03月11日(金) 6時24分
nice............i was sick everybody knows.......i have PE today ,,,,am i strong'''''a sick person for PE the man of the collegiate come and tell my class somthing.....he said he recieve 54 student for G10....but he just recieve 20 same time as last makes me know why can i easier to come in this school....G10 really hard to come ar!!!!!!i know there are 6 international students in G 10 this year......we can know that is a big number wo....6/20//////1/4 arz!!!actully, it is a great school which makes my life different....i like here....he said final exam at the exam actully finish in 18/ it too fast????but i need to wait for the report card is 29/,,,,maybe don't wait law.....i am not don't want to move because my home is too comfatable......i like that!!!!!i bought a coffee ,,,,,,holy shit.....bad tastes.....i never buy it any more ga la!!!!the english don't let me hand on the hand write hw arrrr!!!!! bad!!!! everybodys knows my computer can't write some english words ma!!!!!why ,.......
okokok, i still have art class later!!!!ookokokok!!!!i need go,,,,,,, i won't buy that coffee any more wastes me 1.25 arrr!!!!!>.<

about diary 

2005年03月10日(木) 2時50分
ok......everybody knows i can't type some english words on my i need to back school for my diary.....and my computer can't read japanese words thinking about change my diary ....does anyone has good idea of free diary board....?and i can tell u about these day,,, i was sick....i make my hp again and i can DL hk TV and radio....and i think if anyone play with me in icq.....they would know that....hey , u all can send me song my yahoo!!!!!!!!!!anyway keep in touch la....i know i always online late.....but u can add me or lin,,,,,,that telephone software ho ho play ar〜ha!!!and i need ur support !!!!!!!!!ha!!!(o^v^o)
nice day....actully i have not that good mood ?hw?tired?
anyway , im happi i can write my diary again


2005年02月23日(水) 10時49分

If u want to c that, please DL yourself, i try to upload for 10 times, ALL fail,....holy shit....then, i think it thing is really important law,,,,if u have any feeling ,please tell me!

Thank you 

2005年02月20日(日) 13時07分
I am fourtune because I have my mum come with me ,overwise, I can't live over 1 days. Thank you mum.....
look at my friend's diary , they look like happy, um, i am happy thhat u all are happy.....and, i little bit afraid stay at home along.i afraid i do any wrong thing but nobody help me.i really am a firmly person.Anyway, it is Gazette vocal Ruki!!!!!!!! my mum help me cut hair,,,,i cry when she cut because she doesn't listen my idea.........hey,,, why u said my idea is easy????then i cry ...when i cry she be kind and hear wt i am saying.......actully, i don't want to do that ga,,,,,,,,anyway, i feel good when finish hair cut......thank you mum.....ok, i have new hair style law........haha!!!!!!!!and i discover a gazette,so good, i like gazette!!!!!!!!!!!

horrible nail 

2005年02月17日(木) 13時12分
happen a horrible thing today is start at i have a neigbour she just 3 years old,very lovely just like a doll, u can think a canadian little doll is pretty and q.....she come my home and say hi to me.....i touch her hat.....however this time......she see my design is left hand deep blue and right hand yellow......she feel afraid law hei......she run back her mothher back......i feel hurt law.........ii have nth to say that time....................{・k:yllonnail1.jpg}

i'm waiting.... 

2005年02月16日(水) 8時20分
why doesn't a person caught the thing which they want at the begining of the story?so they need to join in story and lose anything at the end?Is it everyone can sensible to face on everything they want ?if u love a person ,why don't believe ur feeling? I don't understand the human natural, i really not same as young , i don't no the living thing -human.Even myself,I am standing at my place but no where suitable for me in my place. I am lose, I don't want to hurt but i have no choice.I just can wait ,i can do nothing , i just can wait, i 'm waiting.......


2005年02月15日(火) 9時21分

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