oh... my.... god....)>0<( 

2007年09月14日(金) 23時57分
its the 10th day since i started my money saving/ making plan and so far, its a disaster!!!

although i made about 70 quid so far this month out of the cashback sites, i spent 300 quid+ last week. my pay day is on the 27th this month and i only have 200 quid in my hsbc account to survive 13 days. 60 quid will go to petrol and i have 2 bday pressies to get before the 27th.

i just bought one pressie online and know what i am going to get for the other pressie. after all these, i only have 2.41 quid allowance each day until my pay day. oh my god.

the big day - target: 800 

2007年09月05日(水) 4時56分
at last, the big day has come. schools have started nationally and work is hell. no more energy to think about how to make more money today so will start on my saving plan for september instead.

to start off, i will transfer all my salary last month to my saving account. as i agreed to pay for the short family holiday in aug, i put 650 quid into my parent's account. after all the direct debits and bills i need to pay for august, i am left with around 400 quid to stay alive this month. this will need to pay for my car's petrol, my breakfast, lunch, weekend spendings, comping stamps and a few b-day pressies...

if i manage well and do not lose control on bidding sk-ii stuff on ebay, i will have around 50 quid left over and my total savings in my saving acount will be +800 quid for sept. cool.

saved some money in aug too... 

2007年09月02日(日) 11時32分
103 quid earnings last month is good but i am still a big spender. my spending on things that are not necessary for me to survive in august must be more than 103 quid... i will need to gradually cut it down. well it is not necessay to eat only tesco value bake beans for lunch from now on and only buy presents and gifts from oxfam. there must be other ways to spend less money. on the last week of august, i did the things below and saved money.

- went to a cinema on my way to meet my bf. grabbed 109 free postcards . i used to spend 10p on a postcard for comping and therefore i saved 10.90 quid. this should last me 3-4 weeks.

- checked all the cupboards in the loo. found loads and loads of old lotions and creams. will use them up instead of buying new ones.

- cleared my bills draw. found a few food coupons/ vouchers that have not expired yet. got myself some food using the vouchers for lunch. saved about 3 quid.

time to think of better ways to save.


2007年09月02日(日) 2時53分
although i officially start my making money thing on the 4th of Sept, i have been trying to earn/ save a little since August.

my most sucessful earnings - from a cashback site: 72.75 quid. i spent 12 quid so got 60.75 gross profit.

cash back site 2: 13.90 quid. I spent 1 quid so 12.90 gross profit.

won a sudoku comp: 25 quid. Havent received the cheque yet.
won 50 quid in p bonds. put back into the account so will not count it.

wrote an email (took me 5 mins to write) to complain about the customer service in boots. got 5 quid and a call from the manager to apologies.

earned 103.65 for nothing in August with a few free mags to read. not too bad not too bad.

a bad money saving partner... 

2007年09月01日(土) 23時54分
my friend E is a little like me. we spend a lot of our time thinking about making/ saving money but we are big spenders. one night this week i was on the phone to him:

E: hey i saw your pics on picasa but i dont recognise you
me: oh why?
E: dont know...you look different
me: maybe i got different hair styles? i cut my hair before the korean trip and my hair went all wavey... had a yuko to fix it when i came back
E: yuko? how much?
me: 800 HKD. a lot cheaper than the UK already
E: 800? its a lot but i thought it costs more than 1000
me: nah cheaper now
E: why spend 800 when you can style your hair for nothing? i think you look nice with afro hair
me: afro? how?
E: you get free afro hair if you put your fingers into the electric socket on the wall..... hehe... (could not stop laughing for 2 mins)

the open plan new office 

2007年08月29日(水) 22時05分
i no longer have my own office at work...

guess which one is my desk the pics are not really up to date as i moved to the other side now. *sob* i lost my freedom to enter competitions and ebaying at work, i feel more like working in a team now... actually i really feel like working in an office (before I feel like working in an isolated island). damn.

lightbulb moment... 

2007年08月29日(水) 5時05分
long time no updates... my bad, i know.

the time of being lazy is going to an end. i am going to work my a*se off trying to save/ make as much money as i can in 2 years time. it will officially start on the day my sis goes back to school - 4th September 2007.

i will be using my blog as a diary thing for my saving/ earnings so will update as often as i can from the 4th. will still put in other things about my life or i think i will go mad

any money making/ saving ideas welcome. good or bad, legal, illegal

help - 2 days only 

2007年08月11日(土) 23時56分
i know i talked about my shoe sizes decrease after i lost weight but now i have another weird thing happening... when i was a *healthy?* size 12-14, i have periods that last for 7 days. now although i gained a bit of weight after my trip to hk, i only have period for 1-2 days. during the 1-2 days, other parts of my body bleed as well, i have got bruises on my arms and legs ( i am quite careless so this is not really surprising), bleeding gums and unexpected nose bleeds (ie not after picking my nose ). well i can only conclude that my period blood seems to come out of other parts of my body . can anyone confirm this is true of not???

hk/ korea trip 

2007年08月02日(木) 23時06分
hihi, i am back! i am still tidying up the photos, here is a teaser


2007年07月02日(月) 8時20分
hello beautiful people!!!

at last, my time to go on holiday and leave the crap on my q to the support team. i feel sooooooooo good

off to hk and korea until the 19th! see u !!! dont miss me too much la.
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