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January 12 [Sat], 2013, 14:50
Liang Shu YangRui raised go other talent relieved, although just YangRui just smashed a bottle, only playing Lin Jinshui and Teng Biao, and did not take long, but that battle, but let others feel to tremendous pressure and fear. People that take the initiative to correct me busy Peizhao Xiao said: "We do not avoid harming innocent Well, you have been injured, he will not call you, say we have a sub, would not we have to take a beating? With carry is not it better? say, could have been you headed, we just chip in it. "" Do not say ... "Lin Goldwater said coldly. "Originally Well! A water you do not also a push to the Liang Shu?" "Do not say to send me to the hospital fast!" Lin Jinshui the tone stern voice was very weak, we see his face a mixture of beer and blood, then remembered that he had just been YangRui Headshot. "YangRui ...... you want how? I ...... I ......" Yang Rui Liang Shuti a restaurant, they pushed him to less dark place to go. Finally stuck in a dead end inside, Liang Shu could not help but ask out. "What do you think?" Yang Rui looked at him coldly. Do not hit me and brought me to this place where no one came, does that hobby? Liang Shu the scalp burst of hairy, busy for mercy: "I ... I ... YangRui, boss, you have to like the man, I give you another look for you must find a satisfactory, I ... I have hemorrhoids, substandard You appetite ...... "Yang Rui has been no talk, just want to give him psychological pressure., listened to his words can not help but surprised a moment, then understand that he thought he sodomized him! He could not help burst of nausea, but fortunately, eat dinner early, or else all spit it out! "Insult to the next! I like a like a man?" Yang Rui gave him a slap. Liang Shu heard what he said, to analysis he meant, he was not through the back door! That's good! Liang Shu disregard he hit a slap busy smiled and said: "Yang boss. I misunderstood, I speak out of turn. Know you are looking for me to come here commanded it?" Yang Rui suddenly reveal a trace of cunning smile: "You like asking ... Liang Shu is it? good thank you for reminding me, I decided to find a steel bar to the back door of your waterfall!" see his smiles than normal, the Liang Shu heart would have been a little hair virtual hear YangRui say, then, can not help Distressed said: "Brother, I might as well be you burst it!" YangRui hold back the nausea, Chen Sheng said: "I ask you, then, to give me an honest answer, with good I can let you go, or in words ...... reinforced hard to find beer bottles everywhere! "you ask ......" just say, Liang Shu seems to wake up, and then hastened to smile a cry. "You know what you want to ask, yes, to contact people outside to play your basketball team to contact, but I'm not the mastermind mastermind Lin Jinshui Just a moment ago, you hit one, he is our the captain, he knew I fooling somewhat related, so let me help me "I'll give you three minutes to explain the time and see if you can convince me." Yang Rui said dismissively. Liang Shu and quickly went on to say: "In addition to three strong teams, semi-finals this time finalists on our team with the two of you, we all want to enter the semi-finals, it is a breakthrough Lin Jinshui is our captain he seemed so important, your hospital Ouyang Chi is an honest man, not any tricks they know me outside the school to mix of people, Lin Jinshui gave me two thousand, let me go to them for help, sure before the game tonight, the basketball team's players were all wounded, so that they can not participate in the competition, because you want to contact me, so did not want me to chip in, I said, sure enough, As for next laxative, I do not know, may be ultra-brother they want more certainty. "see YangRui no response he only went on to explain:" Brother, I say is the truth, just before you come, Lin Jinshui let we re-hash two thousand, let me contact ultra Kota your meal, of course I refused, he said I'm afraid of getting involved on fundraising, Contact, he came forward to contact. "YangRui gave him a deep a gently snorted. "Yang Rui, I really did not lie to you!" The Liang Shu does not know what he meant, but it was nothing else to explain. "Since you beat up, I honestly never done anything bad with dare against you, ah, do you remember? Time in the restaurant inside, I did not move today on the basketball court, I do not dare you fight and I do not know you like basketball, I see you have never gone to a game Canada Goose Womens Aosta, dare promised him. "" You did not lie I? "say Lin Jinshui is the mastermind, I have to fight against a mastermind? "Yang Rui looked at him Polo For Men Sale." Indeed, you see that he just did not resist, clearly guilty. "Liang Shu think Lin Jinshui just put the responsibility on himself to push now push all responsibility to him." Well, the mastermind handled accomplice also handles a. You into a tainted witness, with the good, can be forgiven. You say what ultra-brother, was the murderer, and I went to see him! Yang Rui the cold beam comfortable virtual and said: "Yang Rui, spare me! Or you directly here to me good, I will not fight back! "You would rather I hit you, they were reluctant to take me to? Yang Rui sneered, "Do you believe I will hit you miserable than Lin Jinshui times? Lin the Jinshui just sub, he is not do not know, I think ten times longer serious, Liang Shu hit a shivering, but still firmly shook his head, "do not believe! I can not live without loyalty! This thing was we mess up and, the super brother they just Helenians the money on behalf of others misfortunes only. "Ho! Told me to play a triad loyalty? Do you really have loyalty to it? I only asked one, also did not force someone immediately took the initiative to say that the three of you mastermind, you said the mastermind of forest Goldwater also said that you are the mastermind, so called loyalty? I listen to how to see a dogfight? "YangRui ironic one. Liang Shu wan smile a cry:" You're right, but we are with them, they just basketball teammate. Super brother is my good friend, I will not sell super brother. "Took me to see them, and burst, you choose a. "Liang Shu ponder the whispered:" whatever you want it anyway, I beat you, I do not do revolt. "Yang Rui, a little surprised that he is not really mean it, just above deterrence just continue to scare him., Did not think people like him will be put loyalty so heavy." Hey, neat! Loyalty really useful, but such loyalty is used in the above triad collusion triad beaten classmates, your loyalty, I see nothing but fear of underworld retaliation only ... "" We are not a triad! Liang Shu could not help but protest the sentence. "Not triad? "YangRui sneer:" is not a triad, money beating? You mix, is not none of my business. Hit you first, I ran into now Canada Goose Mens Vest? You hit my friend! "Liang Shu do not know how to explain it, can only sigh a breath:" Yang Rui, you do not know, we all have our problems, yes we are arrogant to the point, sometimes bullying, can we also be bullied! We are just a few people. Really triad, we do not need to order two thousand beating, do not need their own arrangements to sell pirated. "See this Liangshu Jian decision refused to take themselves to YangRui remembered the game when he has to dodge their own, know that he is such a person can do is not easy. Somewhat admire his courage." Well, today I let go ye what I do not care, do not provoke it to my classmates and friends, otherwise, I would be crippled you! See YangRui go Liang Shu the blankly's standing, he did not expect Yang Rui would let him go, even if not really burst back door, also beat it? Another weekend, Yang Rui, the mood is not good. Before each times on weekends, always with Liu Jia ride back, we can go the same way for a long time, but now Liu Jia with no news, no more than a day, the more he worried a bit after supper usually play games at home the YangRui, with their parents leave a cry went out. YangRui parents whether he is not no matter, but think he is now a big, give him enough freedom, do not do bad things, anxious him to go out and get what girls dating Liu Jia's home is not very far away, Yang Rui, and now he can not wait for tomorrow, to find her house. now at night, if the home was natural to turn on the lights, but the surrounding neighbors lamp lights on, CD independence to Liu Jia their home Heidengxiahuo. YangRui reconciled to the past, listen carefully, which no one movement, knocked on the door for a while, and there is no reaction, it seems, did not come back! At this time, the next-door neighbor was out throwing garbage, Yang Rui Mangwen the sentence: "I ask their families back ..." He also did not ask them, man has been hastily said: "do not know ......" then the garbage is not throwing the door tightly shut. amiss ah! Even without the friendship of neighbors, this was not afraid of me ...... Yes, are afraid! but he baffled, LIU Jia parents are very ordinary people, but not vicious, nothing to fear? his frustration downstairs, ready to come back tomorrow once when he walked out of the cell, immediately followed in the past.
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