also want to have a look these scene

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe second chapter the north face!The 506th chapter get down on my knees !The vast palace ,that a dense lines interweave ,filled with a very deep breath ,every line in the distributed a faint light ,seems to be more in the heart of gestation what !Overhead ,a real sages breath down and down ,every breath as sages ,substantial coercion and force, let the heart dismay, nine parts ,from the road together, a joint woven into the screen ,there is still a little crack ,obviously, is not to be able to withstand too long .
Seeing this, Peng Fei, become more satisfied ,he intended to just before he died ,also want to have a look these scene ,a family of horror features ,can let them kill each other is the best in his heart ,this is most true ! Good ,want me to let you can ,you will jointly ginger home to call out, so, I can let you ,let you go ! Friends fly speech bossy ,arrogant, everything seems to be in his master ,but now he is also the one who breath pressure spines are bent ,but he sat cross-legged on the ground ,would have been down ,in spite of the great thing, is also very difficult to contend with !Ginger home carers was suddenly turned into a beautiful white ,he even said : the ancient Mozong , random monster house cents , basaltic Sally house , Dragon Sally house ,now you have to move to grab this great thing mind ,if you kill me then ,I will explode in here, I do not believe in this place ,you each day could survive ,a statue of goddess from the weight ,you must be much better than me .
Hearing that, the forces of the fairy characters changed his countenance ,ginger home beauty, ginger Wuxian absolutely can do such a thing ,they don suspect ,the behavioral handedness ,own ,this is the thing as everyone knows ,if he made the madness ,major Tianjiao must neat fall here ! Ha ha ,by your own decision ,he will explode explosion ,anyway you die that is under the door god character ,Sally ,who have your own life ,in the respective device under the blessing ,can still survive ,he Jiang house but he completely destroyed ,otherwise ,I will read the move, you all die ,no one will be able to survive ,to consider it ! Peng Fei, step by step ,words ,rampant domineering ,does not allow others refused ,as if he really can drive this respect sages ,let the forces of all fear .
Jiang Wuxian changed colour ,major forces and die Tianjiao Peng Fei, now independent ,initiative in Peng Fei ,at this time ,everyone wants to self-preservation ,eight other forces to his hands ,he was not a bit strange !Jiang Tushen and Jiang Yitian look very ugly ,especially the one named Jiang Xuan commandments ,he was blue in the face ,seems to hate horses to secede from the ginger family team, his bad luck .
Nine forces you to look at me, I see you ,seem to be going to sell, but if really blew out ,they will also be affected ,he also has some not willing to do so .Looking at the sky in the fall of breath ,without aggravating the momentum Canada Goose Victoria Parka Sale,he can not help some of the trivial ,paused, think or do not push too hard ,he still said: it is not overcome ,you called Jiang Wuxian ?Look at the letter day emperor once and like ginger had a good job ,I don kill you ginger home ,you go to ,give me a ring head on the three ,the thing that past, otherwise the consequences ,hey ,you can imagine, you can explode ,ginger home must utterly the other eight forces ,Tianjiao characters die in your self ,you ginger on later had a bad day for sure ! You ,that ! Jiang Wuxian was livid ,but friends fly it, but let his heart shock , a day emperor indeed and ginger too good to make ,he seems really letter day emperor descendants ,ginger Wuxian been dead once ,the emperor descendant in where, can be made ,but in their heritage with them, is not so easy .
Humph ,funny, you have taken your strength in the fairy realm ,they want to kill the time ,don that ?Ashamed you said these words, I am deceived you, what can you do ?To kill me ?You to do or not to do ,not do I let all people follow you buried with the dead ,I say ,do it ! Friends fly eyes full of contempt ,not the people present looked in the eye, the presence of numerous people tight ,really afraid of friends so anything that will fly .
Ginger Wuxian ,you will kneel kowtow ,otherwise ,we can only sell to kill you ,we are impossible for you .Here, or you can explode ,the little brother said, we will not die ,die these Tianjiao ,can raise, but this account ,you ginger is home to pay off ,and I have a look of your home how to face our eight powers of ginger .
The ancient Mozong old ancient evil angel dust voice was cold ,since he a piece of dried palm is intertwined with and providence and voice ,ready to be terrorist strike hit !It is a terrorist, magic gas tumbling ,the blow ,as forming a world ,which belongs to the magic world, universal nature ,a feared .
Well ,ginger Wuxian ,if you don do it ,don us be extremely cruel and merciless ,you die, we have to die ,who told you to annoy the little brother !If I were the little brother ,and now you would die seventy or eighty times, where it can live up to now ,the little brother is enough to be kind and generous ! chaos immortal evil spirit Palace old master sound scary ,so Wen Yan felt pain ,as if every syllable contains endless aaman ,can be person body piercing ,is very terrorist .
In fact, not friends fly does not want to kill ginger Wuxian ,but he did not kill !Jiang Wuxian face became even more ugly ,he is very resentful at the friends to fly ,to date, only to do so, but his face was all at this time ,Jiang Xuan said a word ,let ginger Wuxian hate will not kill him .
,kneeling ,good death is better than living ,kneel only, and not dead ,later to become the largest sermon sages ,lost just face it ,if life is gone, even though there is also a big face ,but more importantly, you can let us together with you to die ,your face without our life is worth ! A remark, Regulus was tempted to laugh ,major forces look weird ,Jiang Yue glanced at Jiang Xuan, indeed, he also has the same feeling ,Jiang Yitian ,Jiang slaughter God as well as other ginger family ,have the same feeling ,feel the ginger family who look, ginger Wuxian nor by to tremble, he know and understand what is the overall situation ! You can count? Jiang Wuxian looked to Peng Fei Peng Fei ,and face the carefree ,very proud smile ,high-spirited ,how is a coquettish Oh ,his contempt for the world ,he be in high and vigorous spirits ,his domineering and boundless, he laughed : I was a day emperor heritage, have kept their promises ,it is deceive you this little angel old ?Get down on my knees ! Friends fly explosion had a sound ,like a thunder ,black light up, as if at any time can cause more terror pomp ,Jiang Wuxian leaned out ,only to feel behind eight Angel hands are intertwined with and heaven and ,obviously if your don ,they will move the hand ,situation is compared strong people ,he did know what Jiang Xuan said ? Well ,I kneel ! Jiang Wuxian face crumpled ,turbidity ,old eyes ,covered with blood, his eyes were very terror ,which for him, no doubt ,is the greatest humiliation ,than kill him made him uncomfortable ,under the watchful eyes of the people ,to a young juniors bow down to admit, this is how the burning shame and humiliation .
?Friends fly is very carefree heart ,who knows the sages breath will continue down ,cool before it, just be the sense of threat ,let him feel too .Jiang Wuxian walked on a few paces ,he knelt down ,knock three heads ,pounding away, said: have eyes but fail to see ginger Wuxian ,offended letter day emperor descendants ,here, apologize to you .
Friends fly nodded ,waved ,said: do not know who acquitted ,look in the wrong attitude of sincere ,I can not and you care ! Xuanyuan looks at a twitch ,did not think anyone can pull tiger ,when banner, loading force to this realm ,but also a realm of terror figure into the kneeling ,Peng Fei, amazing ,now is a great look ,let Xuanyuan sighs .
a day , who is it? Xuanyuan in the heart of old man asked for a sentence . a day the great is a Zhongzhou the great, but he is not in charge of Zhongzhou ,he has a great strength ,have no contact with anyone ,and phagocytosis of the great ,but he did not phagocytosis of the great people feel threatened too large, and at his side UGG Sora,there are seven sages who follow ,strength be no trivial matter ! From the old road .
The mind has been on Peng Fei secret identity to feel wonder ,is he really got letter day emperor inheritance ?But at least in the eyes of a point can be sure ,Peng Fei certainly does not control the sages strength capability ,because Regulus can feel the pressure of Peng Fei ,skeletal emit subtle undetectable Kaka sound ,if he is able to manipulate the statue of fathers ,do not to so embarrassed, but Regulus or admire him, this bifurcation ,too masculine ,too shameless .
Regulus ,face is a bit thick ,Peng Fei, or do so ,maybe it would have been death .Ginger Jiazhong people ,feel very shame ,but they have no way ,only the name Jiang Xuan was indifferent, loose a long breath, as if from the same take escape from death .
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