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June 17 [Mon], 2013, 9:18
Pato and Barbara - News-Pato intended to bring back sweet embrace Barbara vacation break breakup rumors (Figure) Berlusconi affair has ended? Italian media exposed nearly two months, more than two cheating rumors, which involved both the Brazilian media magnate Santos's daughter, 22-year-old fresh new model, there are also photographs of suspected positive sportsman with glasses kissing Barbara . But the couple still hit back with practical action to break up rumors, they bring Barbara's two sons appeared together on vacation in Sardinia sweet time. Sports Photo Center to find the picture (of photos) picture not found picture sports center | View Atlas | (/ 8) forwards to microblogging According to Italian media "Novella2000" revealed that the end of the season after a journey of Sao Paulo state league, Pa care to return to Italy, with Barbara - Barbara Berlusconi and former boyfriend and two sons born Alessandro and Eduardo began vacation together, they chose the location of the town of Olbia in Sardinia Porto Rotondo Dayton multi-zone, where the famous Italian resort. Photo of Pato and Barbara or hugged the line, or walking hand in hand, and with two children, they seem enjoyable, very a person's feeling of happiness. 2013 winter transfer window, Pato price to 15 million euros after joining Corinthians, about his love affair with Barbara red light saying they spread like wildfire, first take the Brazilian Pato gossip media exposed the Brazilian media magnate Silvio - Santos daughter Abravanel news, Abravanel, aged 33, is to have $ 2 billion worth of Santos's four daughters, is also the host of a television station in Brazil. Followed by wholesale Soccer Jerseys Italian gossip magazine "Diva e donna" Barbara posted in the streets of Milan and mysterious eyes sportsman kissing photos, however, the two together and even dining out should be true, but the so-called kissing pictures are not clear, whether just simple manners were not known before. Then, it was rumored that the Brazilian media Fall in love with 22-year-old nun die Pato Camilla - Oliveira news, the two beauty contest finalists and ultimate fighting game placards girl is considered Pato and Ballet Barbara finally broke the decisive factor. However, during and Barbara flew to Sao Paulo, interspersed with encounters with Pato Pato after winning the affection of the news to Barbara Naples € 30 million + bonus offer salads vysha Ravi current situation is rather embarrassing, continuous half blowout into an abrupt end after 2013, February 24 Little Pharaoh broke the Milan derby will freeze the total number of goals last season with 19 goals, but since then no contribution. Chaaraoui disoriented, the outside world that with the arrival of Balotelli, and frequent injuries, whereas these two points are also considered small pharaoh "to sell" an important reason. Bottlenecks encountered in the club do not say, Chaaraoui team will bring bad luck. Little Pharaoh is now preparing for the Confederations Cup with the Italian team, a war with Haiti the week, Milan striker is still depressed state, many wasted break opportunity, the ball shortage still continues, the last time the national team scoring, also dates back to last year's 11 month battle with the French team. http://www.ussoccermall4u.com/premier-soccer-jersey/liverpool-soccer-jersey.html Meanwhile injury also like a shadow, Chaaraoui recently been diagnosed with left knee tendon injury, can catch up with Mexico's game not to say. "Gazzetta dello Sport" predicted Italian team starting lineup, arrow character is still Balotelli, Marchisio behind and Giaccherini is no small Pharaoh's position. Changes in Milan can be sold by the non-sale national team status is also dropped significantly, Chaaraoui facing double "out" embarrassment. Naples Chaaraoui not mind the one o'clock in the doldrums, the club owner DeLaurentis was very good grace, Galliani issued in small pharaoh offer "invite" the next day, send a amazing offer. "Mediaset" reported the news, use the "Naples real thing" in the title, it is learned to get approval coach Benitez after the completion of the Blues tribute to Chaaraoui sports manager out of 30 million euros + bonus offer. This year in January, Naples was a little out of the same Pharaoh quoted Galliani was rejected, but overwhelmed by the more violent offensive, count the money, the Blues offer total up to nearly 40 million euros, this figure had reached diagram Maserati headquarters of the psychological bottom line. Naples dare throwing money on such a scale, with Cavani on the latest trends. "Mediaset" disclosure, as the Uruguayans to Chelsea will purchase candidate, local time Wednesday afternoon dialogue Naples high-rise, indicating that the payment of liquidated damages of 63 million euros to buy Cavani strong determination to have enough money backing, Naples acquisition salad dimension more than enough. Sell ​​or not to sell the ball to Adriano Galliani feet. Soccer for 20140306147
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