research room when deliberately left a submarine

December 30 [Sun], 2012, 12:32
Yao single-look to 园园 Road: "Brother of the late day level?" Not yet. "Chen Han suddenly opening. "Pops ... pastoral shoved a scared off the look afraid. As for cattle Yong, Longquan, with Yao single are surprised, Chen Han stood in the distance where they only two meters, but this is too horrible, to Chen Han ATK suddenly attack, I am afraid that no one of the three men can block Chen Han suddenly attack the strike, certain death. "Oh!" Yong Niu smile: "originally thought he entered the mid-day level and how to say a little catch up with some of you, it now appears, this distance continues to widen, ah!" Chen Han faint smiles: "Everyone like are in progress, I will not speak of this, you all saw it, this Liao Wind home with the Wu family's power law have their own special se, I have the Liao Shilin FY contingent Wu crown rounded back, and then you trio, Yong Niu to see Wu crown, Longquan you see Liao Shilin, Yao single you see the situation the natural memory. "'memory?" All three look to Chen Han puzzled. Chen Han explains: "I use a special method to stimulate their potential, their potential as a source of power to stimulate their memory, the memory of the people is very magical, even if you want to open their own very difficult, you need strength great, especially in this case, so that they keep a little bit of from the very beginning to say things more difficult, thanks to the huge potential of their own lives, they will own lifetime thing say out, you just like a to do the film clips of people in general, will be useless exclusion diao, they recorded practice this process is very complicated, but you do, there will certainly be of great help, after all, the three forces have special se. "Yong Niu this to figure out is how it is, the trio Yao alone very happy, Longquan Yong Niu look somewhat awkward, do not they say have been able to see it, they have a way to learn from others effort shame feeling. Chen Han said: "My nine constitution is to fully open Timberland Euro Dub, that you are well aware, the Relative nine physique, these exercises, nothing of course, they have the right to confidentiality, if it is a friend, for example Long family stuff, you want to keep it confidential, I did not have much interest, after all, failing kao I have other alternatives, but do not have to deal with the enemy Guannameduo and the fusion of one hundred to the creation of something new, this believe that you should all understand that point defined in the rivers and lakes too small, far-sighted, so be it, if you do not want to learn, as to help me put together, finishing finished to me. "Chen Han know Longquan with cattle the Yong are accepted. the traditional ideological influence the human arena, say through them is very difficult, in fact it is like two armies fighting the enemy supplies does not grab grab, the enemy gun shells, drug Do you want to, constantly the enemy has into their side powerful itself Women's Canada Goose Palliser Coat Cheap, this has always been the biggest reason. In fact, Chen Han does not give them that much., But also because, to degree of cattle Yong told Longquan now, as long as the fancy again, finishing again and then go into their own, and do not need to bother to learn. And two with this psychological level, and she also nodded in agreement. They nod, Chen Han laughed and said: "you will be one to Yuanyuan This can to get on, the technical side of things you ask 园园 the, let's go on to discuss the three martial arts after this thing , will certainly be greatly affected, they may change their tactics, even ...... "Chen Han spoke, ready Yong Niu called on three of them down the stairs to the passenger hall side slowly talks Niu martial arts in this what to do following a change in the times when the pastoral suddenly happy shouting loudly. "Yeah!" Pastoral cried: brother ...... brother, you come here, come here. "Pastoral staring at a small screen on the front of a line of information, suddenly. Extremely pleasantly surprised and extremely excited exclaimed, is her body can not move, if dynamic, so at the moment pastoral must have long happy jumped up. Stay in the forefront. Chen Han Yong Niu followed behind him, Longquan, YAO single trio also stopped, turned around and looked in the past. Chen Han turned Yong Niu with Longquan middle move and came back: "Yuanyuan, what things are so much fun?" Pastoral excited and said: "Brother ... Brother, successful, Yuhan sister said electric beam needle successfully developed the first times cohesion charging soon completed, all goes well, success, successful brother, electric beam needle ...... "Pastoral moved to tears in the eye socket in the rotation, and she could not move, do not know how to express their joy, hearts longed to jumped up and down, but they can only sit there quietly. Her only active hand, the only by her hand control also trembling. Longquan how many also know, after all Na Lute he been, but just know that some fur and others is not clear electrical beam-pin is how it puzzling to see the countryside. The electric beam needle successful, Chen Han is also a hi, touched the head of the pastoral, look to the Zhou Yuhan information, and she said, such as pastoral Chen Han said: "Yuanyuan, now able to connect on Yuhan it?" I This try, do not know Yuhan sister do ... "Pastoral spoke side connection:" afraid she was busy, the general when Yuhan sister did not time, however, the brother and pass yet, research room internal communication facilities are also open it now must be someone able to take our call. "in pastoral Then, the screen appeared Zhou Yuhan Zhou Yuhan look with fatigue, but it also has a hint of a rare joy electric beam for important she pastoral to Chen Han significance with clear. "The Yuhan sister, electric beam needle ...... really finished?" Pastoral after all only children and teenagers encounter this kind of thing, and she can hardly control his excitement. "Hmm." Zhou Yuhan certainly nodded: "success, has reached Chen Han said minimum standards, but behind there are a lot of places to be improved, the need to improve, but the first two samples have a completed the cohesion of the charging process, a progress "pastoral tears in the eyes, could not fall down, biting his lip, do not know what to say. Chen Han said that as long as the electric beam needle produced, that is, she wants to stand up ri sub is about to come. Chen Han stood there, feeling the pastoral head, looking at Zhou Yuhan see her look tired, Chen Han said: "not a few days rest?" Zhou Yuhan originally thought that Chen Han asks her electric beam needle thing, and she was in chest can always drag the mouth out to answer the problem of Chen Han, but did not think the first one turned out to Chen Han asked this, however, was immediately answered. "Three days and three nights ...... ah!" Zhou Yuhan suddenly one kind of children by adults guessed are thinking Enliaoyisheng eyes slightly to see to the bottom, and children in general seems to have done something wrong, because she promised before Chen Han, not continuous fighting. Gave Zhou Yuhan Chen Han in the capital, when checked body, her body because of the long-term fatigue, the situation is not good, those days she nursed back to health, but if Zhou Yuhan always boil down to the body damage Chen Han greater, she impossible to xiu refining nine constitution, Chen Han told Zhou Yuhan said she can not stay up all night long. Chen Han both care about and some blame the slightly shook his head and did not say anything, and then said: "You will be electric beam needle is completed, be sure not to tell everyone, not celebrate not other action, can not let the island gan live or people who know other people change everything to maintain a normal state there, the most recent period, you do out of the lab, if there are any accidents, with Tolbert immediately take the submarine to leave. "cry just a pastoral time, Mercury One had quickly scroll over, then immediately spread out from it inside a small slender telescopic mechanical arm, a straw in a long mechanical arm, just the pastoral falling to tears breathing which is the pastoral previously designed a program, she want to own tears are collected. But this time, pastoral obviously not in the mood, anxious and said: "Mercury One side of Mercury One immediately moved his that straw, long mechanical arm folded back into Tremblant Full Zip Hoody, and then turned into a round metal ball rolled aside. This scene even Yao single they are flattering, all staring at the screen where the Zhou Yuhan, pastoral busy: the Yuhan sister, I left that door behind you Laboratory II compartment, and the subsequent increase to expand research room when deliberately left a submarine escape routes, and that below a submarine, you can leave at any time. "Zhou Yuhan has been obsessed with research work, and did not think too much, surprised:" Chen Han, not so serious side Institute There are many research say electric beam needle useful addition to your other not much ah? "Chen Han said:" defenses can not do without, than you imagine more complex, in short, you be careful, the first the Research Office of the layer as a quarantine zone, the innermost Laboratory let anyone easily go in, so that even if another strong master go, you have the opportunity to escape, I is not easy in the past, nothing best, something to prepare for all one. "Chen Han know, with Zhou Yuhan explain too much useless, so the saying simple to let Zhou Yuhan directly to do on the line. "Well ... Well, I write it down, to that electric beam needle how to do?" Zhou Yuhan reluctantly agreed to the sentence, asking to see Chen, cold. Chen Han thought: "Or on the Research Office, business as usual, when nothing happens, continue your research work, my side of things dealt with as soon as possible in time past trip." The ...... Well. "Zhou Yuhan some frustration can only agree.