Why is my pc so slow?

April 09 [Mon], 2012, 10:56
I will never mind the past from now on, no matter how sorrowful or wonderful it is. Life comes and goes with nothing. Have a slow computer? Just believe that it will be alright, one day, some day, if you read this article carefully.

Want to speed up computer; Extensive use of the Internet is an easy way to catch spy ware and viruses from unfamiliar websites. Therefore for the sake of safety we strongly recommend installing one of the antivirus software programs.

If there are a lot of large files on your PC, the system will place their parts in gaps between other files when attempting to allocate space for them. Accessing such fragmented files has a bad impact on your PC's performance. To avoid this, you should regularly defragment your PC. While Windows provides a built-in solution for defragmentation, make it faster and more effectively.

There are three possible reasons a PC will slowdown and commit errors.  However, none of these reasons are due to any problem with the computer itself. The trouble that usually causes computers to become slow and develop performance issues, such as frequent crashing and error message pop-ups, is a problem with the operating system. It would be very unusual if the cause of slow computer performance turned out to be a bad RAM stick or a bad microprocessor.

When you purchase a computer often you will have programs installed that you didn't ask for or software that has a trial period to get you to buy; In the computing world, we call this ‘junk-ware' or ‘crap-ware'- It takes up valuable hard drive space, sucks up processes and typically slows computer down.

It's a better idea then to roll up your sleeves and get rid of all those unwanted Windows services. Anyway, the reality turns out to be quite different when you get into business, as you don't know exactly what you can safely turn off without doing harm to your computer.

Why is my pc so slow? Now you must have the answer of your own.

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