You dare you dare insult

August 12 [Mon], 2013, 11:12
Volume II an affair to] one hundred and thirty second chapter last crazy Sun Ke was two Gouzi sprayed his face painted stars, his trembling with anger, his face wipe saliva have forgotten it, shivering Gouzi pointing two fingers trembling, and stammered: "You dare you dare insult the officer?" He fifty years old, experienced many of the fight, although wins have lost, you can still lose for the generation of dignity, but beat him, humiliate his opponent is certainly not the name mn mayor, high mn large, he admit defeat but this two Gouzi be considered a what? A dog jī Naruto Pirates, timid Xiasan Lan, a diaphragm should not bite people toad only. Today, this toad can be incredible, not only jumped at his feet, his face should be enough to choke diaphragm, even magical leapt to his shoulder, and his glamorous, elegant face fiercely pro a Sun Ke where this life received such a useless gas ah, especially in front of so many people in front of more not lift their heads, which is a non-human insult ah, even more than beat him board also uncomfortable, day ah, this is my build what sin ah, he was trembling, the hearts of some desolate future, awful extremely humiliating jokes, people will become the talk of gossip is he sad abjection, the two Gouzi but as only a toad eat yo like, valiant dash called up: "Gouguan, you can really missing Dade dignified as prefect of the adult heart xiōng's dirty, the means of dirty, I do not even next three excesses are not as you want with money yu guide me perjury, to help the dragons two absolve and will Lu Chai bāng put to death such a big hero do? I Pooh, although my two Gouzi poor, although it worked steal jīmō dog thing, but I'm also a two Gouzi blood x-ng guy wanted me deserve big festival, beginning lu-n do that eventually abandoned, empty promises villain? Well, you Gouguan this, you as a person people like you hypocritical cunning, yīn insurance sinister do? I Pooh, and do your Qingqiu dream go, "Sun Ke was panic, confusion big lu-n between two Gouzi meal full of love wanton jī lu-n up, like fuel will generally be lit all his organs, his anger, s-reveals a bright red face, trembling pointing to two Gouzi said: "What did you say, you The official dare to say it again? "" Well, if you want to hear, I will say it again Whatdoes? "two Gouzi Yiziyidun full of air and said:" You think everyone is like you, hypocritical cunning, yīn insurance sinister do? I Pooh, and do your Qingqiu dream go "two Gouzi remark one, the scene everyone was shocked, those people one by one stretch the neck, grew up mouth, a hundred years and wonderful scenes of epic proportions that they forget applause, forget praise, just stared watching the incredible scene, totally not guessed timid two Gouzi capable of such a tremendous thing. Zhong Bin looked startled face staring at a rancid but surging two Gouzi, and my heart constantly rolling forward, Lu Cai bāng today with two Gouzi valiant performance under changed his abysmal knowledge, who says little no big ambition? If well utilized, the same can upright, he secretly for two Gouzi valiant temperament lovely, but far less tan themselves know people also Chen Chen nine nine have absolutely no wish to fight this two Gouzi broke out at the crucial moment will be so strong energy, talent ah talent, his mind constantly admiring, if this kid from the future can really get rid of before those cowardly Bing x-ng, anything can encounter such a clank as proud today that two Gouzi tomorrow just around the corner , unlimited brilliant people have finally awakened in an infinite wonderful, have loudly applauded, broke out of the y-deaf deafening applause. The applause, listening to each person's psychology is so comfortable, so comfortable, so rather encouraging. But these outsize applause heard in the ears of Sun Fo, but as fanned his mouth, like son countless uncomfortable, his mind one o'clock despair, bittersweet variety of salty taste in my heart. This can really throw the old head is not generally a big ah, unprecedented, and no latecomers Sun Ke frantic, 破罐子破摔 said: "Ok two Gouzi You say it ah do not you fooling, you do not see a coffin tears, "Sun Ke back Diocese, gavel shot flap sounds, an air of dignity and said: two Gouzi, you glib, harboring Lu Chai bāng, this is a crime, bluster, insults Chaotingmingguan , this is the two crimes. Bearer, two voluntary manslaughter, give me the two Gouzi pull down, severely marked fifty large plate to see if he was not looking strokes "While appreciating the two runners congregation Gouzai brave act, they have done so for many years runners, have not seen a Xiasan Lan dare Chodo clamor for imposing prefect adults, and now they finally saw a real big shot, dare to face the prefect adults face sprayed saliva, Well, want to come this it smells good man's saliva, but appreciated normalized appreciated, they could dare to contradict that no two Gouzi prefect adults courage,North Face Down Clearance, a person also means looking at their full support the family account brandish it hit the board they see Sun Ke boomed when the Church and is on the verge of madness, but also looked a bell Bin, but see God in the old bell Bin's silent, their behavior seems to be the default and all the runners will be two vicious Gouzai wrestled to the ground, the That rags myself Sou its k-sub-faded, l-a dark ass full of mud, and then they kill Wei tall waving bāng, hit hard down With two Gouzi Menheng, appeared on his ass to a bloody purlin child. runners have a pretty good idea, and now the Dayton board just call Sun adults posturing outlet only,Women's North Face Hoodie Sale, can not really be beaten half to get up this Xiasan Lan kang Otherwise, the outrage committed people, but also not a coax up to help them step into ru sauce. they hit the board are some of the means and experience, although the tiger whirl wind, however, playing in two Gouzi ass, just gently played a purlin child, and does not produce any injuries, and besides, these injuries, for a thick skin thick ru next three Lai, pseudo-hero who can claim what Ergou Although the lips valiant son, but a fight own board, there is a lesson Lu Chai bāng, see the scars on his ass, his mind could not help but shiver, but, with a few runners deliberate drainage, two Gouzi can not help some pride, pain on this point, for the Heroes of what I considered apart from his board to pay not only the phrase unyielding said: "Gouguan you dare grandfather of the board, do you want to extract confessions? Tell you, Grandpa wealth is not yn, unbending, you're labeled as the grandfather ru sauce, Grandpa will not give you this Gouguan perjury "The people listened to two Gouzi so heroic, have applauded, even Chen nine this guy is could not help laughing with open mouth, the two Gouzi, give a little light on the bright, Well, if the runners under the dead hand really hit you 55 kill Wei bāng, you can so heroic, even if I Bin Chen nine minutes you still sat unmoved , two former Christine Gouzi arrogant that he put down after sinking perturbed heart, but he is after abusive Chaotingmingguan earlier on charges vary, carefully held up, but also a lot of troubles. And as long as Sun Branch played two big meal Gouzi board, one to be considered for two Gouzi abusive Chaotingmingguan a small penalty in order to avoid leaving troubles, another point, but it can take a real excuse for Sun Ke extract confessions, so that he cocoon , unable to escape. Sun Ke Hu lu-n rub a bit of a sleeve that disgusting saliva, hearts inch big lu-n, has lost his mind, to be heard two Gouzi arrogant curse that sound, He outraged,Women's North Face Pink Ribbon Sale, pointing to brandish board runners said: "You guys servant, dare to steal the officer jiān Shuahua? But if you do these things hit the dog blood ru flying, I'll let you go squatting classrooms, give me all his hard hit nǎinǎi "People runners a prefect adults have seen their flaws, no longer afraid to make fraud, quickly resorted to eating nǎi effort that ran two Gouzi go dark ass severely beat two Gouzi being yelled spirits high, the past few days squatting classrooms misery also released out, thinking to myself suffer Dayton Da Banzai is not a difficult thing being complacent, the runners board a large amount according to his butt Shan Hu tsunami came about, in this moment, two Gouzi ass was opened huā his brewing how to change the huā Sun Ke kind of insult can be a vicious big runners hit the board down, and the pain he Ziyaliezui, involuntarily said: "My Niangqin which"
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