and then is not that dry look

January 29 [Tue], 2013, 12:39
Wang Lin of storage space, most of the items he wanted to come up with, the lossless storage space at the moment only once, Wang Lin eyes flash the hearts already been judged. Right now, for him, a repair is infinitely close to empty to rob early puppet is the best role thing! That was the ancient cemetery depths Division of puppet emerge Wang Lin in the mind, he said without hesitation, no hesitation, then seized the moment of the space rock, soul influx within suddenly in that space Stone, opened his storage space! This space is the stone immediately trembling, in the moment of its storage space is opened, a space to replace the Wang Lin storage space crashing collapse. Its collapse in the twinkling of an eye, a surge drops day evil spirits out of the from Wang Lin can object space suddenly glow flash between Wang Lin beside a limbs in a scarlet tongue, exposing old long grim figure. Exactly what it looked like monkeys skinny Division of puppet! Bursts of screaming and Xiongsha breath, from the Secretary who shed it red eyes, keeping a close eye in the emergence of Wang Lin roar slowly seems to think of identity of Wang Lin, heads fiercely slightly dissipated. "Division, I protect the law!" Wang Lin looked cold that savage and ferocious figure of evil spirits, slowly opening. Roar! Our eyes fiercely strong, fierce turned and stared at the direction of dong House door Growl up, the scarlet tongue dragging on the ground, distort, looks shocking. At the moment, if anyone entered this dong government will immediately subject to this Division frenzied attack. Wang Lin, do not worry, he looked down at his arm, the mosquito king as ink Totem moment he looked as ink-like mosquito beast totem, their eyes suddenly revealing a trace of coldness, like with Wang Lin Wang . Mosquito beast Finally, a protective the king bang retreats prepare for themselves! At this point, Wang Lin was slightly assured that sitting cross-legged on the dong Fuchu, watching the hands of the water droplets, head exposed excited, he took a deep breath, holding that water droplets instantly press in the eyebrows. That water droplets into the Wang Lin eyebrows moment, Wang Lin systemic blood boiling crashing hidden inside his body dripping origin of the liquid, and immediately formed a striking change in water droplet fusion and new entrants. In this change, the body of Wang Lin the rou eyes visible degrees urgent dries down like his body all the moisture and blood collected in this moment together. Anxious withered his body, only half the time of incense, Wang Lin is like a skull bones become head dry, full skin wrinkled like death years mummy! Within his body, that condensed water origin water droplets absorb the water and blood of the whole body of Wang Lin, crystal constantly been hidden in its body, can not see outside. Condensation of water origin and absorption is, looks great terror, due to the monk's body, naturally there is water, and even the blood, is also part of the water. Moment in the cohesion of the origin of this water, the body will naturally suffer traction, which will appear in this scene as mummified. Time gone by, the twinkling of an eye is seven days, seven days Canada Goose Whistler UK, Wang Lin, cross-legged sitting there motionless, as they really dead, but his breath not only does not dissipate, but more and more strong fear that anyone would feel , Wang Lin, a turn of events. Two days later, the dong House of Wang Lin, dry body suddenly startled, his eyes suddenly opened its objectives within a turbid, like even moisture within the eyes disappeared. Bulk water origin ...... hoarse voice came from the Wang Lin mouth, dry hands, such as bone lift suddenly pinch tactics, pinch tactics of the moment, the the Wang Lin withered body of water that the origin of water droplets seems cohesion to the limit, crashing explosion, like Huan Wang Lin body trembling, green net, sharp recovery. The degree of this recovery, the moment is complete, Wang Lin at the moment, and then is not that dry look, but the skin is crystal clear, both inside and outside the body seems different light flow. Such a state, to maintain the nine days, nine days, Wang Lin body that fused together droplets, anxious rotation, its large Xiao, significantly higher than the two nine days before to shrink xiao some. Seems two of nine days, a condensate scattered for a loop, and now the first cycle of the past, and immediately began a second cycle! Wang Lin retreat 19 days, his body again appear strange, anxious wither, the moment turned into a mummified body that water droplets, the light flashes constantly. Again and again, soon, Wang Lin body dry and saturated, spent seven cycles, after seven cycles, that the water droplets from his body is already less than the previous two National Cheng Kung University xiao only. Time, has already passed a few months! Several months of closed-door, Wang Lin turned a deaf ear to everything outside soul door wholeheartedly immersed in this process of absorption of water origin, he will understand that this time the absorption, if we let the water origin Dacheng satisfactorily, then his repair as will immediately increase! Origin of this water is the origin of one of the real existence of problems such as the origin of that fire, Wang Lin, in vivo, the same will of fusion with phagocytic n xiao just as just before the Wang Lin of water origin, and therefore in the integration of this Sin Gang 6 water origin, the rejection of force is not too large, can he endured. Again, the passage of time, the blink of an eye and eighteen days, Wang Lin's body at the moment that withered with saturated, has spent eight cycle, eight cycles, Wang Lin body of water that the origin of the water droplets, already extremely rare, even if do not look carefully, are unable to see the same. Wang Lin continuing retreat of his origin Mami dong Fu Wai strict law enforcement, dong House, the more it has been Secretary of the puppet exist to protect everything. That has been Secretary of puppet long time non-stick blood, the already irritable at the moment Men's Air Max 2009 Discount, this dong House continued to growl, and sometimes look back to Wang Lin, but also with ominous light, but in the consciousness, Wang Lin is its master, Although this idea is not profound, but still there are still some role in making him hold back the urge to swallow blood multiple times. Another most important, which has a Division of puppet masters today it feels like and then some not quite the same, as if in his possession, there is also a surge let the atmosphere of terror, the atmosphere is very light, and can be, but with fusion of soul, without distinction. This is exactly the reason of the Custodian of the Wang Lin allowed this thing is Wang Lin called out, despite Xiongsha drops of the day, but Wang Lin will also be able to play a role, as long as not too long, does not appear to ask the drag, and With the the Wang Lin cultivation improved, this will of increasingly strong, to enough to netbsp; let alone because of his avatar, the soul behind the scent, outsiders difficult to detect, but the Secretary, however, can be. Alum Alexandra dream the same in this mountain, she observed Wang Lin retreat has been a long time, has now passed a few months, the idea of ​​her heart, has become increasingly strong, so its out of the dong House slowly towards the peaks top. Distance Baizhang range of alum Alexandra half body halt, watching Wang Lin dong Fu Wai that composed by the fire origin Mami, her eyes reveal a fear of color. She is not bold to'm going to take advantage of Wang Lin retreat shot, but ready to close observation, think of a way to see some clues in order to complete their Master's command, slowly overcome the death of Wang Lin. But the instant she stop it the Baizhang outside the body, was surprised to find the origin of the dong Fu Wai Wang Lin Mami, suddenly opened his eyes sweep alum Alexandra dream one. Since dong Fuchu origin Mami eyes staring, as Wang Lin personally looked alum Alexandra dream mind Yi Chan quickly bow, was about to retreat Air Max LTD Womens, but at this moment, and suddenly I heard amazing the roar roaring roundabout, a concentrated the The black mist roaring out of dong House, the metamorphosis between heaven and earth, exposing one pair of murderous eyes mist more a scarlet tongue hanging mist, distort swing looks shocking. Within this fog, it was the Secretary, it has to hold back a few months, but not blood, temper finally aware approached dong government immediately roar out of alum Alexandra dream is to see in mid-air, which has been our eyes exposed cruel, bloodthirsty sky and screaming, went straight alum Alexandra dream away. Repair alum Alexandra dream, to achieve a degree of Xuanjie seventh, is already quite impressive, but in our eyes that startled mind, coupled with the fear Wang Lin, makes this vitriol Alexandra dream without hesitation, immediately back. But her degree was significantly inferior to that of the Secretary, this puppet roar went straight alum Alexandra dream away, moment near huge tongue toss on the volume to alum Alexandra dream, a blanket of darkness enveloped alum Alexandra dream escape route blocked. Continue to roar back dang heaven bursts of loud noise, the big soul inside the door of the National People's Congress, have received from the ancestors of seal life ban near Wang Lin, where the mountain, at the moment have to detect the mutation, your breath and looked. Yan Luan is cross-legged meditation, the moment suddenly opened his eyes, look for a change, she had almost forgotten that he had sent the alum Alexandra dream to overcome the death of Wang Lin, at the moment revealing a trace of fear in the eyes of their body flashed straight to Wang Lin, where peaks to go. Dong House Wang Lin, Wang Lin in the cross-legged in the ongoing ninth cycle, is also the last, once this time successfully, he water origin will successfully repair can improve. Water droplets of water that the origin of his body, but is anxious in his body withered like mummy moment, completely spent, does not exist the slightest Wang Lin Meng opened his eyes, and its head, revealing a trace of naked. Water origin enough to complete the last cycle ...... some worse!! I need a lot of water! "Terrorist Wang Lin looks like at the moment is quite dry body, like a skeleton, looks amazing. He was silent, suddenly looked up, aware of the roar dong Fu Wai Yan Luan advent breath. Division, come back! "The fog of the moment approaching in that inflammation Luan of alum Alexandra dream Secretary roar, the sound from the Wang Lin suddenly the sky dong House, at the same time, Wang Lin figure flash, directly out of the dong House , appeared in between heaven and earth. Dry body, the look of terror immediately by Yan Luan see turned into a gasp. Three-shift is completed
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