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June 16 [Sat], 2012, 16:27
We examined your Cisco Prompt 4500 having medical tests associated with performance, operation and Ethernet energy performance. Your operation medical tests made use of your Spirent TestCenter test device in order to measure layer-2 unicast throughput and latency; layer-3 monster ibeats high performance in ear headphones chromethroughput and latency, having individual IPv4 and IPv6 medical tests; layer-2 multicast throughput and latency; layer-2 APPLE COMPUTER deal with potential; and in-service program upgrades and downgrades (ISSU/ISSD). Most medical tests made use of edition 03. 02. 00. couple of. 80 associated with Cisco’s IOS-XE program (that has a. eighty let go for your ISSU test) and edition a few. 62 associated with Spirent TestCenter program.

For the duration of most operation medical tests, your Sifos PowerSync analyzer drew highest possible strength associated with 60 watts on every one of twenty-four button plug-ins in one module. There was no impact on button throughput or perhaps latency on the strength draw, as evidenced by effectively indistinguishable operation to get fields upon plug-ins having and without having strength about Ethernet.

We examined UPoE performance around a pair of means: 1st, by using the Sifos analyzer in order to draw 60 watts together upon twenty-four button plug-ins, and second, by hanging a nice selection of equipment on the button. All these equipment integrated a Cisco 9971 cellphone having embedded thin-client laptop; a Samsung SyncMaster NC220 23-inch observe; as well as a BT IT IS. Netrix "turret cellphone. "

Your unicast operation medical tests concerned a totally meshed visitors pattern amid 384 gigabit Ethernet button plug-ins. Your Spirent TestCenter generator/analyzer presented visitors to get a period associated with 60 seconds, and measured your latency of every frame gotten. We repetitive the following test having 64-, 256-, you, 518-, and being unfaithful, 216-byte Ethernet structures (and substituted 78-byte structures to get 64-byte structures inside IPv6 test event, considering this can be a shortest period possible that will cater to your personal unsecured domain utilised by the test device).

Your multicast visitors test concerned a visitors pattern having you transmitter vent and 383 receiver (client) plug-ins. The following, most 383 receiver plug-ins within the Spirent TestCenter device become a member exactly the same you, 000 multicast categories making use of IGMPv3. Following your switch's IGMP snooping stand has been totally populated, the test device subsequently presented visitors on the individual monitor vent, having location handles of their you, 000 multicast categories. Just as your unicast medical tests, your device measured throughput and latency to get some frame plans. To find out press admittance deal with deal with potential, engineers made use of your RFC 2889 APPLE COMPUTER deal with caching test upon some plug-ins to find out the biggest amount of APPLE COMPUTER handles your button could discover without having flooding.

In order to measure ISSU/ISSD, engineers configured Spirent TestCenter to supply 256-byte structures on the button on tier fee within a totally meshed pattern. Whilst visitors has been going, engineers opened up a upgrade on the method program to a new edition, and made alteration period via frame decline afre the wedding on the test. Engineers subsequently repetitive the test monster ibeats high performance in ear headphones whiteby downgrading your button on the unique image, and again made cutover period via frame decline. We made use of a clamp meter in order to measure your switch's energy-efficient Ethernet (EEE) functions. The following test as opposed energy draw as soon as idle having and without having EEE made it possible for.
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