Away at bright brother also follow the jump up

January 03 [Thu], 2013, 17:22
After the two hour Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Chukka, hungry night's stay second son bulging belly bulging up, step, hit fill uh, the the one of Lu Ji flavor of toward their own small courtyard walked, see room the House worked gossip people feel surprise. Surprise your ancestors Banban, I almost up dead, which if you dare laugh the son, and tomorrow, and tomorrow the son should be home chicken whole chop halogen good stuffed in his mouth. Full one half of Lu Ji, full swallow that taste, too grief. Green butterfly, according to children, hurry up, get some tea to give the son consumer first digestion, up almost dead to me, as well as getting ready mouthwash, ready to give me a suit of clothes, or a taste "When he first entered the courtyard, quickly towards both girl sat in the house for help. "Ah!" Odalisque sister staring at my stomach, to Yanzui Di Hu soon steal Miaole Yan green butterfly that girl, green butterfly stayed tilt orchid fingers pointed at my belly: "Master, you how ? "never mind, never mind ..." so he took the kettle sub-irrigation several eloquence to Shun outlet, Lu Ji too dry, and finally, not eat, the son of the the mom's Trachypenaeus frame on my ears, so he took a chicken hard in my mouth, I too do not feel bad son. "Master, how? Something can you hold so?" Green butterfly very Montreal muttered. Butterfly sister, do not blame the young master, afraid his wife ... also very worried about an empty Let the second son "odalisque sister's vision really is too sinister, sinister person I want to smoke, but also laugh, laugh what? Green butterfly odalisque sister mentioning, and glanced at me straight laugh Zaiqiao a Yanzui the odalisque sister, suddenly laughed out. No wonder the young master of the door, and called, holding up stakes, according to child sister afraid your credit? "" You have the spirit here nagging! "Can not stand it, picked up the sleeves ready to display their domestic discipline digestion movement first , howling with laughter angered both girl ran to the door at the. Well ...... did little repentance, and do not know the girl who received labor reform. ------------------------------------------ Housing House ancestral hall bustling, Lord head and face of senior officials and elegant watch full squeeze inside wink, Cheng Shushu impressively among them, and Cheng Shushu noticed my eyes, exposed towards my two front teeth, and a very grim smile, scared I was almost a flutter climb planted in the ancestral hall on the floor in front of. The hurry Niulian, long to smoke several tone to restore calm to the mind, and the son, as the crown ceremony of the protagonist, a straight face, walked the rules, give walking, being in the eye, into the ancestral hall. "Ha ha ha ... this promising young behalf fair niece by the crown, in fact, the old lady lucky also a beard and hair were white, athletic old man stood's first Thematic Nianxu nod and smile at me. "Medicine Brother remark over men, this drug Brother of Outsiders by the crown, which is his son's blessing Joon children kneel it!" Father sitting at the upper left first, toward who heard dad filed pharmacists uncle over the arch of the hand, and then toward the son Heleyisheng. A little excited, a little scared, and I feel very disturbed, I Niangqin also aside, escorted by a sister, smiled at me kindly, occasionally, secretly so he took a handkerchief to wipe tears. Yes, my son, seeing the necessary adult, can upset you when your mother? Next ...... I have forgotten, too nervous, just remember the specific program to give the son on the set of "early plus pieces of towels, robes, with your shoe, Buddhists cloth crown , granted to the skin Bian. Zhu said: "month so auspicious day, the beginning of the Canadian dollar clothing, abandoned Seoul young word, Shun Seoul into of Germany. Shoukao except Kee, referral Gyeongbok." Followed by "plus" hat, shirt, leather belt, shoes Finally, the grant to MG Benten. Spraying the Li Taibo saliva straight to my forehead: "Ji Yue Ling Chen of Shen Seoul service, Dear Bellevue instrument, Su-Shen Stewart. Eyebrow Shou million years, Wing by Hu Fu." Finally, there is the "three-plus" Fu head public service, leather belt, satisfied boots. The order of months. "To positive year-old Ham Ghar service. Brothers with in, to Cheng Jue Germany, Huanglao boundless, the days of celebration." Vigorous baritone finally came to a curtain, Congratulations to congratulate voices . Andie mouth he kept to the back of the head crack. Originally only wood hairpin knot hair head wear triple top crown. , I feel a little heavy Canada Goose D'Alpago Sale, a little faint head. Then stop and bowed toward the room family ancestors, Room Clan clan elders and knock as much forgotten. Finally, Andie my nickname Jun Jun children's word as the son of the word, a very good word, hey, it seems, the good image of the son, who later met with the son, not Chun son, is Qiao General cried, that called cool, Guwahati ha ha ... finally completed in the Shrine of the ancestral hall, Father waved his hand, and a grand banquet room House anteroom began. Liang LI the antechamber Lee Ke Xiongtai and away at industry brag, Li Zhi, a group of scum brothers congratulations, the son that dizzy head is finally clear point. "I would like to thank a number of my dear friend the daytime from not very much obliged to the younger brother, a cup of self-punishment." The scum too Dandyism list, not breakdown, casually hand over arch from a first so he took a cup and poured down thirst first eat dry too much, his mouth did uncomfortable. "What if, today, but your big day, a cup of how can we meet you my brothers feelings, when up to three cups. Come!" Li Ke bang bang bang, since even dry three cups, rely on, this Ah look posture , clearly want to eat to poor my room House. Away at bright brother also follow the jump up, exposed very kind towards the son of two front teeth: room Joon ah, ha ha ha ha future, ha ha ha ha. "Han people, did not say shit, he kept silly grumble straight smile one pair the cattle Yandeng I became angry, almost the mouth crack the back of the head, this cargo this will not feast before opening on Shuajiu Feng? A process at flashed now up to me, smiles as lustful, Is the son drinker known for only a few glasses of wine glasses drunk was not Canada Goose Camrose? Wrong, ah? Another encore, my God, my legs were soft, what people? At the bright Xiongtai Shashi Hou Society places at once? This will not be 袁天罡 that Datang first stick of God to teach the apprentice right? Huh? That Ah does not seem to process at the lights, although much like the beard seems to be more lush some of the men of the way the government toward my the crack mouth: "Oh, the Honourable Xiandi is the FANG Jun Xiandi it old brother process at the Farmer's older brother, at the bright, The Office Wu, who is at the positive, this ...... "hear I look black line Cheng Shushu reproductive function too strong it like doing? Light you drive home at once to an old six small, almost have a table to eat or rob money? "Oh, the other did not, we old drive home a bunch of full brave man, , came King King Chun Xiandi the reputed Chang'an wit, one Sa cup, my brother, my first dry is the best way at the silent brother raised his bowl towards him open his mouth down, bang, did not drink even a drop of spill out of his mouth, scared away Big Brother would like pouring hand: I hastened to hold Xiongtai, your mind, little brother, but no thanks, but my brother drinker is limited, or several process brother is with toast Zeyang the? "that there is no spirit, Well, either look at the, uh-huh, come, Ge Jige are over, together with this small brothers did." one of the men of the way the government is a little disdain eyes, we ignore the direct untouchables you bunch of youth version of the Cheng Shushu surrender can always be right? Several large cup of the Cheng brothers irrigation both eyes discolor, wine uh have not had time to play, Lee Yeh brag a tear the past. Industry brag Xiongtai laugh **: "Xiandi, you, my brother, the Last one another, yet to drink from, Come, come, and dry on a glass of brother first." Scum! Green eyes of beasts, irrigation was I hastened stealth, ignore them, unfortunately, I was the lead, to be able to run where? Circle of friends stroll down the belly of the son are afraid of filling more than two pounds for drinks, very glad of their own since Datang came, already well-wine field test, or, fear is the son of the first day of adult we should like a dead dog ride in the bed. Drinking, touted person or by others touted eyes looked around the hall, strange, obviously since the two said to come, but now they could not see the shadow children. Could not help but recall that day Lamei who Transamerica woman ... "The emperor arrived!" Soon as high sharp voice sounded from outside the main entrance of the room mansion, suddenly, originally also noisy stairs as the wholesale market of small traders room mansion moment quiet down, and almost all of the people all looked at each other, then look toward a being station situ daze, the son. I also find it strange, so strange, supposedly, the son of the minister of home line Rites, no emperor uncle losers?
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