Liquid filling machine wholesale in China

September 28 [Wed], 2016, 15:52
Liquid filling machinery has wide range of types. Liquid filling machine can be divided by the principle to be filling pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, vacuum filling machine, automatic quantitative liquid filling machine. By the types of operation can be divided into automatic liquid filling machine and semi-automatic liquid filling machine. According to the type of filling can be divided into dilute liquid filling machine-type liquid filling machine and oil filling machine.

There are many liquid filling machine wholesale in China. Filling machine has high precision, simple operation, simple structure, low prices. Filling machine uses vacuum technology, to transform and innovative products.

Filling machines are applicable to food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and special industries. Filling machine is the ideal liquid filling equipment. Process is basically similar to filling a variety of beverages with the bottle filling the flow line. Filling machine structure is simple, high efficiency, the viscosity of the material to adapt to a wider range.