am not very clear where the insider

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Eight hundred and second chapter Hecui watching his old man, made a phone call from the morning after, the old man kept on circling inside the house, and he can not tell whether he is guilty of what went wrong, but I can feel it, old man Performance seems to be some anxiety, turned to have more than one hour's time, Mazheng Gang was re sitting down, but this time his face side is no longer just that way, but now they appear to be calmed down a lot. "What do you call this early in the morning to give her second child, even after the bin is also like this." Saw the old man stabilized after Hecui also asked, "you swinging for such a long time, put my Eyes should be scared to shake, and you'd have a word Yeah "" Well, is not a good son you were born, even dare I juggle, is not that I am old, just like I play this game. "Mazheng Gang also slightly glum said, but then Mazheng Gang also hum smiled, "Although I am not very clear where the insider, but I vaguely guessed some context, juggle with me, he was slightly Some immature, and then exercise for two years now, "" What do you mean? "" What do you mean? Now the situation has been very clear, the second not want to say to me, but can not say to me, why can not I say ? "says here, Mazheng Gang also smacks her own mouth," is definitely someone gave him the aspect of pressure, and even a warning, and now this time, it will give her second child pressure to silence her second child How many people can do? facts do not even dare I say "Hecui also stupidly looked at his wife," If you mean by, should be involved in this thing is great, but why would this look like? difficult to explain it, "Mazheng Gang also shook their heads," This is how I feel puzzled where to put this time whether there is a cloud, or Tianyu and small are there, are performed unusually well, even without fewer obstacles are deliberately given Bandiao, relative to other forces, this unusual way "" is not small waves cause. "said the words when Hecui also steal the old man looked at his , this matter to now, in addition to this grandson that he really think of any other reason, after all, the old man said so vague, and this thing which can play such a big role in a person, breaking a finger count good from start to finish. Old man has moved from that position above down, even if it is affected, the impact is minimal, at least compared to other forces, it is so. His two sons are now actually very outstanding, but the eldest son in the army of them, though, is hanging the star, but how do you say? For these things are basically indifferent, although it is the provincial youngest son, but on the other hand, he's also one of the performers, but smaller than the Tianyu and two people in high positions are out of Bale. Of course there are son and daughter, but their influence is probably still keep up with his two sons. It can only be a few to a few small waves, and in the family, it was only now that he has influence in this area, but what does he pay for the cost? Even right now at home inside things indifferent, and small waves youngest son is still there, but also had not heard what happened, everything is seemed so strange, and even wanted to come a little bit absurd, it is do not understand. SHEN now very aware that he is now continue to stay here has no much sense, after all, two things have been resolved uncle almost, but he wants this time inside the last to leave, many still do not Too realistic, probably will not allow two aspects, one is his two uncles, another one you do not have to say. The next stop is ready to be your own home to see, but that if he expected good enough, Tang Ling is their next stop should be the province where their home, so he is still honestly stay here a good comparison, Anyway, this time nor what other things, SHEN Liang Bo decided to go there to take a look at this selection should they now have reached an intermediate stage, do not know what would happen to that effect, but SHEN just a villa from the inside out, not even wait for the car when they saw two cars drove Snow Mantra Parka Women Canada Goose up from a distance, not far ahead in SHEN stopped and looked down at the man from the car, SHEN also blinked his eyes, now in this time, two uncle suddenly come to their own, but this little abrupt, and even a little awkward. Leaving himself feel some surprise, and more than two to one uncle, also down from the car at a person, SHEN simply do not know, but since his two uncles came, SHEN did not get on the train , but ran his two uncles came over, looked at Ma put SHEN also be played nod a greeting. "Little waves, I introduce to you, this one is Zhao same, provincial Politics and Law Committee, ministries director, Zhao, this is a SHEN, SDIC incumbent position was assistant to the president, and the head office duties as SAFE is not dismissed, this but I am not very clear, Tang Ling original old leadership. "with big glasses looked SHEN Zhao with themselves really do not know this guy could be so young, had hospital happened also know one or two of their own, because at that time when the message directly to the ministries and agencies, ministries and agencies of the director himself as was the time it was very nervous, but until now their only first saw the SHEN this reality . "Shen assistant, hello." SHEN'd looked at his two uncles, uncle found himself two of them with a smile after the eye is first stretched out his hand, "Zhao Shushu Hello, call me like small waves , your uncle two people with two colleagues, I am just a Younger, if prank twelve, then I'm good at this, as for other aspects, that can only be considered legendary, it is not on the table. "Ma put also burst into laughed, "Zhao, this thing is not because I deliberately conceal you, there are some other aspects of the main reasons. Konami is my pro-nephew, but this kid compare maverick, do not look at this kid's age not, but do not be fooled by his appearance to. "Then after, but also on Zhao with his hands stretched, which means that for a moment invitation meant. Been waiting for came to the living room to sit down later, Ma put only saw one own this nephew, "how? You want to go? Do not delay your fishing and shrimp bar" SHEN is gentle smile, "to go over there to see military a look, anyway idle is idle, just Uncle Wang there a little thing, so going there at noon, when mixed meal to eat and drink. "Zhao same time since it began eyeing off the young man, the young man in the hospital the same day But look at their situation clearly, those who own Shoudexia only in the periphery alone, not even close to all, let alone the other, and even the Central Guard Bureau who later came out when the external, feel even more incredible is that at the time when he seems also saw a lot of gringos, what is backing this young man, if only that the horse's nephew, had the situation seems a little less on their own specifications and get it message, then even when the provincial expert medical team are not easily under the hand, and later still the central expert medical team sent, even if he is the darling Maro, if a person privately deployed two people over, It is still possible, but definitely will not use a private jet, but that command or directly on the next to the military and the ministries and agencies, and there's all too feels confused, everything like a mystery. Himself certainly understand why today to bring your own horse to come here, beginning when he still lived here as an old comrade would be, and now this contrast is a little too big of a sudden some people difficult to reflect over their own need to properly organize your own thoughts to this problem, this is come in the future he did not speak the reason why, as previously prepared those words say it now, it is too outdated. SHEN For two uncle has insight into the present purpose is very clear, since when they are already stretched earlier this hand, so now there is no longer anything to help a "second uncle, from the current situation, the provincial the situation is still very good, in my opinion you still let me go quickly to stay here I have no great use. "" This can not, say not that I do not want to let you go in the morning when the Father also called me and I did not dare to say this thing scared, your kid or honest to stay here. "Mazheng Gang This time it was fear, said," Now that you mention physical condition has not fully recovered, If there is really something out of something, I can not afford this heart, but this load, slide down how many people this is followed by the heart to burst cylinder, your kid really so bear it? "SHEN flaring his nose a bit, and no longer continue to go on, it touches Ma Zhao looked at the same place, then only some concern, said: "I came looking for you today and Zhao, which is the province of a few things, things are very tricky, but also happens to be to catch up with them Tang Ling. "SHEN is some frown, then the same will look to Zhao, Zhao smiled with helpless," This thing has been in the ministries and agencies concerned, but did not think Investigation Unit went on, even with this thing detached, now ministries and agencies is very passive, and sometimes also some loss between. "SHEN nodded, then also take up a table at the phone, give Tang Ling played in the past." I was SHEN, exactly how the same thing, I remember, when I tell you it did not let you come to investigate crimes, on the inside of your stomach that water is simply not enough people to see. "This saying is definitely not at all Frankly, listening to these words with some touches Zhao shocked, not to mention their own, even if it is sitting on their side of the horse, probably will not use such a tone with the above to the investigation team so to speak it, "Secretary long, I am now being made somewhat disoriented. "Tang Ling is also a hurried explanation said," because we are not the same action, divided into several groups, I have just learned that this aspect of the news, had wanted to Justice You report that this aspect of the case, but from now on, it seems somewhat out of control. "because the phone is open hands, so Zhao heard very clearly with the phone inside the Tang Ling remarks, the Secretary, the appellation is called the young man, but just the introduction of the horse, the Secretary did not say he had the job, Tang Ling is what position I myself have been very clear, SHEN Ling Tang's old leadership, then how much time does he began as the director, you know can fill that position, not to say that you have a family background can be, without the ability of this absolute, that there is no trace of possibilities. Actually sitting there on his nephew's Ma set the phone hands-free, his face side although there is not much change, but my heart is very satisfactory, especially that of a director Tang Ling's call, and more Ma is to put a little elated feeling, although Zhao own political allies, but to his own requirements but definitely not like this, this is their own to bring him here today, one of the reasons, and now everything has made clear, and now to see if you Laozhao choice. I heard SHEN continued and said: "Who? Pang day language?" Phone side of the Tang Ling is Enliaoyisheng, "As far as I understand the situation now is his side of things, but not the specific issues Reporting back. "SHEN mouth and face also hum twice," even ministries and agencies are looking for people over there over, but they did not have any reported side, this thing will really strange, and is deliberately concealed , or some other reason, let him call me. "" Yes. "in SHEN this phone does not wear a time of two minutes, the phone rang, SHEN press the speakerphone key," I yes SHEN. "very plain word, but people listened but feel very imposing, came the phone there is also a very cautious voice," Shen assistant Hello, I'm Pang day language. "Listen After this call, SHEN grunted, then put the handsfree key to the ah, and did not give him any chance to speak. Then I saw SHEN out their phone number from the inside looking out a call in the past, such as the ages of the time phone was only turned on, "Zhong Shushu Hello, I'm SHEN." Zhao heard the same call the time, fell into a fit of meditation which, but Ma put hear this call when that face is a change. There is also a microphone came a very hearty voice, "small waves? Hear your kid is sick?" "Thank Zhongshu Shu concern now was nursed back to health, I'm afraid half past one would not be better, but also take a long time training is I heard Zhongshu Shu recently very North Face Outerwear Outlet relaxed, just I have time, or I invite Zhong Shushu you go fishing this time I have experience but very. "SHEN speak in this effort, but also with a sudden lift Zhao up his head, and a staggering looking SHEN, then also look to the horse that direction, put Ma looked after, but also a slight nod, and did not make any speech. "Well, you do not give me this machine front, others do not know you and I do not know the character of your kid do? Purely goes to the temple is not nothing, if you do not say, then I may hang up, I There are other things here, not so much spare time to chat with you, but I'd really looking for the opportunity to chat with you properly, how? Since this story have said here, it is given down a good time. "" Zhongshu Shu, this is a bit too exaggerated, I am still sick it "SHEN this sound is some exaggeration, of course, the taste of this little show," I did not intend at this stage back to Beijing, the four look around, I am now only for fishing and shrimp are interested in the comparison, the other not and do not want to bother, but Zhongshu Shu if you have the time, I certainly want to try Zhongshu Shu home cooking is What flavor, I'm very edible. "" You boy. "ZhongZi also laughed," Then I hung up. "SHEN this bad boy with ink for a long time, they have to be clear SHEN say to yourself what happened, and even if he did not say the same. Put down the phone after SHEN is also sitting there with two uncles and Zhao smiled, "two uncle, do not eat here, right here, that thing though was very rich, but too long a time North Face Outlet Sale to eat, but also really feel a bit queasy. "" You mixed kid. "Ma put also shook their heads," If you have time, then come home at night when the inside to eat, I will let you aunt give you a treat. " "That first night, remember that it does not necessarily do not come back" would be the same this time there's also Zhao suddenly laughed, "Shen assistant, or I come you helped us so much busy ministries and agencies, if one o'clock expressed are not, my director of ministries and agencies began to suffer criticism horse, but the same can say in front of you, too upscale places I can not afford. "After hearing this story, SHEN also read about his two uncles, two people in the eye and laugh a bit. The moral of this story is really represented too obvious, with Zhao Zhao director who has begun to move closer to his two uncles, this so-called political allies with completely different situation, and political ally means that whenever disputes arise interests when political allies it may be because the relationship between the interests betray you, but now this has gone from political allies Zhao director of this relationship began to change, I believe that will not be used for too long, it will completely change over. RO
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