said the report bad behavior

June 24 [Mon], 2013, 15:25
Peng! Chaos, a soldier in the hands of the flash thunder rang, the plane was a white flash, including the pilot, all eyes have been hit,Oakley Fast Jacket, one time to complete blindness. But the pilot is terrible, then could not see anything, he desperately pull lifting rod, fly to the sky above. But this group did not let them locusts in the engine room, still afflict these soldiers. Ma Zhenyong was completely dumbfounded. In his understanding, he knew that the missile can repel the helicopter, that higher sh è gun, high sh è gun can repel the helicopter. In some cases, there are people with a submachine gun PK helicopter successfully, but had never heard of someone with a grasshopper to repel the helicopter. This kind of thing, although see, but Ma Zhenyong believes that even after he told any one person, people will not believe what he said. The soldiers were searching the mountain snake ravaged, the helicopter was locusts repel, Mama Yong felt like a completely in another world like him, and even have some doubts about all of this is the illusion of their own. "Good song" Phoenix seeking locust ", but not the desert locust." Qin Lang finished playing, deep sigh. Qin Lang on insect flute has been some research, a memory of a poisoning cases of the seventeen generation of authentic disciples insect flute skill, Qin Lang on the song of lost "Cangshan Longyin" was very sorry, so studying the drive bug bug Flute "tracks", which had a "Phoenix seeking locust", designed to drive the locusts. This song is a senior make painstaking efforts to write out the poison clan, the predecessors have offended a dynasty powerful princes, lead to family slaughtered, but the sovereign power is very strong, many of the senior side master, repeatedly revenge without success, but himself was seriously wounded, he will come up with a mist, created such a "Phoenix seeking locust", he later became a flooding locust, will all over the country and driven to a sovereign territory,Oakley For Cheap, the sovereign territory of thousand miles of fertile grain were all had a J ī ng light. In ancient times, food production is not high, so the common people rarely have grain, then locusts ate up all the food, these people have no food to eat, nature can only leave the sovereign territory, or the unrest began to rebel, anyway the predecessors "Phoenix seeking a locust" the sovereign territory completely out of the decline, while the some ministers to impeach, said the report bad behavior, virtue as well that led to the heaven down the scourge (in ancient times the plague of locusts is regarded as a natural disaster), so the Duke was the last emperor demoted to commoner, finally died in the hands of the former generation. Just then, revenge, the older generation soon died,Oakley Juliet, because that year to revenge, his approach has led to countless families become destitute and homeless, resulting in hundreds of thousands of people died in the streets, he thinks the sin is great. No Yan to live forever. Now, Qin Lang from the old poison "chest" inside out this "Phoenix seeking locust" music scores, and the skilled practice, is not he to drive locusts particularly interested, but Qin Lang tried to write the song "poison in legends of the Cangshan dragons", because in the Qin Lang see >
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