Last week of school.

December 14 [Mon], 2009, 7:36
I just woke up.
Had early breakfast.
Went out to see Raion.
Changed his water.
While drinking my chocolate milk.
Went to the bathroom in my sleep somewhat before I woke up.
Brushed my hair.
And am now brushing my teeth.


What a wonderful morning.


IT'S FRICKIN' 07:36AM, that is NOT some wonderful time of the day!

Damn, I'm tired.
I were s'pose to go to bed at 01AM. But I got stuck at my game.
So instead I changed 1 to 2.
Couldn't stop laughing about how silly my little spirit at Grand Fantasia had become after evolving to 2nd stage.
Then, when I finally got off the game by force from my distant mind which I thought had left me long ago when I was dropped as a baby, I got stuck by fixing music. Such as Decemberists and some episodes I really enjoy the most of The Clockwork Cabaret. But at first my mobile didn't want to accept the files! After half an hour, I think I finally got it.. But I still don't know, we'll see later.

Then I finally went to bed, 2:30AM.. But damn, again!
I couldn't fall asleep..
In the end, I fell asleep somewhere between 4-5AM, which is 1-2 hours before my dear, sweet alarm clock would put on it's horrible nudge.
My eyes hurt, I'm chewing on my toothbrush and I think I'm more pale than I was the previous evening that has been (which I have nothing against, since I like my skin being as pale as the colour white, I actually shine in summers on beaches and sometimes when it's dark outside.. My friends can assure you of this).
But still, ugh.

Why, sleep, oh why?
Am I once again getting into the kind of sleep-less period I've had once, before the summer that has been? When I had insomnia, in 17 frickin' days?
Well, at least I'm off school for 3 weeks starting next week.
Holidays, ya~y!
I hope I get a lot of presents. ♥
Can't wait till I can open up Yume's. She knows me better than my family, so I'm sure it's something great! <33

Btw, when 2010 has come, I'll make another account on devi. I'm tired of the one I'm having now, since the name is so complicated with the stupid zero instead of o etc.
I'm not telling what name I'm getting next, yet. Since I'm afraid someone will take it. ^^;;
... Which would be wrong in the first place, since I kind of got copyright on this name.

Anywho, today I got a test (or as my teacher said, "It's not a test, only a small test") about the binary system.. and I know nothing! Ya~y
At least it's English and lunch before Webdesign.
I think I know somewhat about it, but I couldn't stop giggling about how my teacher pronounced some things so I didn't really overhear what he said most of the time.
And he's so confusing, going all like;

Ali: "Yumi, we got this paper which you haven't got yet.."
Yumi: "Uh.. yeah, I know. No one has yet."
Ali: "Yes, you haven't done it yet."
Yumi: "No, no one has. You just gave it to us."
Ali: "Yes."

..... Wtf?
Well, nevermind that, just wish me luck.
I hope I don't get home too late, since I need to buy Jasmine's Xmas present, which I either got a week or more than a week on me to fix ("3-6 days" days my ass..) so now I shall stop chewing on this new toothbrush of mine and get studying.

With love,
- Yumi-chan. ♥
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