it can kill a melt soul state

June 05 [Wed], 2013, 10:26
> attack leaf maple melt soul state monk, want to flounce wrapped around him. WWw, qUAnBEn, CoM but he found,Jordan UK sale, to his power, could not break the chain. When he found this point, leaf maple has a tuna thorn. In the master behind the Feijian, fast to meet Ye Feng. And the monk's fingers repeatedly flick, sh è out of a simple method. This want to rely on the operation method against a leaf maple him, but suddenly find that his magic power, is falling. And his practice, are fast passage. Tuna coming, a gun will fly sword blow fly. Then the monk fear eyes, pierced his skull, his general sea along with God, to wipe clean. The dead lying on the ground, the chain a little back to Ye Feng's arm. After the whole chain is wound in the arm, leaf maple just be away. The chains, is Ye Fenggang just get soon, before refining Zhetian chains. Although not yet refining, can not play the chain power. But this chain is comparable to the soldiers of the monarch. Once entangled, even if there is no catalytic chains, to break away, not everyone can do. This point regarding the use of the chain, leaf maple found when dealing with scaly beast. Just leaf maple is the use of the monks eat his own mind,oakley sunglasses cheap, this seems to be from the ordinary chain chain swing, the thought that can easily break the chains of the other side to bundles of a strong. Since then for enough time for Ye Feng. Kill the monk, leaf maple also pant for breath. His mouth is not stop bleeding. Just then a palm leaf maple body, even if there is a precious shirt body, also hurt not light. And before the dwarf mountain hurt, leaf maple is now injuries. "To have come, but also doing sneaking. Come on." When Ye Feng was in the hands of tuna disappeared, turned towards a direction of said. Where, leaf maple aware of a number of monks breath. A few figure,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, out from the perspective of Ye Feng's direction. These people at the time of emergence, a young monk walked in the front, but it didn't stop clapping their hands, and a face strange blunt leaf maple laughing. "The really good. The injured body, it can kill a melt soul state monk. You really are not." Clapping monks rushed Ye Feng said. This person is not little Lord Meng Changkun's nose that door. What are you doing? Don't you think this man? If you do not want to, take your hand off. Otherwise, even if you are behind too nose up, too useless." Ye Feng didn't say. I thought how I met this nuisance. Is it right? This is a guy who really want to die in the hand. Meng Changkun laughed, pointing to Ye Feng said: "I don't want to die. But I to your tuna, body, clothes. The chains are very interested in. Why don't you put all your things to bring out the initiative, may consider to give you a happy." "Is really like him. Looks like you
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