Really poor groups

June 14 [Tue], 2011, 19:22
In today's China, exactly who the poor? louis vuitton taiga leather roman gm boreal

To say I common people, it must pass the central television station, at least even melatonin shi yuzhu old total never promised. According to CCTV reported, shi yuzhu has debt is 200 million yuan RMB, China today is the poor of the people! And indeed, owed the somebody else (don't worry, is the national drops) 2, also true poor enough. Think that year, greatly small media are "not accepting the broadcast this year at the feast, the host only charge? Brain platinum" of what the AD, strong dramatic indifferent who? How familiar to me!!!!! Is and how deeply stimulation, big fast heart!!!!! But market like battlefield, brilliant fall just a minute. At the beginning of 8 the worth history old total, never dreamed that: their families into extreme poverty is now a member of the.......
Who, the poor? !!!!! --
Many people have stood up, and hands, quite a neck, crazy shout: "I!!!!!!!!!! I is mine!" Among them, have jobless people, unemployed, migrant workers, is not of the employment of college students, the teacher; What is more, the players, the civil servants, the graduate student, university professor was also shout poor!!!!! Not long ago, associate professor of Peking University yi in his blog Mr Articles, said: "I'm poor, I have no money, now days don't it!" A storm, the netizens bombarded, gang up the attack: oh, you poor? Tell it to the marines!!!!! -you earn a month 5, 6000 dollars salary, and a little extra cash, a car, a house and have five risks, you look poor!!!!! Next, Mr. Hao haidong also played a lively, together with a straight rang rang, said: "the day of the player before? How can it as well as migrant workers?" As a study with the salary of 1500 yuan a month, injustice, disappointment, poignant, helpless, also can't help shedding tears of sorrow......
Who, the poor? !!!!! --
According to media disclosure, is such a gradually not be people to pay attention to the group of people: unemployed worker of state-owned enterprises.
There is a description of the present situation of the life they articles, more vivid reflection of the real situation of this group: "... they live in the state-owned enterprise reform leave slums, live in a decade or two square meters of the old house, stairs crowded with a box a box, a form the FengWoMei enclosed a, they can't afford to consumption coal gas, natural gas, they want to, how to let FengWoMei cooling time is a few longer, they can't afford the rising food fish meat, can with cabbage turnip to appease hunger. They fear most is ill, catch a cold, have a fever, can only give up take medicine, home cook. Because the drink ginger soup buy medicine, I have no money to have a meal! They hope to children, and the most afraid of college entrance examination pass. Because the tuition come from?? They have regarded as "home" of the state-owned enterprise reform into corporation, they along with post, right, security, dignity are buying out the only by poor pension, how can maintain food and clothing? They have a large population of tens of millions of workers. They have is the backbone of the republic, the pride of the working class, but now he was living in the corner that is forgotten by society completely, nonchalance of survival. Their income to zero, GDP in wages, improve, salary standard, "well-off" full and they....... They have insulation tomorrow? Tomorrow wait for their will be what???!!!!!......" According to their current position and turn down dilemma, the country should really consider consideration, further improve the solution to just go. louis vuitton monogram 4 key holder amarante

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