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Chapter four hundred and nineteenth month high wind black shadow wolf chapter four hundred and nineteenth month high wind black shadow wolf ps: thanks Blood Lion Beast King greatly, liumangtu rabbit greatly evaluation votes in favor. Book mí group 4 ∴ G 0 vi 5 ye greatly thanked by line, different phase for the plan's monthly support has been greatly. Thirty plus more to pass, three thousand words a small section. Li Shan dog story and a few nv kids have mixed feelings, especially the hands of Liu Lan for increasingly small fish like legs. Lin Ying Haoshuodaishuo this talent dismay the little four-legged fish back into puddles, this did not prepare well to carry, next Ying Lin intends to apply a more superior Canada Goose Hybridge large expedition to study the range increases to two hundred Lane ground. "Little things, go home." Liu Lan mō a small thing, Li Feng is not prepared to take advantage of the public nv, nòng a drop point into the mountain springs midnight Gouzi mouth, meet that fate. Li Feng, this time a little more thought on the nature of gratitude that he has been no nòng understand the origin of space, although I do not know how to come at this time, but the nature of white space draw sè mist, into springs. Li Feng felt themselves to meet their own, but should try helping some of the endangered Perhaps this is the reason God gave it its own space. "Come on, all right, the little guy is very smart, but he is Li Shan dog becomes too." Li Feng Lan Liu a little sad renowned natural, open joke. "Well, our family was not a man to become quadrupedal Well, is certainly a gem of ancient sè America nv becomes." Liu Lan said the crowd laughed, this girl is really imaginative and more rich ah. Li Feng shook his head, mō the féi Tsai big head, big spot a rare close look at yourself, Li Feng tǐng happy, nòng a few ròu dry throw a few big guys busy for a day. "I'm all packed tent, here I see nothing thing, big spots, you and féi Aberdeen stay here. Boa boa, we go." Seven or eight points, Liu Lan several collated things, a few difficulty with a trace of a child nv idle. Li Feng took out several computer nv child, thinking to see the film, that their tablet, last night there is no electricity. Li Feng, but there are still more than four hours of this power, a miracle, and that was not a miracle, Li Feng, a bunch of space in the yard finishing material, inside a generator, Li Feng last night just charge will basically useless it. "Er er, you go, multi-RBI bamboo jī ah, the ratio wild jī delicious." Liu Lan waved away his gaze never had a computer screen, Li Feng is really not smile, eat this girl to do when complaining Li Feng The delicious too, they have to gained over. This will watching the movie eating ròu dry, really afraid of fat. "Pay attention to safety ah, you get an electric batons." Lin Ying'd got up from the edge of the bag out of an electric baton handed mō Li Feng, and then turned to sit down, staring at the computer screen. Li Feng speechless, these are what people ah, a group of bored nv people, so what is really an old film spectacle. Wang Kar Wai, really nervous, Li Feng shot this film to see a burst of dizziness, tinnitus, it almost did not get on the ground wrestling. "Come on, python python, a man like us, really hard life ah." Li Feng heart waist chā a machete left and right electric batons tied behind him carrying a gun, bringing with soil sons of thunder. Li Feng mō with several black devastated soil sons of thunder, emotion, Yaya useless ah. Afternoon, Li Feng, this has come over the hill, go up exceptionally fast, bushes, vines, branches, Li Feng did not stop the pace ah. In a bush, Li Feng seized the chance, in one fell swoop to kill a wild jī, plus harvest a dried fungus. With just a little jī agaric mushroom soup stew, Li Feng heart felt this little jī Wowo really doing the right place ah. "How? Python python." While Li Feng elation when suddenly python python hissing sounds, Li Feng surprised a moment, this is the time to encounter the enemy threat python python sound, here what, Li Feng looked around , did not find anything ah. Suddenly the distant bushes, while shaking, Li Feng holding gun, facing up a shot. "What the hell? Does a tiger it." Li Feng heard mountains tiger, but then liberation, but also in some of the places Mondsee go any further. Li Feng can not be taken lightly, his physical strength this time never fully recovered from foot run faster, this girl tiger encounter case, but be dead unless ran into space, but the tiger ran down the hill. Themselves how to do, how to do ah few nv child? Li Feng holding guns, hand mō to the waist black sè pimple it, but this time his To use this son of mine soil. I do not know how effective, Li Feng slowly close, as close to the bushes python python, Li Feng hands glowed crackling electricity huā yet. This high-pressure electric batons, do not know across the skin máo no avail. "Hey, nothing ah?" Li Feng look around a bit, nothing, how it was. "There is no hit ah, do not know anything." Li Feng heart some bad feeling, not a tiger, fierce, is not an airgun bullets can scare it. Li Feng, but really saw a shadow, the shadow of the head is absolutely not small. Li Feng Recall fleeting shadow, a bit like a tiger, no, no tigers. Is leopard, not ah, leopards are huā spots, not what they saw one yard black stuff. Li Feng Ying Lin worried mind several nv children hurried ran down the hill, python python swam rapidly. Li Feng uphill spent more than half the time, down only ten minutes, the clothes were hung several times, several tears, Li Feng, which where also these tubes. Li Feng fear most is that the shadow is the wolf, the wolf is the most vicious, especially wolf groups, a group of at least fifty-six, many more than a dozen heads. Wolf case in droves, great threat, relying on large bare spots and féi Aberdeen, up against thirty-two yet. If so more, but to the dead, ah, Li Feng heart urgent imagine. They watched the camp lights, from time to time came the laughter, Li Feng sigh of relief, it seems that their worry ah. "No." Li Feng surprised a moment, saw the shadow of a few to see a small stream, Li Feng heart shocked, I rely on, this guy is really ah. Li Feng quickly ran down the hill with with a python. Running while shouting, Li Feng heart that urgent, that if a wolf surrounded by danger may become significant. "Li Feng, how do you, shocked the small called." Ying Lin first ran out of the tent holding lamp, a look, Li Feng body clothes several broken hole, there are several bloodstain yet. "Li Feng, this is how you?" Lin Ying Li Feng looked quickly pulled, this time Li Feng where control of these ah. "Quick, get ready, the wolves come of it, I went to the layout, do you you try to hide behind." Li Feng down when drinking a bottle of spring water at midnight, when the body does not lack strength. Steel blade, is the most appropriate thing to deal with wolves. Li Feng quickly ran forward, from the mountains to see the wolves away from his own well thirty-four meters and speed do not block long, but Li Feng observed that these wolves seem to think quietly enter. "What it ah? Wolves." Li Feng surprised a moment, turned his head, "Do not call the wolf in the front, not to cause them North Face Scy Sale to pay attention." Li Feng Ying Lin made a boo against the action that he hastened with the steel blade, arranged to go , time is running out, Li Feng can do a simple layout, more than five meters, just on the other side can only hope féi earners and big spot, pythons can be blocked. This can be a lot of wolves, Li Feng estimated that at least seven or eight heads, this is a bit difficult it. Several nv child to hear wolf face sè changes, not fear in my heart. Lin Ying Li Xin and Liu Lan appease a few people went to the tent, a man took out a trekking pole, this is comparable to steel, the power of infinity, there are several electric batons. "You Get out the fire ignited." Li Feng anxious brain mén This sub cold sweat, facing several nv child without the usual calm. "Oh Ying a hurriedly pulled his folks, with another one xìng fire machine ignited a short while with a trace of smoke firewood fuel fire. Distant wolf seems to find himself to be Li Feng et al torn from running fast toward the side at this time of great spots and féi Aberdeen cries growl, and everyone already ran scared Li Feng tent. "Well, try to land the powerful sons of thunder. Canada Goose Women's Hybridge Lite Parka "Li Feng hands conjure up a man, his waist a soil sons of thunder, lighting homeopathic throwing in the past few seconds later a loud crash, fire sky. Feng Li renowned completely scared silly, forty-five the raid wolves, there are three direct flying, and another one, it seems maimed down the road. Li Feng picked up the machete, facing ferocious wolves split Bi lù go the other side, féi earners and big spot each stopped a wolf, a relatively large spots with ease, féi a bit frightening, Aberdeen, féi Aberdeen Although the head larger than the wolf, but the fighting experience is obviously insufficient, as big spot in the wild grow up, but fortunately a large spots from time to time to take care of it, it touches matched up. pythons that does not know where to go invisible, and three children holding nv alpenstocks, electric batons, afraid to go out, just bang, endless fire huā, but scared they died a few people. "Koarashi, you stay here, I went to the other end of the wounded wolf killed again. "Ying Lin did not like so innocent, and this time renowned wounded wolf Well, slowly got up. Moved here a little over toward Li Feng, Li Feng, this time working with a healthy wolf confrontation, but that regardless of heart ah. "caregiver, we went, gone, I do not believe in a wounded big dog, I would be frightened. "Although Liu Lan Ling Ran said the righteous, but the trembling hands, or betrayed her heart." I am not afraid, and caregiver, we go together. "Three children trembling hands near nv wounded wolf, wolf seems to feel a hint of danger against the Son of Man Ying Lin a few grimace." Fight ah. "Fight ah" "Kill you, wants you scare me, kill you." Liu Lan suffered what seemed like a thorn jī, facing Langtou meal is ruthless chōu, even iron copper head bones, which would sub this wolf grief hurt tuǐ spot ah. "Koarashi, do not fight, and die." Ying Lin took Langtou still kept beating Liu Lan, this girl got really scared, not to mention Liu Lan, his spooked ah. ! @ #
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