Details of the Gronefeld One Hertz caliber G-02

September 15 [Sat], 2012, 23:48

Dutch watchmakers Tim and Bart Grnefeld are near to completing their new ego developed watch, the Grnefeld One Hertz. For the action they made some quality choices!

Recently I visited Tim and Bart Grnefeld apt spectator how they finished parts of the current caliber G-02. This action has several extraordinary features and is designed to last a few lifetimes. The 1st thing that everyone ambition notice namely the seconds hand that jumps with a speed of an hertz accordingly the name alternatively an bound per second. Yes, it features a seconde morte alternatively dead beat seconds Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control Watches,but not ordinary dead beat seconds! This namely the first wrist watch featuring an independent dead beat seconds. This means that one main spring drives the hour and minute hands and the additional main spring pedals the dead beat seconds hand.

Later Ill post about how the Grnefelds constructed this beauteous complication. Another feature, which highest of you longing probably immediately favor if you operate it,is that along simply pressing the cap you can switch among winding the watch and setting the duration So you dont must unscrew the hat and pluck once alternatively double apt do vary things. Now you can simply move the cap to adaptation its function and the indicator on the turntable (W/S) shows the active function.

The current Grnefeld G-02 namely extraordinary within more ways. The bridges are made of stainless steel Usually bridges are made of brass alternatively aboard more expensive watch theyre made of German silver. Stainless iron namely a harder material and accordingly more scratch resistant. Besides that it too looks indeed stunning while its finished.

Another distinctive alternative is the attachment of the bridges apt the mainplate. Usually bridges have two feet and one screw to safe the bridge. All bridges of caliber G-02 have two screws, which are secured forward two pieds vis amongst the bridge. The pieds vis sit fixed within a vacationed part of the bridge. This is likewise not only done as it looks agreeable yet this secures bridges much better to the mainplate.

Heres why this attachment of the bridges makes a significant difference:

Mainplates are often rhodinated; a process that adds roughly 0,003 mm to entire sides of the mainplate. This means that 0,003 mm is too added to the inside of the holes drilled as the feet of bridges.
Bridges are too constantly rhodinated, which afresh means an addition 0,003 mm to each side of the bridge including the feet.
This means 0,012 mm extra metal,possibly occasioning friction when fitting bridge feet among the mainplate.
If a watchmaker accidentally scratches the bridge or mainplate during the fulfilment that chapter ambition be rhodinated afresh and additional millimeters are added.
If a screw thread namely busted, it has apt be tapped afresh something that longing never occur with this construction. And if the screw thread namely worn out, the watchmaker simply replaces the pieds vis.

When I visit the Grnefeld atelier subsequently time Ill try to acquaint some photos.

And favor mentioned onward the stainless steel bridges are never only much harder, they also see beauteous while finished. Just see at the photo below!

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