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Red Dragon Admiral immediately checked the condition of these three individuals, and finally did the Layton guess, these three men really are scared to death. People in this place would be scary in addition to hypnosis is no other possibility than it. Red Dragon Major sighed, then closed his eyes and said: "Go to Robson called up to me, fast." Red Dragon Admiral mind clear, if you know the identity of the hypnotist won `t be easy to handle, but if she has been hidden In the crowd, it is completely not a solution. She can be a little bit of hypnosis where the soldiers and control them to four killings. Even finally find out she may not be able to successfully kill her, because she did not know to find something in the end is true or false. Hypnotist there are too many unknown things, except this time in addition to Roebling nobody can solve this problem, and Red Dragon Admiral deliberately eye to close up just to keep this in your own hypnotist inadvertently put his case to the hypnotized. Robson had told myself, if you encounter hypnotist must first close my eyes, even if only a hypnotist and a senior for an eye is also very likely to be hypnotized. It is best to put on headphones to listen to some sound again relatively large music, so defense hypnotist to hypnotize you with sound. Red Dragon Admiral really very obedient, immediately took the body of the Walkman, the headset tucked inside the ears, inside the rock release, which is to prevent the hypnotist hypnosis for themselves. Then Red Dragon Admiral squatting motionless, but very jǐng Ti, then if someone dared to approach him but with no hint of malice, it will die miserable. Red Dragon Major music broadcast to several broken immediately stopped and then came from the headphones while gentle voice: "Red Dragon Admiral, you are too careless, why do not you check your own tape has not been Diaobao it? Do not move, slowly listen to me tell you a deliberate, long, long ago ...... "Red Dragon Admiral immediately forced to pull out the headphones fling down, then opened his eyes, and suddenly the whole world has changed , he did not base the Scrime shelter, but in a fairy tale full sè color of the forest, four wonderful jīng spirits flying around and butterflies, there are some naughty jīng spirit still kissed his old face , the Red Dragon Admiral happy to have thought he was forgotten in this world there is such a beautiful side. At this point of his bare feet, the following is a green pastures and flowers, beside a beautiful river, the river water is not flowing,Women's North Face WaterProof Clearance, and still plays some of the ripples. The air was filled with the smell of grass and flowers, and even fresh water also has its unique flavor. Kind of taste people's heart suddenly calm, suddenly feeling to be alive is really a good thing. Otherwise it would not experience this wonderful everything. Red Dragon Major do not know why, although he is very fear, and very angry, but was this a scene sè to impress, and suddenly there is a want to dabble impulses. Red Dragon Admiral he knew that he had been hypnotized, although he hero I, but did not expect to be a hypnotist framed. Red Dragon Admiral go step by step to a small river, gently scoop up some water, and then let go, let them drop down. But it is surprising, not only does not the water flow down, but rather to the sky. Like a little bit like a soap bubble slowly and flew into the sky, no impatience, no disharmony, as a matter of course like. Red Dragon Major most strange is that they have come to the river, but still can smell the flowers, you can smell the grass and an earthy, hand in contact with water can be felt even when the temperature of the water and cool. This is the power of hypnosis? All this is clearly false, why can so real? Red Dragon Major suddenly some water with both hands, gently into his mouth, drink a mouthful, I feel very clear, even more than the top of mineral water also tastes better. This sweet and wonderful feeling of choking indescribable, like a cold ice across the throat does not make breathing becomes so comfortable. Also use some water to wash my face, that makes nerves suddenly shook look cool, kind of fatigue swept away all the experience really makes very happy, drink much more interesting than this, think of this the world will be so cool even really thorough spring. At this point the Red Dragon Major hypnosis can not wait forever stay in this world never go out. Everything here is simply a fairy tale, but he is the protagonist of this fairy tale. At this time, Layton has been brought back to the Roebling, Robson was shocked to see the red dragon Major squatting in front of a corpse dig up the corpse by hand in the abdomen, then used his blood wash, also continue to pour blood into his mouth. But it is a very happy, Robson a look to understand, this is the Red Dragon Major hypnosis. Robson not hesitate, and yet not dare to close Red Dragon Major combat this person has a limit. So softly in the distance, said: "Red Dragon, Major General, calm down, think about your battlefield, think about your brother, think of those who killed you and you are now very calm, do not want to fight, very calm, do not want to fight, I tell you a story, the story of death and blood, war and honor ...... long, long time ago ...... "Robson with some regular words to produce a red dragon fighting Admiral heart yù hope, in a different order to stimulate his brain cells slowly, so that the red dragon Major General interest in these terms of brain cells to form a circle, the red dragon seal Major General jīng he first lived, this is to let his past it safer, although only a few simple psychological suggestion, then immediately went to the front of the Red Dragon, Major General, and his eyes met. Major-General at that time Red Dragon jīng God world just felt the whole world is turbulent, the river began flowing, jīng spirits who disappear, butterflies also ran into the flower from the inside, the beautiful clouds covered the sun was up, the sky it began to drizzle. "Red Dragon Admiral, long time no see, you remember your childhood you have it here? This is when you had to be not changed, but you'd get older a lot of thing." Red Dragon Admiral turned around, turned out to be an old tree in their own words, old tree different from ordinary tree, a face with hands, like a fairy tale, like a tree. Major General immediately went to the Red Dragon trees beside and asked: "Who are you, how do you know my name Red Dragon?" Trees giggled twice: "Ha ha ha ha, you are still a kid at the time it have come before you not remember? has gone for years, you do not miss my old friend? give me a bear hug. "trees sub-branches like hands outstretched two want to embrace the Red Dragon, Major General, Red Dragon Admiral eyes immediately angry, facing this tree is a sub-punch directly to the sub-tree to split into two halves. Then Red Dragon Admiral yīn smile: "When I was little time to call the Red Dragon, trying to cheat me, then the best to ask what was the name I was a kid." Punch down, the trees are all nearby and just exposed tree Like the old lady's face, but this time replaced by a hideous face, wielding ghost imaging like the bark of branches and fangs general. Disappear jīng spirit has become one of the little goblins, holding a knife and fork twisted fangs. Water inside emerge countless huge crocodiles, one shaking his head swinging tail toward the direction of Major General Red Dragon rushing. 'Flap flap' all of a sudden the back of someone clapping, Red Dragon Admiral looked back, turned out to Robson. A strange sight Robson all the trees have stopped. Robson stroking the ground, suddenly the entire floor have been Results from the frost, all the trees strange, jīng spirit, crocodiles have been frozen into the ice. Robson went to the side of the Red Dragon Admiral admire, said: "Major Red Dragon is indeed, even an old tree to see through the lies, you know, had you hold to his body, maybe my body was would you give to kill. Fortunately, however, when you do not have it on. "Red Dragon Admiral nodded and said:" I like this one will be able to expose the lie, but the world really is wonderful, I this is the first times by hypnosis, hypnosis does not want a world so strange seems I've underestimated you. hypnosis in the end is what? "Robson thought again and said:" You know computer virus, in fact, hypnosis is a special Ming against the human brain virus, but only in jīng God level. Each has his hypnosis procedures and objectives, and our human brain is actually hypnotist software division, we can create the kind of like you just saw Green sè beautiful scenes software also now manufactured as now the evil virus scene. hypnosis in a person's brain is like your own, like a virus, it is difficult to clear on their own, so must be another hypnosis teacher to help you kill the virus, otherwise might never have been lost in this scene just now I told you to use another hypnotist, it is probably a program jīng God will own all of the frozen world, which is The easiest and most effective anti-virus tools, these things have now no other way. "Red Dragon Admiral sighed, and said:" The world is too complicated hypnosis, but really interesting and I have almost lost it, I even want to always stay in the beautiful world. either just old tree was saying let me see the flaws of them, otherwise we have the danger. "Robson very pleased, said:" It is Major powerful red dragon, and now I take you out of it. "said Robson walked in front of the Red Dragon Admiral pulled his hand, and then the force of his right foot upon the earth, the ground point of the ice began to crack a little ,Womens North Face Ribbon, seem to have been the work, like crack. These cracks cracking little by little began to spread, until the surrounding air are beginning to crack,North Face Hybird, and finally the whole world'' bang broken, red dragon Admiral felt just like a reflection in the world of these fragments Like, little by little disappear, leaving only darkness. Darkness receded, the whole world starts to light up, red dragon Major opened his eyes first saw that Robson is draped over his shoulder looking at his rapture. Suddenly Red Dragon Admiral tasted blood in his mouth, raising his hand to look, his hands are full of blood. And Robson also slow over, panting breathing in situ.
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