LV stationed in the field of jewelry

November 07 [Wed], 2012, 12:58
LV stationed in the field of jewelry
louis vuitton outlet July of this year, attended the Louis Vuitton brand in Paris Place Vendome jewelry boutiques opening ceremony, actress Kristen Dunst, Sofia Coppola, Catherine Deneuve, Louise Bourgoin On the surface, this activity appears to be and in the past there is no distinction the city's most influential people wearing beautiful fashion clothing, cocktail chat, but fundamentally it seems, this event marks the Louis Vuitton brand really started to enter the jewelry retail.Within the next two years, Louis Vuitton brand plan opened a jewelry boutique in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and other large cities, although the brand launch has been 11 years in the jewelry and other accessories, but independent jewelry boutiques or the beginning. Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Chanel, Dior and other brands have increased investment and development in the jewelry, accessories, Ferragamo, Vivienne Tam brand also launched its first jewelry series, well-known jewelry brand Montblanc expand product supply launch mid-price jewelry accessories, can be seen, the jewelry has been stationed in an area of the various brands competing.

louis vuitton outlet online Bulgari brand CEO Michael Burke treated as such jewelry market, he said: "No matter which market has the rise and fall of the day in the jewelry market influence the larger well-known jewelry brand will be very advantageous, and women buying trends gradually tend to the combination of high-end jewelry and fashion accessories just like the bag large outbreak of the mid-1990s, the jewelry will also usher in the development of the explosion of this luxury brands competing jewelry series of reasons. "Chanel brand a place in fashion jewelry accessories, but when it comes to the purchase of high-end jewelry, many people may choose Cartier or Bulgari, thus the Chanel brand also hope to make more efforts in this regard, and open the brand's high-end jewelry market. Chanel brand through the creation of an independent jewelry boutiques in large cities to raise consumer awareness, and also introduced the entry-level high-end jewelry to attract consumers to buy.But this practice is that enough? Obviously not, these famous brand fashion accessories need to train more employees of well-known high-end jewelry, so that customers can get professional advice at the time of purchase guidance, of course, unique design and historical heritage is also very important, I believe in the future development small jewelry brand might want to be more active in the introduction of new ideas, or is likely to be out of the market。

louis vuitton handbagsIf life is a movie, you're the Best Actress in charge of their own golden age, never the most perfect. You in the the fashion romantic atmosphere, slowly intoxicated.Julia necklace is a fractal geometric jewelry Boucheron with the launch of the award-winning jewelry designer Marc Newson cooperation. Gaston Julia necklace is from the 2000 selection of diamond and sapphire, fractal geometry, the father of the most representative mathematical discovery "Julia Set the Julia fractal structure" for inspiration, time-consuming made of 1500 hours. Combination of seemingly fragmented geometric shape, but in fact the rules of mathematical arrangement, shades of colored sapphire showed the overall sense of hierarchy, precise and delicate arranged vortex-shaped, three-dimensional full visual.The Bvlgari Bulgari retro necklace, this work represents the ultimate fine (Bulgari) style. Gorgeous and noble colors of sapphire diamond necklace with its subtle color changes and harmony gems humbling: 169 different shapes, different colors of sapphire weighing 400 carats, this pectoral At the same time they constitute embellishment 951 brilliant cut diamonds. Shape and luxury of this work is reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian era luxury necklace.(Piaget) Limelight Paradise series necklace design inspiration for the lagoon, 18K white gold set with 280 round diamonds (weighing 30.14 kt), central inlaid diamonds (weighing approximately 2.70 kt), three oval cut sea Sapphire (weighing 14.86 kt), an emerald-cut blue-green tourmaline (weighing about 24.13 kt), an oval cut blue-green tourmaline (about 61.23 kt), a teardrop-shaped cut green tourmaline (about weight 9.36 kt). Colorful coral reefs, gradient colors, this is not paradise tropical ocean it?

lv outlet The discovery of this century the world's largest diamond "Lesotho Promise diamond, after 18 months of cutting, grinding, and finally the embodiment of such promises as beautiful and pure as a necklace Lesotho Promise necklace. Fengyun original stone weighed 603 carats of diamonds were found in August 2006, were identified by experts as the D grade last Graff (Graff) bag. Graf team composed of 35 people, after a long period of hard work, the final success of the original stone is cut into 26 0.5 kt to 76 kt diamonds of different shapes, with a total weight of 223.35 kt.(Van Cleef & Arpels) Vicomte necklace is inspired by French gardens, has three rows of sapphire beads, the middle of the diamond pendant symbolizes the water fountain, diamond chain, there are two more than 8.27 kt of pear-shaped sapphire. 211 sapphire beads weighing approximately 450 carats.
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