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February 25 [Sat], 2012, 16:09
Wu Zhao Pu nodded, so much the better. By players in the game outside the christian louboutin sale immediate response to queries sentiment is undoubtedly the best choice. Than the" second world "more clever officil response to criticism, and more people have nothing to say. then announced the second round of Wu Zhao Pu content of the exam. "legend" for over a year on his own "legend" of the sentiment, writing more than a jump word essay. on any subject. III day turnaround. out of the second round of test content, all startled. Ming eyes of the people, This is the "second world. For this time the burden, "called the beast. Brick house" response, but people did not think the "second world" will respond in this way, but obviously very interesting. Industry eyes are on this fresh players who more than 0, to see what they really could write the articles.
Whether such as those "Brick House called the beast" described, Wanwusangzhi, only brings a variety of negative effects, but no positive effect. After three days, four articles were uploaded over the "second world" official website, Lam Fung the first time invited a professor of Fudan University in Shanghai Mandarin rate their comments, after screening, and finally selected one of the most outstanding x four articles, while Lam Fung ordered this x four articles published on the official website, the players vote to elect the best anchor article 2, the time for a louboutin sale week. Knife and then the final selection out of players, will be "second world" to the official online video interview. The final selection of players to become x-ming "second world. Invited the Special Adviser, to participate in" Legend "film city to the construction project. Four articles, once released, might lead to wider discussion, in particular, many of whom are very classic Chapter tip, is lovely. And among the many online games Lively, Lin wind to Beijing to attend the four x years, China's top ten to Person of the Year.
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Award at the party. take a look at the scene of the guest, Lin Feng laughed. The first day only, when the forest the wind a pair of panda eyes wide open when you get up, seven girls on the vice panda eyes, but was especially impressive, in addition to Lizhi You make breakfast in the kitchen, the other six hot girls are at the table "Prison Break" story, talking about enjoying themselves. k fiction àp. k. c0m text version is clear that yesterday saw several girls night "Prison Break. christian louboutin lolo ballerina 120mm black leather pumps
" A little while, Lee BC Friends of the holding breakfast table, see Lam Fung eyes dark circles, slightly surprised a moment. Lin Feng Lizhi You stare. Friends of Lee bulkhead thought for a moment after the base, suddenly come to understand, his face while laughing. Lam Fung speechless. You little christian louboutin men's shoes girl, but also laugh out, can be hard on me! Lizhi You lovely spit tongue, a look of apology. "Well, Well, Lin brother, someone to accompany you this evening, do not get angry and be proud. " Lizhi You conspire Lin Feng ear, proudly said, while the left hand did not forget the wind in the forest all the bits of a slip a bit. Lin Feng hands the cup container of milk, shiver, almost did not splash out. Several girls surprised the rest over here. A strange.
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