my sister and Qingluan not really

July 03 [Wed], 2013, 10:32
"What a beautiful song ah, why do I feel both sad sad they feel happy and comfortable, good move, a good cry, oh." Stands on the Long Road Xingyue tempting to tears. If she generally people are also not unusual. Even those who repair to advanced, and also face some changes. "That is? Qingluan sister, why she would be here." Just then, the dragon suddenly sprang up beside the moon and stars a bluebird, do not give her what Dragon Xingyue Blue Flame Phoenix. The original dragon moon and stars around it a stay, but has been head buried in the wings to sleep, then heard Qingluan singing, suddenly a Jiling awoke, saw the fluttering of Qingluan elegant, small eyes revealed out the excitement of color. Immediately, seemed to sense something, suddenly the whole body froze in the dragon moon and stars on the shoulders, blankly and said: "Is God do? This is Qingluan sister's fate you! But this is something that is not a good thing." "Yan close the eyes, what you're saying ah?" Dragon Xingyue asked the side of Bluebird. Close the eyes Yan also Long Xingyue according to their own requirements and such Bluebird called. "Ah, nothing, nothing but some feelings." Close the eyes and shook his little head Yan Road. "Hey, just what you say God, what fate ah." Long Xingyue he was never discouraged questioning road. "Oh, that's ancient thing, you want to know, I'll tell you, but you can not afford to just spread out." Xingyue see the dragon nodded, then close the eyes Yan then said: "When Qingluan my sister has been looking for their other half, and later she finally found it, he called the cloud, they have enjoyed a moving love story, acquaintance, friend, love,Coach Handbags, and finally together. Yet, God get people, the thought of the perfect but the outcome is tragic end. Not so long after that catastrophe, the entire Three Realms six completely collapse disorder, but also in that catastrophe, the Qingluan sister's lover was killed, and perverted all off, and she died of his wounds. Luan sister just had to go looking for their cloud when it is could not find it. Qingluan This is heaven and earth fruitful, the most important matter a whole world, from the heavens and the earth, and never again a Qingluan now I know, my sister and Qingluan not really dead, but became a sword of the Spirit, but even became the sword of the Spirit, if not her identity, is also absolutely impossible for her to wake up, but today as she was awake, only illustrates the point, and that is to use this Sword of the people, is a former lover Qingluan sister and I said, providence and predestination, because my sister was finally able Qingluan and his beloved people together, although only as his saber sword of the Spirit, but at least be able to accompany the him enough of her voice now is to wait for countless years to express their bitterness, and finally getting his lover's delight ah. "" ah! Does that mean that my brother is his heavenly love you? But unreasonable ah , you said to her lover perverted all off yet, why do you say it is heavenly brother? "Dragon Xingyue Although Yan's story was close the eyes moved, but still some doubts asked with. "Wrong, Qingluan sister is not sensing wrong, that person should be the original cloud, or absolutely impossible to wake up sleeping Qingluan sister. But I do not know why he had perverted perish it will come alive. "close the eyes Yan said, small eyes also reveal a trace of doubt. See it is so, the dragon moon and stars also shook his head, and some looked puzzled at the contest stage. In participating in Taichung, Long Xingyu Listening Qingluan singing, watching it that wonderful dance, but it is not help himself: "For Whom the final nine days Luan Ming, Qing Wu graceful move sweets. Really deserves Qingluan Bird ah, this song, this dance, in those ancient records was right ah. And it turned out that even with this song will be able to eliminate the fierce blood fox vicious anger, really unimaginable ah seems this a test, no accident, then, should be able to win it big brother heavenly. "," well-deserved reputation, legends, beautiful and sad song Qingluan, whom can make things too depressed, whom tranquility. With this Qingluan of assistance, heavenly kid wins basically no suspense ah, and he can not only wake up 'Luan Ming sword' sword of the Spirit, he certainly far more than I'll wait for future success, we have to take good care of him, and now it seems there is some problems above, Even here, too, we have to be careful ah, if I have a family upheaval occurs, then we can get those qualifications are protected ah good children. "distant high platform, the family patriarch road. "Yes, ah, now six law enforcement have already reported up, just do not know how serious the problem of the so-called As here, a few, what will happen if a problem, we may have to try to keep that day toward the kid, other people will be able to protect the jeopardy. "Agni Elder Road. "Although the future will reach his heavenly environment of God, but as Longkuang, Fei Long Xingyu, there was a long day of snow, which also overlooked the potential of four, we should also try to ensure their safety . "patriarch road. "Worth mentioning, it took them a few people are protected, we had better prepare early, I reckon, as long as the dragon Jue lost, those hidden unrest will also broke out when the time is to bring disaster began, a You should also pay attention to good will, those who come to watch the battle of the other family members, who will be involved to come. "lanky middle-aged to take the side road. "That's not to sound transmission those elders do?" The patriarch looked at the crowd, towards the contest stage direction Nueliao Nue head. "You shall not, and now there are three already known elders and six elders involved, who can guarantee that those other elders no problem, we first wait and wait for them to launch, we'll catch." Agni elder shook his head. "You should not be too tight, and now they have not come out the results of a test, we feel at ease and so on it, you know, the blood of the dragon Jue fox it is not simple, although not as good as the high level Qingluan Bird may also not small watch for, besides, who knows the little guy is not there any other means not play out of it, they will not be so easy this test of the end of it. "middle-aged woman smiled and took the side road. Some of the other hundreds of people who looked surprised middle-aged women, elders Agni unconscious brow wrinkled. Contest the stage, Long Jue see their blood calls out that Fox was actually singing Qingluan attracted hostility fading, faint tendency to depart from their control. Feel it, can not help but Lengheng Dragon Jue, then Indian tactics of a dynamic, physique moment the sky, then the entire human body has disappeared in front of the crowd. Seeing this, the competition stage Long Xingyu, heavenly dragon contest stage, or even gone back grandstand Longkuang are frowned. Jue Long before everyone will have seen this trick play, but can not understand how he did it. Even the huge dragon Xingyu spiritual force are unable to find him, like suddenly disappeared in this space in general. Jue Fei Long before the war when this trick is to rely on it, somehow defeated Fei, when he was cast, suddenly make too much vigilance court Celestial Dragon. One cyan airflow whole body appeared in the heavenly dragon will protect the whole body into it, if there is a place to be attacked, and that the first time he could react, he was also wary of attention with the surrounding environment is changing. 're All wondering when that originally was circling birds singing Qingluan is suddenly stopped singing, wings pick up, suddenly a huge body drop, then both eyes Qingmang together toward a space emit glaucoma . Glaucoma draw swept a bloody figure appeared in front of everyone, suddenly, the original table in the competition gave the dragon Xingyu Teng stood up, his eyes staring fierce bloody figure that appears, then, Long Xingyu fixated sweep After around, most people are shocked look, including those senior high platform grateful elders. Scarlet in to see this figure, too, only a few people look normal, Long Xingyu heart under the thought: "Another blood evil puppet, which actually has the dragon and the dragon Jue Xu in general, such as practicing this evil power. But how he is done, and suddenly the whole person disappear, and the call mysteriously bleeding evil puppet, also hiding in the dark where everyone, even those who strength to reach the realm of condensable predecessors are could not find. Had Qingluan for the Phoenix Bird of the genus, has a maze of eyes to see through it, and now I am afraid that no one can see through it. Yes, that seems to have this Longxu conceal the law, just before fighting with me, did not play. those guys if they are such concealment method, then the original estimate of the situation may also be in worse. "alarm hearts pounding, Long Xingyu only feeling seems to have a huge crisis is quietly enveloped in the family head. Figure appears in color, that the blood of the already quiet fox,Oakley Crosslink, but it is suddenly covered with purple lightning Mans constantly flashing, the sense of momentum is fierce and brutal release of the open. Not only that, it seems to be in order to express Qingluan suppressed anger, the blood of a fox who suddenly emerge Road crimson flames, suddenly between momentum is rising up. Originally Qingluan also slightly weaker than the atmosphere suddenly climbed on the front line, to the same extent with Qingluan. Three tail shake, then a channel forming blood evil energy toward Qingluan attack go. At this point the situation, that Qingluan Bird and blood is blood evil puppet fox double whammy, even those hidden in the shadows of the Dragon Jue also eyeing it. For a time, the entire situation worsened, the original anti-repression became suppressed. But whatever the outcome Qingluan Bird was also a level of God's presence, even today only the idea of ​​God, and become spiritual sword, but it still has a sense of God-level battle. Seeing blood fox attack coming, I saw it wings pick up, forming a Unit Cyan airflow toward the bottom bar to go, but with the vibration of the wings, stature towards that school evil puppet rushed. Immediately, a blue flame from its mouth gushing blood Hongxiang that ushered evil puppet. Seeing the situation, and that blood evil puppet stature immediately inverted away, while the front side of the metamorphosis of bloody shield, stand in front. Bloody collided with blue flame shield, then that bloody shield is burning up, and the flames also spread like the blood evil puppet away. "Grumble" sound, since blood evil puppet mouth suddenly uttered a scream of horror, then discard the bloody shield on the back and fled. But Qingluan birds seemed to stare at it, but the eyes as well as shares unspeakable anger, that situations like this blood evil puppet is its father's murderer in general. But it quickly, blood evil puppet that speed is not slow, so they two will figure in the sky began a chase. As for the blood, fox, after seeing that Qingluan ignore their own, but that blood chase evil puppet, suddenly a stifled breath, but since this time both speed play to the extreme, even it can not keep up, but unfortunately, the only will look into the airflow that was wrapped in blue dragon heavenly body. "Sure enough, that blood evil puppet just immune physical attacks, but the glass Qingluan Bird flame of fire, the atmosphere has on the effect of suppressing the evil, and it is the energy attack, blood evil puppet that can be considered to have a nemesis, but strange is met with the blood that Qingluan how evil puppet on similar Fengleyiban. lay the fox not to attack the blood, but that blood chase evil puppet. Thus, heavenly brother would not be in danger, really , things like oh. "Long Xingyu see the court case, suddenly felt a little anxious. Seeing blood fox to look into his own body, heavenly dragon suddenly heart of a tight, this time has no weapon in his hand, and summoned before the sword of the Spirit Qingluan consume too much time, the real strength of less than even four Chengdu, but also how to That innate peak blood against fox yet. Helpless smile, looked at the sky, chasing the dragon heavenly blood evil puppet Qingluan, can not help some depressed, can not help but underground passage: "It seems that starting a trick, ah, but there is only one hit, and if unsuccessful, it would only can wait to die, ah. "shook his head, dragon heavenly know at this time is not hesitated, seeing that blood fox lunged towards his dragon imperial stature suddenly Baotui, while the right hand of the sword, holding in the day, then an invisible coercion emerged, that the blood had rushed to come to Fox, suddenly stopped stature, looked up at the sky, shaking up the body tempting. I saw over nine days, and that the clouds suddenly violent crest, an invisible coercion, pointing in the direction from the heavenly dragon started to spread, just a few recess time, that enveloped the entire summit Square to live, farm, those low strength people, the body began to tremble rustled up,oakley sunglasses online, even those strength of high strength of the people, but also somewhat horrified looked at the sky. Only the dragon and the dragon moon and stars two seem Xingyu no feeling in general, Long Wei Xingyu depressed in the day when it was running the pubic region of the gas, then that kind of coercion Piansi disappear in general. While the dragon moon and stars, it is because she was standing on the shoulders of the relationship Yan close the eyes. Court, dragon heavenly fingers facing the direction of the blood draw the fox, mouth shouted: "Sword Ling dust." Then one invisible Jian Qi Zhanxia, ​​crashing blow that the blood in the fox's body, just listen to "bite" The one, that blood fox figure suddenly disappeared, while leaving in place only a two-edged sword bloody. The cast is a heavenly dragon strike collapsed in general, the whole person Tandao the ground. Just then, the space in front heavenly dragon burst of distortion, then a figure appeared, consternation, that the dragon Jue. Long Jue appeared, hit to beat the dragon is heavenly. She was about to hit him, and was surprised to find a Jianguang Shanlue to, it is heavenly dragon "Luan Ming Sword", stop the next attack, "Luan Ming Sword" is also a "ding" sound falling on the ground. The Long Jue stature is receding, the convergence of that small circle of blood evil puppet. "No more than, I lost." Heavenly dragon faint voice came, then dragged his body toward collapse "Luan Ming Sword", the pick up will gently and carefully rubbed the blade, then head nor go back to step down. Long Jue some unwilling heavenly dragon looked away, but his blood evil puppet hit, this time the situation is not how the body, need some training in order to continue the fight, and that he is not the goal of the heavenly dragon, so What will be much, put away the puppet, turned to go in the direction Xingyu dragon.
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