leaving only a few people stayed

August 19 [Mon], 2013, 14:52
() "Lin sister, I have something urgent to help Xu Xin medicines things handed to you." While I was running, while sister phoned to the forest. Lin sister are my words, and made a moment: "You do not buy that?" "Do not say, I hung up, remember to give Xu Xin medicines" Having hung up, put it in the pocket li. Hao Shuai's home in the capital, although Zhao potential large, but not be trampled upon Lamb Hao, Zhao Gao Hao Shuai should not dare to how. Lu Sen and Diao Sinan are in the field, Zhao Gao would not care what forces behind them, and listen to the screams of forest land apparently suffered no small torture. Zhao Gao grass thought I would draw the line of sight completely in my body, did not think he should still find them on the forest land behind the school district's warehouse from the villa, there is a great distance, San Joaquin already large, want to go There are generally required to ride in the past, but now Bad weather did not place a taxi, only to run their own. If I'm just an ordinary person to wait until the warehouse, absolutely has quite out of breath, but I'm not ordinary people, to reach the warehouse before, even the coarse did not breathe,Canada Goose Expedition Parka Youth, but some accelerated heartbeat. Warehouse door closed, I wrinkled brow, gas heart action, cohesion in the feet, kick the door flung open the warehouse. In the open space full of rain, came deafening sound of the collision. "I still look down on you, run so far, but there are still so much effort, really simple." Zhao Gao, sitting on the sofa, his mouth although it said, but his face did not look like a little accident. Zhao Gao was full of people around, in addition to all of these people is not a student, covered all with an strong gang atmosphere. Zhao Gao stood beside the young man, but also gave me a sword scabbard yet to feel the surface such as Guan Yu, Jian Mei Star project, coming from a knife. Obviously a modern dress, holding a sword in the hands of yet, faint smile at me. I walked Yibubuxiang Zhao Gao, who stood on both sides of all stepped forward, Zhao Gao was waved: "Let him come," endured the hearts of anger, watching Zhao Gao said: "Hao Shuai, Lu Sen Diao Sinan Where "" You're still thinking of others help themselves is to say they may not surprise you, or reckless it? "Zhao Gao looked at me and laughed. Clenched fist could not help, but now I have to hold back, they are in no position to determine how forest land,Lodge Jacket Canada Goose, I can not get involved, so that when the three of them to Zhao Gao as a hostage to threaten me. "Bring them out," Zhao Gao, see I do not speak, a wave, you see three people, with Lu Sen they walked out. "Boss, you, how come I did not let you come to me" Lu Sen saw me, shouted loudly. Diao Sinan was crying out: "old boss" in addition to Hao Shuai, Lu Sen and Diao Sinan who are injured. Lu Sen's most important body, black and blue, body blood everywhere, Diao Sinan Lu Sen better than just some facial swelling and bruising. Lu Sen against Diao Sinan roared: "how do I tell you what not let you cry," "Do not Cry" Diao Sinan fighting back tears, but still continue to flow. Hao Shuai looked at me and sighed: "Boss, I'm sorry," I looked at Zhao Gao, sentence by sentence, said: "Let them," "I do not want to put them, and how to do?" Zhao Gao laughed to see with me. "I said," I teeth, sound mixed with infuriating, loudly shouted: "Let them," it thundered loudly, in a warehouse for a long time echoed that some people could have been squatting down over his ears. Zhao Gao also scared shivers, but not to the sound waves his side, he was a young man beside him resolve. I took the opportunity, will Hao Shuai, Lu Diao Sinan Sen and brought me here. The rope will untie them on their novels, said: "You brisk walking," "boss them so many people, you certainly can not beat, let me help you a right," Lu Sen even stand unstable, but, and I said, this is the case. I did not bother him,North Face Down, watching Zhao Gao said: "This is our personal grudges, no need to bring them, you let them go, no matter how you deal with me." "Ha ha ha," Zhao Gao to recover from the shock, laughing a few times, looked at me and said: "Yes, no problem," I guess right, Zhao Gao ten there will promise me this condition, because he wanted to deal with is that I was not Miss Mori them, and the people around Zhao Gao so much, apparently did not pay too much attention to me. In his eyes, I must have been no different, and the dead. "Boss, I do not go out of my mess, let me" Miss Mori was saying, I am a fan slap in his face: "Go," "Boss, you" Lu Sen cover the face, looked at me and say out words. I have his back to them, facing Hao Shuai said: "Hao Shuai, took them away," "Boss, you be careful," Hao Shuai finished, it forcibly and crying Diao Sinan Lu Sen away. Sure enough, Hao Shuai Lu Sen more than to see clearly, they can be cumbersome to stay, so I can not display their fists. Etc. Hao Shuai they left, I was relieved. "I quite love this man Zhao Gao, give you a chance to survive, if you can get on the ground to fight all the people here, to put you a way out," Zhao Gao said, changed the subject: "But if you hit However, the dead in here, may wonder to me, "I really wanted to kill Zhao Gao has been, it seems to give his brother Zhao Chen Wang Haoming said not much use. "Up" Zhao Gao, a wave, quite kingly. In addition to the side of the sword Zhao Gao young man did not move, the rest were all rushed over to me, and that have come up from behind a small machete. 'To war, "I shouted, infuriating mobilize pubic region, and these people face rushed. At this point I Renduermai has opened, these ordinary people in my eyes, there is cause for fear, but I did not have any grudges against these people, so I start with very light. A person down, the knife in his hand away from him, as long as people close to me, a knife will cut on his leg. Over time, these people have started half lying on the ground moaning, but I was not hurt. The rest of the people, hands knife, but did not dare to step forward. Zhao Gao see this situation has been some panic, he has realized that I simply can not ordinary people, facing the group of thugs shouted loudly: "Damn, I is not too little money to a student I die cut to the ah, "those who hear the words of Zhao Gao, mutual glances, and then screaming, also told me rushing. So knife knife to too much trouble, all of a sudden they solve it. Was thinking, it will throw the knife on the ground, a move "Dragon glorious" direct hit. "Wailing" sound exorbitant Dragons sounded in the warehouse, infuriating spread by people who have all been thrown to the ground, leaving only a few people stayed standing. "He, he is not a man", "monster", "Ghosts" recovered the rest of the crowd, and all shouted, ran out of the warehouse, Zhao Gao finally no longer sit still, facing the side of the young who said: "You, you were shot ah" Zhao Gao hear these words, I quickly jǐng Ti, although the young man was not shot, but from deep inside, I felt a great threat. But still too late because they do not know when that young man was standing behind me, sword rack in my neck. (More on one site causes delays, the idea that the character we should all know that just before dawn on Dawn PS: Thank cat Xu and Yao Yao vote in, as well as mobile stations are dreaming, laughing 500PK )
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