Zhuang leader Nong Zhigao Zaitang

May 28 [Tue], 2013, 11:55
Yang Yi riding a cloud cover snow, wearing light armour, waist hanging moon sword, overlooking the South Lang Son, this is a range upon range of hills and downs, densely wooded mountain. (from the north.) Yang Yi's foot land called Guangyuan, Guangyuan, nominally song Jimi state, jurisdiction in Yongzhou. But the song has been unable to south of South of the Five Ridges Gu, the Jimi lack of control, Jimi like Guangyuan many actually served in cochin. Cochin Dynasty of these tribes oppression is very fierce, such as Baoyuan two years summer, Guangyuan, one is forced to "offer" to the Cochin a weighing Yibaiyishierliang of gold, Jiaozhi Fu Lianzhi insatiable, Guangyuan, people are oppressed very bitter. 1041, Guangyuan, Zhuang leader Nong Zhigao Zaitang and state building "in country", against the oppression of Cochin dynasty. At the same time, Lennon Chicco to song request containing, in order to obtain the position command tribes, against the Cochin plunder. At that time, but Song Renzong refused to be full of worries, Nong Zhi high internal report. I was in my hometown Dezhou Chicco established "south of heaven", Emperor Nahito Megumi reign, jingrui. And repeatedly repulsed Cochin Cochin intrusion, but after all much more powerful, Lennon Chicco painfully,Coach Bags Sale, repeated requests over the failed. The emperor on four April, Nong Chicco huff raised against song,Nike Air Jordan 3 Sale, May, breaking the Yongzhou, changing the country, big south, nianhao Kai calendar,OP Art Coach Sale, number of defeats court suppression of soldiers. The following year lunar January, Lennon Chicco by Di Qing, after the exile in Dali, have never been heard of since. Can say, the song was helpless, northwest Li Yuanhao are frequent intrusion, Liao army blackmail and impose exactions on. The song to be scorched by the flames, if it were to accept you zhi high attached, is tantamount to Jiaozhi war, Song Renzong does not have the courage, but not the ability to both sides. Standing in the Guangyuan, ground, Yang Yi heart feeling quite, south of the Five Ridges in many "view. Be of little, but was demoted exile. Only over and over again paid a heavy price. It has to face. Including Yang Yi himself, if not Ruan Zhishun's one hundred thousand army invaded, he also is just staring at the north of the country situation. Is this North Light South is the concept of time should be changed. In order to reduce the logistics supply pressure, Yang Yi the only twenty thousand troops, with him there are two people, one is Ruan Zhishun, he is the "soul" Vietnamese monkey, such a heavyweight captives in the side, a lot of benefits. In addition to a sixteen to seven years old, he wrapped in a white s è Baotou, wearing a white s è Duijin jacket, coat black brought grapes. Wearing a blue s è pants, very moderate, have beautiful features, the waist with a knife, add a bit of heroic spirit to him. He is the prince of Dali and reputation. It is later under the pen of Jin Yong characters Duan Yu. The White s è clothes for the honor, and known who is typical with Bai man dressed up, Yang Yi suddenly turned around and asked him: "Your Highness, I heard that you Chicco after defeat is fled to Dali, I do not know Nong Zhigao can now and later to stay in Dali?" "This......" And known have never thought Yang Yihui suddenly asked the matter, was almost him around in. Nong Zhigao is a great song of the prisoner, if Dali had been admitted to Lennon Chicco that still have? And Yu replied: "Yang University >
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