Robot walking with two legs 

2005年11月28日(月) 9時36分
Sony developed a new robot where it walked two recently.
The robot has the movement technology and the communications technology.

The robot walked on the inclining floor in the demonstration of the movement
technology.In addition surprisingly,the robot danced to the music.
It is a photograph below.

Dancing robot

The robot remembered the person by recognizing of the face
and the voice in the demonstration of the communications technology.

The age when we own such a robot has come.

Cellular phone and electromagnetic wave 

2005年11月21日(月) 9時20分
It has been said that we will become stupid by the electric wave
of the cellular phone.
Some scholar experimented on the rat that had been exposed to
the electromagnetic wave of the cellular phone recently.
They experimented by the method of the figure below

When they experiment like this,mouse that bathed in electromagnetic wave
was not able to reach the stand at last.
Detailed content of experiment is here.

It has been understood that the mouse becomes useless
by the electromagnetic wave.
The person has the influence possibility of the electromagnetic wave.
We should take care about a portable electromagnetic wave.

Lung cancer 

2005年11月14日(月) 10時27分
The lung cancer is one of the most frightening cancer.
Especially, smokers gets a lung cancer easily compared with nonsmokers.
However, the nonsmoker cannot be relieved, too.
Because It is more dangerous to breathe in the cigarette smoke
than to smoke the cigarette directly.It is called passive smoking.
The nonsmoker gets a lung cancer because of passive smoking.
The example is here.

This is an example in the office.
Thus, the nonsmoker becomes cancer by passive smoking.
The smoker should take care with the nonsmoker.


2005年10月31日(月) 9時43分
The experiment of stepping on "iPod nano" with the car was conducted somewhere.
I want you to see the image below. You might not encounter such a situation.
Please try if you may break iPod .

What do you think has become of the iPod stepped on by a car ?
How safely ipod functioned !
However, it had been considerably damaged. It is an image below.

Has everyone also understood iPod is strong ?
You can step on iPod with the car at ease in this .
Now, let's step on iPod by everyone.

Pollution of car 

2005年10月24日(月) 9時16分
Pollution from cars can shorten your life and make you sick.
It is chiefly air pollution. The number of vehicle exhaust emissions has been being gradually decreased today.
But I do not think that the effect has become visible still too much.

In addition,The noise problem is also serious though air pollution.
Especially, it is a noise of the motorcycle.
We will awake when running the motorcycle in the middle of the night.

The person who takes car should drive taking care about the turn now.
I want to take the car like the picture below some day.

The Last Samurai 

2005年10月17日(月) 10時11分
I saw the movie of "The Last Samurai"a little though old times.
I am rarely impressed. But I was impressed by the movie of this movie.

I saw this year's 20 movies or more.
Please teach something an interesting movie if it is good.


2005年10月17日(月) 9時47分
Incidently, I think that I see the movie yesterday.
I was foolish.
Honestly I think that I cannot put in a report by the end of today.

By the way, it was an interesting movie.
It is a title "King Arthur". Please look by all means.


2005年10月17日(月) 9時32分
I must submit the report today. I knew now!
But I forget the deadline.
So I want to leave English class, and to do my report.
Shall we finish this class?

environmental destruction 

2005年10月03日(月) 10時00分
I write about environmental pollution seriously in spite of sleepy.


After all I sleep.


2005年10月03日(月) 9時50分
very sleep!!
when I write this I am sleepy. (honestly speaking always sleepy.)

I want to come back home early and to sleep long time.
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