The troops rallied for three thousand

May 23 [Thu], 2013, 17:37
After the 168th section of the Guangzhou Defence Force pause in the tiger m é n -- the tiger m é n file, you can arrive in Guangzhou Suburb -- continuous sail within three or four days, but Chen Haiyang is in no hurry to the gates of the city of Guangzhou, in accordance with established guidelines: his main task was to "show of force" and "Xuan fu". Now the show of force to have fully achieved, the emphasis is "Xuan Fu" -- first to the city of Guangzhou and the Pearl River coastal residents to have enough time to spread the understanding of tiger m é n collapse news. Task force set up many Xi ǎ O units, each unit has about one hundred members, carrying the Xi ǎ o artillery, equipped with civil personnel and explorers. Xi ǎ o team will take the boat and long along the dense spider web of inland waterways River into the Pearl River coastal villages and towns everywhere, a "burden", put up a notice. To make a big fanfare. Of course, at the same time against any attempt to resist their village for a severe punishment. Because of insufficient number of soldiers, responsible for this action from the seaman Shi Zhiqi ch ō u part of the people to strengthen the Xi ǎ o teams. Navy sailors is a large portion of the Pearl River waterway pirate born, not only familiar with, the more is the expert. When they had to follow the help the shares of the "manager" by Xi ǎ o boat into the river, around the. Tiger m é n collapse news day passed to the city of Guangzhou. For a time the four City vibration. Guangzhou Zhifu rush to see Lee Fengjie, asking if you want to immediately close the city m é n. Li Fengjie be startled at,Air Jordan Outlet, he did not expect so soon tiger m é n has fallen. It is three two day tiger m é n lost a thief arrived in Guangzhou. Think of a thief once against Guangzhou, his face s è were white. "City m é n temporarily don't close, close will shake people" Li Fengjie after a pause, "you and the South China Sea, Panyu two County, in the city of M é n to send more, to inventory, to prevent a thief h ú n into the city" "is, your humble servant will do that" Li Fengjie hand the only armed his own label stroking. But the label stroking in the battle of Chengmai suffered heavy losses, one thousand people sent out not in Chengmai was captured is trapped in Qiongshan,Air Jordan Superfly, so far no one's back. Label stroking now only seven hundred people can be used to fight. Fortunately, these people are my standard of J ī ng sharp, ferial li Fengjie on them to good, the key is a can rely on the power of. Li Fengjie did not worry to guard Guangzhou: Guangzhou is not only the strong, and large population. When necessary, the large-scale Ding Zhuang Zheng, launched one hundred thousand Ding Zhuang town is also a thing. In addition to label stroking outside, inside and outside Guangzhou city and coastal joining Xu Tingfa's men and some scattered forces, and in addition there is stationed in Guangzhou and the surrounding Wei, the Wei of the already dilapidated, but check thousands of people to combat still there. Guangzhou Wei Daguan soldier very famous at the time, the Ming Dynasty is often ch ō u tune out and Miao,Coach Bags Sale, Yao battle. The troops rallied for three thousand or four thousand people, as the Guangzhou garrison guard core is enough. But as the governor of Guangdong, must consider not only the Guangzhou City, and Pearl River counties >
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