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November 29 [Thu], 2012, 12:36
Long time no write. Therefore, I guess that means that I owe you at least some semblance of what been going on with my life. Before I do that, however, I going to shamelessly promotes my new story Family Affair.

Yesterday, the customers at Burger King pissed me off. I swear, we seem to get all idiots, but that probably because every other place is rude as Hell. I joked with Sue that we should kill every idiot via strangulation. As tempting as the whole thing sounds, I will refrain from doing that.

In other news, today is my day off so mom, dad, and I are going out to dinner together. They going to pick me up from the library, and then we go out. Since we have no idea as to where we are going, it should prove an interesting night.

Now I going to wait for fan fiction reviews. Have a good day!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

As I am typing these words, I am sitting at a table in my old bedroom, at home, waiting for my clothes to get out of my parent washing machine. The reason I am at home: the air conditioning in my apartment broke, and dad insisted that I stay with him and mom until the thing gets fixed. It is not a bad deal; I get to see my parents, spend time with Casey and Sunny, and I will not have to take the bus to work tomorrow, as I will be able to walk to Burger King.

I should go check the laundry, I Moncler Jacke will try to write sometime this coming weekend. Bye for now!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I know I have not been keeping up with my entries, but with all that has been going these past few weeks, it has been hard to get access to computer. Since I have a long list, I might as well start from what happened at Otakon.

Otakon was a blast; Sarah, Raf, and I had a good time. I went to a panel on fan fiction, Chinese massage, the Gaia Online panel, and a Hellsing fan panel. The shopping was to be desired, but overall, I had a great time. I even made Sarah a pair of green earrings to go with her costume. I did not get any pictures of the con to post, as I had forgotten to bring my camera, but Sarah and Raf got some pictures that I hope they will send me.

Yesterday at work pushed my limits; I Moncler Schweiz swore that everyone was going to kill each other. We had yelling, arguing, fighting, and all that stuff that pisses me off. I cannot wait to get a new job; I will be out of that place and in a different area when the maturity level is much higher.

Speaking of my job, I have begun selling some of my wire jewelry for two to three dollars a pair. Many of my co-workers are interested in what I have made, so it should not be hard to make some quick money to continue one of my hobbies.