rather than political commissar go

September 02 [Mon], 2013, 11:34
SHEN with political commissar broke two people can be said, but this result did not surprise SHEN'd expected, he came to find himself in when he already had. But this thing in the eyes of students among those below but it is not the same as there are so few, you know this one, but three little initiative to invite political commissar to eat, although some simple places to eat, but this is not a simple thing, but communicate feelings The best moment. But after the meal turned out to be three little came out of the first, rather than political commissar go first out, or is it two people together to come out of this the meaning is quite different. This thing is simply no way to conceal maintained, let alone SHEN also do not want to do too much on this matter to hide, so this thing is also to some extent be rendered somewhat powerful. But Tao is like for this thing is not very concerned, he has been sitting there, careful consideration of the previous SHEN said that, then, when his earlier thought he was jealous of their own, it seems simply not So the same thing Yeah SHEN this story a little warning, but more precisely, in reminding ourselves that this is just his way to make your own with some preconceptions, but now this time he was absolutely not going to find SHEN, saying nothing will. And SHEN side came out from the cafeteria, but also returned to his office inside, to do things that they have done, the result is their expected, but the process is slightly let yourself feel some embarrassment, this pottery is though not very young, but there is no atmosphere, to be bluntly, then, let alone catch Qin Kai, even if he is to give Laoqin shoes do not deserve mention, of course, this is only your own words inside the murmuring heart Bale. Things have been done, then the future even asked them, they would have an excuse, they have given over the Tao is prompt. Can even be used to describe a warning, as pottery is not listen, this is not to take control of the own, not to mention that they can do this step. It is already quite tolerant of other people have said that if true, then their long-repressed anger, fear is really going to explode out. When the original because this thing, you get yourself a landmine placed in there, because of other reasons, their forbearance. But the other came here after the performance of your remarks Tao is actually calculated this thing go to his head, two chiefs have come forward, and this again gave his face, that this tone himself again pressure down, two chiefs have come forward, and also gonna do? So this tone again put up their own, but no next time. Tao is like today deliberately give yourself just the right attitude to this, if placed in the past, then he probably would have already left the meeting threw a chopstick. Today, however, he did so to do, but have been waiting for a meal after his got up to leave, with such a person, he is now also worthwhile general knowledge, qualify. "Three small" Wing Star knock came, although the doors SHEN not related, but this is the most basic understanding of the problem, as he came here for, on the one hand is to send some clearance north face information over. On the other hand also inquired about this aspect of the excuse, this Mens North Face Scy Outlet thing has really bad to what extent? You know this thing is not just care about themselves, following many of them are very concerned about this aspect of things. To know these students are mostly SHEN find out, the relationship with SHEN natural to close a number, although we are now basically already know what each other are Which person households, but this does not prevent everyone SHEN admiration as well as the relationship between them. This admiration is entirely capable admire above, because they are also one of the leaders, in order to master these things naturally understand, what kind of price to pay how and effort. Do not look now, political commissar of the first cantilever cone Cigu similar efforts, to be quite good so just do that to outsiders to see, so people may not understand the line of the shop and, according to political commissar of the effort means that within five years he was able to put these books are basically understand, but just understand it, you let him speak out the truth, in addition to scripted, he simply could not speak to any of the things which will follow the above three units are now less as required under this effort may more. If you want to do like this, no problem, but you also do not pretend to understand it makes us uncomfortable with you, you did not see in Wing Star led these people simply do not pay any attention he do? This is not just a wide berth so simple, and there is much there are some disdain. Because they have seen through many political commissar of the essence, do not want to give this matter directly exposed out, as if the whole situation unfavorable. "How? Have heard?" SHEN also refers to a position in front of your own, the glory days of Star did not immediately sit down, but first hand inside information to a SHEN, etc. This SHEN after signing in position above sat down, and this is very much appreciated SHEN place to deal with the official finish, and then talking about a private matter, do not waste public private business, but did not give inquire about the news, do both. "I heard a little, three little out of some seemingly hasty" SHEN smiles seen data, then also asked, said "Do you see how this thing to talk about your ideas and opinions" this story is not white ask, which rely on the inside with a little taste of the school, "the previous time, I think some of the things a little hasty, but later discovered through a summary of news, political commissar of the performance a little too hasty, and this thing cool down properly , which are beneficial to everyone. "SHEN good information to approved re placed in the next position, and then gently push a bit" appropriate reminder that this is necessary, then you understand that it touches But speaking very thorough way, you do not come in a short period of time, at least for some people already can not wait, it should let you move a bit, at least pass a signal to everyone, but how do you really have like that really makes us look forward a little way, "" Now on the move? "Wing Star also surprised" This will not be there in a hurry, you know we are now, although after a certain amount of experimentation and demonstration, but the distance forming there a long way to go, and now this time came so suddenly after the students will not cause other effects? "" You say this problem I seriously considered, let you move a move. This is indeed there are some risks, but better to put you to so put out, you are now the theoretical knowledge that is a half a bottle of water, as the practice is there are some illiterate implication which, but for now you need to do to prepare this aspect, because unilateral political commissar of the reason, I can not put this thing to mandatory pressed down, because there is not just a single person's sake commissar "Wing Star nodded firmly, he has to understand Three little to be passed to their meaning, then also played a salute to stand up, speak the words have been straightforward enough, and do not need to do other expressed or implied it. Political commissar just trying for two weeks only, draw a tiger like a dog, met with more failures than successes, and now this time I am afraid that his heart has been somewhat unable to bear, because he's body from side to find three little coming back to this balance and self-esteem. Previously, when he told SHEN looked like two people who, though mutual cooperation, mutual division of labor, but the actual above is not in tune with each other. Later, one of the parents of the child behind some bear watching, and our family so the child can not be bullied so it is straightforward to seek them out. If you want to know the two kids fight, the most taboo is to find a parent, you can not beat. But absolutely can not lose so shameless and brazen. But the political commissar of the parents just came, but fortunately meal to pack up the three little, three little, but this gas has been inside the heart of it all simmer Commissar today invited to dinner, the main reason is you want to mention political commissar a reminder that this was originally a well-intentioned, but now things are a mess too, so do three small, but also forced into a choice, he can not keep sitting here waiting to die, when necessary, to counter what son. But this fight actually have multiple? It really is not very good, but on their own estimate seems. Do not move it when, really if the move, I am afraid it is difficult to end political commissar of a person, and that time is the lightest of the parents to provoke, but at that time things will be moving in what direction, I am afraid there is no way anyone to be estimated. In the back of beyond. Wing Star also reveal to you some of the ins and outs of this aspect, three less told myself that the purpose is very clear, so that everyone's heart, there are several, and will not appear when the time panic situation. And this time for SHEN Tao is the advice is more at ease on, but this does not mean he will definitely right SHEN convinced. Soon he was out of here, go to the reporting, at the time that this situation, SHEN sighed, and many students also shook their heads. In the present circumstances of this, North Face Down I am afraid that only he feel quite good, although most students have good relations with the political commissar, but that is only on the surface of it, you know these guys are thorn, but also the old sharper, they could not tell the director and political commissar not what is important that comparison, in this environment, can have no political commissar, but absolutely can not do without director, as director can not be replaced. If the political commissar of a few days do not come here, everything will be business as usual, absolutely no other changes occur, but if the director of the two days of the time not come, then here's will mess immediately, because director is their minds Among the backbone and soul, we are willing to join in three locations around less. As for the political commissar there do? Just do not want to embarrass him too, and will not let the atmosphere here is a problem, so it is an eye, close one eye Bale. "There is not even any political commissar of the action?" Commissar went out from the last two weeks of the time, these two weeks there, without any sign of trouble, "Star, how do you see?" Lying on the bed surface Wing Star flipping a moment his body, slightly Enliaoyisheng, but hand inside the book is simply not meant to be put down, waited a while before light, said "There is no sign of trouble this is the normal performance, if there is a sign of trouble, then , that is the thing you do not see the political commissar of the trouble this time is not much you eat? "eat much, this is what it mean to you soon to wake some people over, while watching Xiangrong Star vision is somewhat the same, this guy really is not generally die from a simple little thing which will be able to see it two, three little wonder that such a high regard for him, there is not the slightest reason are not, to we usually know all the time together, and have seen and experienced basically the same, but why do people discovered. While he did not find it that can tell a person's level of high down. From the simplest and most intuitive place to start to start, but at the same time can be a good response to the substance of the issue out powerful it really is not an ordinary bad, but some people can look out. Even be able to comprehend them out of twelve, but some people are confused and give them the feeling as if placed in front of the windows so a layer of paper, and he sent what can pierce, but they are a little bit worse . But no one can take this to pierce the windows of paper, to understand this matter is very nice to say, but people do not understand this thing. For them, this is a good opportunity to test myself, everyone is coming from this time, the windows of paper by someone else to pierce, to pierce with personally, this feeling is not the same, the same The for itself, that is a very important growth process. No two days waiting time, Tao is again out. They also did not go before anyone else with a nod, but informed the guard, which is a routine requirement. But security aspects of reporting to quickly put a SHEN, because the two of them head on, a man left the place, then another person must be on duty here, otherwise a problem, then go to Who guards SHEN notice is in line with the meaning of this aspect. Since the political commissar has gone, then you do not embarrass Director us. If you go, then we dare not stop you, but really if the words out of things, not just hard luck, we are more bad luck. So, I urge you to spare director, after all, our soldiers will not be easy, with you these are not the same officer. SHEN did not make so much fuss that he did not want these people are too below the embarrassment, since they find themselves personally, it means their heart is really the victims. SHEN Commissar did not ask what went to do. Because he is very clear, political commissar going to do this for myself, not very difficult to guess. If only from the performance point of view, political commissar of the time, or very good, do their own work, in the heart of this foundation is to learn, the only fly in the ointment is that some other move crooked mind, at least For your own is like this, of course, in the political commissar own eyes inside, doing this can be very normal, I fear that this is because everyone do stop position and angle of different reasons. Tao is this month's performance, or people is very impressive, and even with some of the chiefs did not think Tao is actually will change so fast that he looked emaciated faces, how much everyone's heart also some mixed feelings, to know that it was only a month's time to actually put their coming to such a point that it is clear in which he also studied hard, and otherwise is absolutely not the case. Tao is reporting when there is a considerable grow, although it is only a month's time, but a lot of professional blurted out the words from his mouth, very smooth, there is really so little as three days but not impressive in which the meaning of, and in the process, said Tao is also another matter, that is, although these students study very carefully, there are actual cases to start, but do not have much experience in this matter for the Director Shen also some scratching their heads. The words have a little bit of ambiguity, but after listening to the words of this pottery is after all not really go into this aspect further thought. Think, too, SHEN stay military discipline of this thing is not a secret, but these students Shoudexia surface is no secret, they fear, is the need to show up, you are in a greenhouse inside tuned better, not as Pull out to see, what is the dragon or insects, not to mention this aspect is also SHEN meaning. Soon this matter was passed to the desk top of you big brother, big brother grateful for feeling this thing is there are some weird, but think about SHEN guy's temper, this is a lot like him Gunong pour out thing, since this is the case, then release them out to see, after all, there is not considered to be too short a time. Since they have made this decision, then immediately began to put on the facts better. So the next command is reached SHEN hand inside, SHEN placed in its own table, looking at the above command, ashen face some very long period of time did not speak, as the Tao is sitting over there did not make too much sense did not even bother to go SHEN mean, do not deny that there is some small tricks to play himself, but now a done deal, you SHEN even if there is Babel energy, you can make at this command to take it back to you ?
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