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April 19 [Fri], 2013, 12:05

Have been already beaten to come, see Zhuo the flame of cluster claw not.The gram once suffered a los once the Lai west of door hurriedly own hands on cloth the ray of light in a soil yellow, throw a cheap hats fist to face up. Zhuo not the degree of cluster is very quick, gram the Lai west of door but also not slow, both parties all lowered the degree of the other party.Promote own degree at the same time, speak of to return is really a half catty and eight ounces.Gram the hand of the Lai west discount new era cap of door ascend many so a yellow of ray of light after, in spite of Zhuo not the cluster is to display to curse or weaken as well or is a deadly poison, there is all no any effect. Gram the fist that takes to vibrate of the Lai west of door is fierce, but for taking precautions against Zhuo the flame of cluster and many 1 Fs not the yellow light seemed to limit his of earthquake attribute, so to Zhuo not the injury of the cluster isn't very big, Zhuo not cluster but also find no way out with that ray of light in NFL Jerseys From China yellow, momentary also what then not gram the Lai west of door. 2 people quickly strike and kick of, launched the hand to hand fight of vehemence.2 people are like common bludgers to fight similar refuse to budge. , :":::"::The Chou deletes a lane""paste Is alas!The elder brotherses became a net cafe party all!Again went to net cafe to come to code word, the computer of home was to thoroughly finish having fun, tomorrow look for Nike NFL Jerseys person to rebind system!The quality of this chapter how not of like, forgive for a while. Day o 8 Xian a period of 10 days books insolate Ji together dark black remaining difference boundary to discount new era cap invoke teacher

Chapter 225 I admit defeat

The dark black difference boundary invokes teacher NFL Jerseys Outlet 5200 Lun in pack good system, ha ha.I beard man three again come back!"Qi discount new era cap 11111Lane a with"this guy really not deal with!"Not the Zhuo cluster breathed heavily one mouthful thick spirit and slowly retreated two, gram Lai door west the absolute being skill of this guy to ownly overcome a function very greatly, basically have no of opportunity to carry on invoking!Not.Accurately say is invoke need not to come out!As long as just carrying on to invoke, he came over for the one punch dozen.Give°ed the space to break〜into piece, then ownly discount new era cap invoked a thing will directly drive space crack to tore fragment. Damn!The Zhuo isn't

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