closed his eyes and gasping

May 29 [Wed], 2013, 11:48
"Little wife, I'll give it to you now......" Lin is not holding his hands xialan strong hips, waist and pull up a pretty, braved the heat I went straight stab to woman's soft and moist. "The melody......" Xialan body shiver, unconsciously moaned out, women how many hearts or some scruples, she worried about being an outsider, clapped her hand over her tan, so as not to make too much noise...... Lin non can feel, and eager to xialan tensions intertwined entangled and helpless, he will move on slowly. Gradually, xialan gasped the waist rhythm fast rhythm, frowning with Liu Mei whispered: "husband, never mind, I can control...... With the point...... Nexuiz. Lin Fei nodded,Nike Air Jordan 7 Sale, he increased the intensity, but also improve the rhythm, to xialan body to a violent shock. Xia LAN cable x ì ng one hand pinch on his stiff neck, the other hand is still stubbornly over her trembling lips. The room echoed with the two men hurried and heavy breathing, and the body was in the crisp sound. Xia LAN physical quality is very prominent, body muscles strong and flexible x ì ng, she clung tightly to the forest without body, trying to meet a man to bring her wave after wave of powerful attack, experiencing the men give almost wild and primitive love. I do not know how long after, xialan eventually some be unable to resist sustain the blows, sweating woman suddenly couldn't help trembling, the suspended in mid-air in a strong body twitching,UK Nike Air Jordan, was posted on the forest than the chest, suddenly melted down. And this time summer haze, with disheveled hair sticky on the ch á O red cheeks and neck, but she still adhere to the teeth, the body with intense pleasure pain and bitterness make women y ù, not, more is no way back. Xia LAN do not want to fail, because she knows Lin Fei's body, understanding a man's temper, she know more unlimited desire of his body. For such a rare passion touching, she was not easy to end. Imperceptibly, Xia LAN hand has moved away from Tan, she stubbornly hold Lin non, no longer unable to control their own body and mind, breath with indifferent to moan, "well...... Well...... Oh......" Along with the forest than another fierce sprint, Xia Lan's body suddenly leaned back, his hands tightly on the man's shoulder, high full bosom strong shaking up, close to the man on the body of the lower abdomen keeps shrinking, twitching,Coach Online Store, closed his eyes and gasping, after a moment, the woman painfully whispered shout a way: "husband...... I again...... High ch á o......" Lin Fei will be some weak Xia Lanbao in her arms, gently down on the bed, the woman sweaty body still kept twitching, biting her lip by hand from flower noodles, the corners of the mouth with a satisfied smile. Xialan like a thirsty traveller, after a long journey, have gone through go through untold hardships, finally reached the other side, in the bay the clear fountain, fully and delightfully to drink to the dream of the rain. Lin Feipa in the summer Lanshen, gently kissed woman hot cheeks, bite in white earlobes. "
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