he never thought he would become

August 24 [Sat], 2013, 18:26
Hung Hing community group leader Gangster's proposal, really small opening in the Yan scared. Past, when Yan small opening had done their future career are many assumptions, and perhaps Solaris Parka become a teacher, and perhaps become jǐng police, might become white-collar workers, and perhaps become a businessman, you can do alone underworld, he was never considered a Of course, he never thought he would become an agent. Today, however, he not only became a quasi-agent, but also may be a triad. This life is really like a good show, accident and jīng color again and again when they saw Yan ah small opening sitting there, watching the strange gods sè complex own and others, are not always made soon. Group of people had to turn our gaze to Uncle, apparently let him ask questions. Uncle had said: "Little Cayman, your mind is how to think?" Little Hoi Yan: "I" item metaplasia see him yù made another stop, which encouraged him and said: "It does not matter, how would like to say how We regard you as one of us "has always been not too short, then the Hong Kong leader Wu also said:" The old entries are right, a small opening, if we do not treat you as one of us, for you two hundred percent trust, we do not elect you to do honor a leader, so if you have any concerns, Dan said nothing wrong. "Yan Little Cayman smile:" Several uncles, you suddenly come with me this hand, I do not mind ready Now I have been confused by it you, how can I have any ideas? "relatively impatient temper entry of strong drink and asked:" You do not think so much, just tell us, you are promised or did not promise to be the "entry metaplasia Mangxiang he did not even make eye sè, stopped his words, tone of detente on This Little Hoi Yan: "a small opening, you do not tense, in the eyes of others, although we Hung Hing triad society, but is already a thing before, and now we do, basically serious business. "Yan small opening once again smile, basically serious business and it is not there you are not serious? Items of strong nodded: "That is, you did not see a movie? Recent years, as the popularity of Hong Kong movies, producers are our two brothers" Little Hoi Yan: "item life, I know," "Wait a minute" entry of the Strong suddenly interrupted him and said: "Yan Canada Goose Calgary Jacket small opening, I say you are not looking down on me?" Little Hoi Yan: "entry students, how to say these words?" entry of the Strong This entry metaplasia pointing to his brother and said: PBI Chilliwack Bomber "That's how you call him uncle called and told me to call entry students do? It's not just being looked down on me?" Yan small opening had changed his tune, "item uncle." item of strong music, "This is more like it you do not think only His only daughter, I have some, but much younger than his daughter, more beautiful and better figure it another day, when she was returning home, I bring you look. "been silent side items Ke children could not resist , "the uncle,` What do you mean ah? "What can he mean? Not that his daughter also had the opportunity to open and Yan small items make up a pair of strong, but it is obviously taken aback, "Ke child, when did you in here?" Xiang Ke children grumpy and said: " I've been here, "entry of a strong old head a little embarrassed," Well, when I did not say that, "Uncle see them eat ranging topics ranging from drinking and finally came to an end, which is get on the road:" small opening, we invite you to do this honorary leader does, in fact, and the other group invited honorary consultant, honorary director and honorary chairman of the form is about the same, of course, we do not claim that you are of foreign honorary leader, but that the Honorary Chairman Just like that, like Hung Hing society, foreign called Xin'an group. "Xiang metaplasia and said:" I should add that, although the form of this reputation the same, but are actually different, because you will not only involved in the Group's dividend, in the group status and rights and we are also the same three leading "entry of the Strong said:" Yes, you speak in Hung Hing in the agency's weight, like us, who will dare not listen to you, I peel his skin. "Uncle has said: "In addition, we do not need to be responsible for what specific site management What men" three leading chiefs you made me a language, Yan small opening was sort of a bit dizzy head, a good while before I had to ask said: "Several uncles, leading in the end I do this honorary what?" mutual care a few people, and finally again eyeing Uncle. Uncle secretly smile, which is always singing cop angle sè own ah, then said: "In fact, you really do not have to do anything, as long as the experience similar things today, to come forward to help us solve it on the line" Yan small opening number Some come to understand, the original their role is this, but think again, and think it is wrong, if only the case, did not need such a big house Costly ah Off thought to want to, YAN Xiao Do not agree to open that still feel well, because there is no free lunch, the honorary leader will never be white to. After thinking a while, a small Hoi Yan: "Ladies and gentlemen uncles, your grace really I was flattered, I Hedeheneng, it can be kept a few so dear?" Entry of the Strong interrupted him and said: "Little Cayman, I read the book less, you do not tell me what the word drag, I did not understand, you just told me that this faucet, you do or not do? "Little Hoi Yan:" Several of my heart has good intentions, but this post, I "would not finish, side-Wan Yan Yu left side of the hall over, put a phone call is being handed to him. Yan small opening look at the caller ID, find unknown numbers shown above is, obviously, this is mostly Xiabing calling. So he stood up and said: "Ladies and gentlemen uncles, sorry, let me answer the phone." Few people nodded their promised soon, but have some fat face sè coagulation, because according to the words of just a small opening in the strict sense, is obviously not too want to do this honorary leader. Yan small opening which hold the phone went deserted corner, whispered the answer up, "Hey," Sure enough, I heard the sound of indifferent Xia Bing, "is my" little Hoi Yan: "I knew it was you , what say "this attitude tone, immediately put Xiabing to stimulate it," Yan small opening, and now I say the least is your supervisor, for me, Can not you do a little respect? "Yan small opening Xipixiaolian said: "Xia Bing sister that you and what is the relationship ah, need it so seriously it?" Xiabing angrily: "Even if we happened, I also hope to get the respect from hemp" Little Hoi Yan: "Good it Well, since you have to so seriously, then I'll pay attention to point it wants, you are a great instructor, you do not always care about such a trivial thing to say get down to business, "Xia Bing seems to hit a punch in the cotton flower Not the same force, which makes her somewhat flaccid paralysis, which said: "You say things now, Wan Yan has been reported to me, there is nothing to tangle, and promised them." Yan heard a small opening slight frown, turned around to see Wan Yan Yu, found her always, indifferent and quiet, but he did not understand a little trouble, she is not always and Xia Bing substandard Well, how would suddenly report to her what is going on? Although a little confused why so WANYAN jade unusual, but he said: "Xia Bing sister, if I promised them that I'd be triad, ah," Xia Bing faint: "This is what is wrong? "Yan small opening depressed and said:" But I can not think of any good ah "Xia Bing little, earnestly asked:" You fool, do you think the first Executive bastard this identity is white to you? give you this identity, not just to make you a better inside into Hung Hing Society, grasp the dynamics of this gang do? let alone even without our crop, you have as a member of the gang, after you become the agent, not a better cover you? "she say this, Yan small opening suddenly dawned, no wonder Xiang metaplasia First fox would be so kind, gave himself so much a cheap, turned out to be a fancy yourself this "Top Ye bastard" status. Just thought of this, he could not help but ask: "Xia Bing sister, the first Executive, which is the top god they say, is said to rì manager Wan machines under one million people above the cow fork character, he how we will come to play such a drama with it? "Xia Bing said:" Why? Do you think he will not use the brain thing? "Little Hoi Yan:" I thought about it, but do not understand, "Xia Bing snappily said: "I can only say that you had a long pig brain." Yan small opening: "" Xia Bing said: "Hong Kong's underground order, originally not optimistic, now Kuroda family so butt, the situation had changed more complicated now apparently, he helped us, in fact, he also helped his own I say, you do not know it? "Little Hoi Yan:" Although did not understand, but it feels very powerful way "Xia Bing could not help but curse:" give me a little glib, I'm telling you, you not only have to take over this honorary leader's identity, but also to become the best Uncle Hung Hing club, only to become the item's family person, you can really enter the core of this gang, "Yan small opening sweat a little," has become the club Hearts Uncle? "Xia Bing Leng Heng said:" Do not play the fool I am ignorant, but said Wan Yan, items of Ke children born daughter of items you love at first sight, "Yan could not help but see a small opening Wan Yan Yu, and another woman robbed a man of a woman he had seen a lot, but his own men to other women who push, he was the first time see. "But, I do not like her ah" Xia Bing said: "less hypocritical, I have seen just the file data entry Ke child, she does not look bad, but the chest is not small, you're not like most big chest woman do? "Yan small opening some aggrieved and said:" Xia Bing sister, looks not bad in this world looks like, chest is not small woman went to the sea, do not like each one I had to do? "summer cold hum: "I control you so much, this time, you have to like it, and do not like it get on as an agent, it is necessary to do anytime died for the country's consciousness," Yan small opening very silent, for a moment before: "This belongs to the new task?" Xiabing thought: "regarded as one of the tasks graduation series" Yan small opening some angry and said: "That I'm not with her, you do not give me graduate?" Xiabing Road : "Excuse me, Yan small opening classmates, you guessed it," Yan small opening: ""
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