I'm home!! 

January 09 [Sun], 2005, 23:53

I came back to Japan
it took about 11 hours.....i was soooooooo tired

this is in airplan from SanDiego to LA
and this plane was very small one.

last day @sanDiego 

January 08 [Sat], 2005, 16:19

They are my host father & mother
they love kitty,dog and pig



January 07 [Fri], 2005, 17:29

I ate "una-jyu" @ら
"ら" is Japanese food restaurant.
It was yummy

city college 

January 06 [Thu], 2005, 17:05

They are my friend
Jong, makoto, Antoine and me

I went to city college which was bigger than I had expected
In the book shop, there were some goods of the college, for example, cups, notes, T-shirts and jerseys
But i didn't buy anything.
After that I went to the surpermarket by Horton Plaza and I bought cookies, chocolates, miso soup and gums
Then I went home and watched "Green mile"
There were many tellible scenes in the movie, but i like the story

They are my friend too
me, chizurama, kunoichi and midorisour


January 05 [Wed], 2005, 17:31
I was surprized when I found this book...hahaha
I ate sushi @Horton Plaza and it was about $6.I think it was delicious, but it was diffrent from Japanese sushi
In Japan, we don't use wasabi when we eat inarisushi.
And we don't use avocado in sushi.
Even though there were many differences, it was very delicious, ithink
After that, i went drinkink with my friend, but i could not drink too much...because I slways drink cocktail or sours insted of beer in Japan.

La Jolla 

January 04 [Tue], 2005, 17:11

This is vegitable soba
it is delisious, but it is different from Japanese Soba

I went to La Jolla, and it took one and a half hours to get there
These are cookies Very cute
I went to the Museum of Modern Art there, but i didn't understand the paintings
I liked one piece of art. It was made of a lot of straws
Then i went to a gift shop and i found a candle which was the same one i got for my friend last summer so i was really surprized

Point Loma 

January 03 [Mon], 2005, 17:10
I went to the Point Loma by bus
it had a very beautiful view I took a lot of pictures there
The ocean was so clear and it was light blue
If it was summer, i would want to swim there
2 years ago, i went to the point chikyu in Hokkaido, but it was scary, because the ocean was deeeeeeeeeeep black So i prefer Point Loma rather than the point chikyu
Afther that, i was looking for survenirs for my family and my friend, but i didn't find a good one


January 02 [Sun], 2005, 16:58
I went to Mexico

It was a very dirty place and every one who sold survernirs said "chibimaruko" when they saw me. it was very funny

My hobby is collecting traditional clothes and i have an Egyptian clothe and a belly dancer costume. so i bought a Mexican clothe which was very expensive for me.
When i go back to Japan, I'll wear and take a picture

happi 2005 

January 01 [Sat], 2005, 16:04
Happy New Year

I watched fireworks @ SeaportVillage



December 30 [Thu], 2004, 17:03

I went to the zoo, because i love giraffes.
I could meet them and I was very happy

Did you know that the giraffe is a unusual animal which has horns coverd with skin I didn't know it and i was very surprised
Then i went to meet the giant pandas, but unfortunately, i could not meet them.
because we could only meet them from 10 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. it was 4;30when i arrived.
I love tortoise too, and i have a tortoise which is a Russian tortise. Her name is "momoko". This name was given by my brother.
So i wanted to meet tortises in the zoo.
I went to the tortise place, but there were no tortises, because they are in their house while it is cold seasen.
However i could not meet tortises and pandas, i had agood time in the SanDiego Zoo
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