syalala♪( ´▽`)

April 30 [Sat], 2011, 20:10
Yesterday is my birthday and today is one of my close friends's birthday. YEAHH today is TAWON'S BIRTHDAY 〜♪\(^o^)/

Because yesterday I celebrated my birthday with my other friends so that today I and my high school friends (rehe and tawon) do a little party to celebrate my birthday and also tawon's birthday at rehe’s home..
umm.. cause we're long time no hang out together, so much things that we can talk about.. fun time ei〜♪( ´▽`)✰


actually, this morning I want to cook a cute chocolate jelly.. but..
Tadaaaaa〜 black jelly monster that I just cook〜 yeah! I should learn to cook more〜 hehe〜( ̄ ▽  ̄)
Tawon and rehe just laugh to see my black jelly monster〜 ( ̄ 口  ̄)
*sigh* poor me〜 (TTへTT)

look at this! this is my black jelly monster! WUAHAHA〜 I'm great! ♪( ´▽`)
because of the garnish and candles, the black jelly monster looks better!〜 (。-_-。)

but, seriously! even though my black jelly monster isn't cute but its taste is delicious enough..
yeahhh〜 that's cause I make that with full of love.. syalala〜♪( ´▽`)

the black jelly monster is at half to the end〜 ufufufu〜(´-ω-)

Long time I don't eat one of my favourite foods.. BASO!! 〜
ummm.. I love the meat ball〜 yummy〜 ♪(´ε` )

ah! rehe also shows me video of our high school’s friends that perform on the band competition stage.
And in that video they perform ‘filth in the beauty’ 『the GazettE’s song.. I love that song〜♪ for the truth I love the GazettE’s songs!〜♪(´ε` )』 but for a while their guitar doesn’t work well, I think there’s something wrong with the cabels. Haha〜 poor them〜 ( ̄д ̄;)

but hei guys! you’re not bad at all! Yeah〜(゚∀^)b

Well, the party is end! In this year, my birthday is great! I wish after all, my day will be great too!〜

Rehe gives me a gift! ahhh〜 I will keep it well! thank you so much!〜
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ−☆

☆*゚ ゜Great Day゜゚*☆

April 29 [Fri], 2011, 21:35


HAHA! my first posting in this blog.. I post this..

it's the great birthday! today I get suprise from my family and my friends.. that's touchy〜
umm.. honestly, I always passed away my birthday as an ordinary day.. not as special.. because I dont really like when I'm getting older! HUH!! it also means if my time to live in this world, lose a year.. hiks〜
I don't really care about the expensive gifts of birthday! my close people only remember then send their best wishes for my tommorow and also say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!".. I'm surely happy enough!〜

Today my friends give me a suprise.. they give me a chocolate cake〜 yey!〜

Then we go karaoke〜 singing as loud as we can! even though.. our voices is damn bad! hahaha〜

Because do that.. we're hungry then we got lunch.. whoooaa〜 today I get much fun!!!〜

I fu mie seafood〜 with ice tea! yummy〜

But an other suprise that they want to give me in mail! [HUH! they want to make me worried with those mails!] and voila! that is unsuccess〜 because when I go out of house this morning I forget to bring my cell phone! hahaha〜 when I'm home.. I just laugh when read that mails! hahaha〜 they really care to me! I love them〜

☆*゚ ゜Because April 29th 2011 is my birthday〜 TO DEAR GOD.. I wish in this age, I can be better for all! I wish u always give your bless to my beloved people! and I wish in the future I can be a worthy human for my beloved people, for the other people in this world and for you my dear god surely〜 ゜゚*☆
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