naturally has his ability.In fact

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The 557 chapter and this first battle "ha ha, cool, cool, I or first time here, arrogant, even the police have crashed into pieces!"Xu Faming usually is obviously a very restrained, very low-key, but at this time but exciting dance with joy, "- random - name!"Don't just hit a police car?It is necessary to get so excited?"Long Jun has his back a white eye, a low growl.Love reading network but from his eyes can see, he is in the envy of others!"Here to do, will not attract more note?"Lu Hui worried about some road.That's all right.Han rain gently waved, look to Xu Faming: "if you caved, change of leaf maple drive, do the best with their hit.We after all this is not a tank......"Xu Faming smiled said: "all right, I'm not tired!"In fact, up for several hours the car he, eyes are bloodshot.However, his home and pay to play, behind those one by one on the edge of death rushed out than people, and what counted?"You let people to rest, until the DL, lest they should combat injuries!"Han Yu with a nod of his head, although he had arranged, but everything he must prepare for the worst!So, he presses down on the pressure of the hand: " Canada Goose Men's Ontario;Okay, now go to sleep, I make two calls!"Lu Hui and others have been closed his eyes, recuperate and build up energy!Han Yu called the dragon a general mobile phone, telephone just rang twice is turned on: "boy, you want to give me a call?""Hey, dragon, you don't here you fire!"Han Yu Hei hei laugh.Lu Hui's brows furrowed, finally still could not open his eyes, he quietly staring at Han rain, eyes are full of questions.Han Yu know he is the Dragon here three characters, think of dragons, so slowly nodded, said the default.Lu Hui brow slightly wrinkled, some excitement, but also some concern.However, he still said nothing, only turning the head to one side, sleeping."You know if I get angry, angry?"Dragon sea what that is?Listen to his call, I know he is not convenient, so lowering his voice harsh: "you have a look what you've done?Tonight, you know how many people are in you can't sleep?"Han Yu smiled: "now some people can't sleep sleep than later, everyone can't sleep sleep better.""What do you mean?""In QD, I discovered a Jianmen people used to smuggle secret warehouse.There, three hundred lean veterans in the guardian.Their destination is, japan!"Han Yu the simple explanation of the sentence.Dragon a voice suddenly increased, his simple and swift and fierce said two words: "address.""Miss you UGG Classic Tall Dylyn Sale.However, it is also the representation, you is it right??"Han Yu whispered."I confirmed your kid's intelligence.How do I know, you are not deceive me?"The dragon will hum, do not buy it!Han Yu simply said: "that we have become a corpse, you even if identified, we again have what use?" UGG Classic Short Dylyn Discount;Dragon rage Haydn, whispered: "hair!"Han Yu hung up the phone, master themselves on this smuggling information details, to the east of anger in the mailbox password.He is using the password, to there, people will naturally translated.After less than two minutes, long a call: "you said above is true?"Sure as a gun."Well, you take care of yourself!"Long Nuhai said, and hung up the phone.Outside the faint sound, long a desk, just put a few photos!It is a Korean sword rain down fall content, from the point of view, there should be people use mobile phone photo.Dragon sea quietly staring at pictures of eyes, suddenly stood up, picked up the phone: "I am a dragon, now, I command, Eastern fury first base third battle group to hit out in the round.Target, QD coast, West River warehouse.Destroy all enemies, and shall not make a can."Then, he will call a break.He looked at the sitting there in white - color - sports clothes, like a student like to dress, but with an indescribable special temperament in young people: "how do you know he will call me?""Dragon generals were like people, naturally has his ability.In fact, we already know this there is a problem, just a few times, sent people are not heard what key.Here the black went to LN, I think he will score.Now, I guess.""The line, his gift is sent, but he's also a bit of trouble!"
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