Him in her life is a distant God

November 05 [Sat], 2011, 16:47
But that is a God, she would also like to keep at his side, even if only to do his footsteps creeping slaves, as long as she could see him every day, she can feel happy.

Empty villa, plus driver plus bodyguard Chen Peng housekeeper came back, "cold always."

Chen Xuan cold back, suddenly furious growl, lightning lit up across his face sliced, "to get me Feilan Qi!"

Chen Peng shaking scared look, quickly turned around and left.

This woman was the first woman that was sent out, and the first he would dare to say "no" woman! He wants to play with her a good game!

Chen Xuan's eye in the cold cold flashed bloodthirsty coldness, thunder and lightning outside the window of the house all dark light.

Instant the sun is bright storm. Both sides of the city's streets, green leaves of plants hanging drops.

Su Yuhan walk their way to school, yet they recovered from what happened yesterday, long curly eyelashes, she was also set off a kiss away the sadness.

Her mind all her Feige Ge. She would like him, has never been so want him. He is her favorite person on the age of nine.

That year my father took her to the mansion of his work to trim flowers, she met the then fifteen-year-old boy. He has a bright face, a gentle smile. He let her call him Feige Ge, send her delicious chocolate.

He is his father's wealthy family's son work, and she was the daughter of his home gardener.

Nice day of sunshine, she told him to play in the yard, careless in his arms asleep, and do a good long dream, the dream he is the prince's head with halo, and she is wearing a white veil of the princess.

He held out his hand to her, a sweet smile down into her palm, she thought she could with his life to the old.

She opened her eyes, sweet smile in his eyes, his nose, said she squeezed her small Lanmao.

She Kaka Lo to laugh, really decided to keep his life to the old.

Even if only to do him a slave, she also keep his life to the old.

But she did not know at that time called love, called love does not know.

She fell in love with him, in nine.

Hand open the classroom door, classroom uniform cast to her eyes, as if waiting for what proved. Su Yuhan a slight Zhenge.

Then enter the draft with her forest Meier has stood up, and a look of contempt ridicule, "Su Yuhan, how? Yesterday that the president has set you are the brightest and best in this draft, right?"

Su Yuhan Liu Mei cemented asked of the word.

Meier Chibi Lin smile, "Who does not know the man taken away by the unspoken rules, who does not know that this video is cool to play a woman president for the convenience established? You will not be the last night ... ... ... ... dry Clean the back of the net, right? "

Flock to her endless search for the eyes, cold as a knife to Li, Su Yuhan stabbed the black and blue. Eighteen of them, she happen is how dirty? !

But she did, she just take the first kiss was.

But some people will listen to her explain it? Some people will believe her?

Big eyes sparkling, pure profit on helpless, hanging her long curly eyelashes, and even the humble eyes also fell on his feet hanging surface.

Meier also Buyiburao Lin, "Su Yuhan, talk?! You do not like this default, right?"

Su Yuhan lips tightly bite.

Lin's hand shot rang Meier, "We Come see, this is our old school beauty, everyone in the eyes of pure teen idol! She actually went to bed last night with people, exchanging her pick the brightest and best!"

Su Yuhan's head in an instant lift, eyes and windy fall forest Meier's body, she does not know her former best friend, with her to enter the draft forest Enchantress, how she can do for her, how can suddenly become so?

Her lips clenched, like a knife in the eyes of the students went over to sit down and come to their seats. She no explanation, and without explanation, Qingzheziqing, she explained to no avail.

Lin Meier has more mania up, ha ha laugh, pick up the shoulders look like pet watching Su Yuhan, "I said name the Soviet Union, not to mention the future I am your friend, you can not say I know, I do not have you so dirty friends! shameless things! "

"Pop" Su Yuhan fist falls heavy on the desk, the next second she Yaozhu Ya eyes closed, he was boundless pain and anger in her chest spread. She did not want to anger, do not want in front of all because of her anger and more unable to quell.

She does not want his heart once again was so hurt.

Cold through the glass window the sun shone on her pale face, cold classroom cold air through the eyes of countless fire in her body.

More questions, more scorn. She's like being cold sea, unable to extricate themselves can not breathe.

But she really did not do it, she really is innocent. She was just take a kiss. She can say these words out? Some people believe that?

No! Then she will not say.

If only one person can believe her like that she's at the same table Su Tong. She opened her eyes and turned around and looked, Su Tong was looking at her clear eyes a calm. She whispered the opening, "You ... want to believe me?"

Su Tong nod and smile, the sun is always bright boy laughed to her most innocent smile, white teeth that are shining in the sun.

"Thank you." Su Yuhan laughed. Quietly with his hand holding together.

Sunshine shone on their faces, two faces in the sun shine bright.

Class ring began.

Their teacher into the classroom. Day courses began.

Evening when the school started ringing, Su Tong packed up their bags, and pick up the bags to help Su Yuhan, "we go together."

She smiled at him, he was always so, in what she most needed her to know what time. They are best friends, the most pure friendship, not because of some things and any sudden deterioration.

Like Lin Meier, had her best buddies, but together they are now, after attending a pair of draft Mo Yang, become her enemies.

But she did not hate her, but she was very hostile to themselves only.

She smiled, pulled out of the classroom Su Tong. While they are sadly behind the voice. Lin Meier's little face and collapse, the Lengheng soon directed at their backs, it is a happy trio, both of them left now, and she became a lonely one group.

Evening sunset boundless blooming, large colored clouds spread out to shop, beauty of the boundless sky. Su Yuhan out hand in hand and Su Tong, Yong Lu onto the school gate.

Endless sunset, the two beautiful sports car in the distance far away from the gate, under the golden sun is shining the shining.

Students are wide open eyes, was this luxury vehicle to attract attention. Some people even sent shock sound of shouting, "wow -"

Suyu Han Su Tong's men loose sense, that bike is her Feige Ge black Mercedes car. Her eyes fell on that car windows tightly on the glass.

And another vehicle's windows are also being slowly lowered, revealing a pair of Yin Zhi-cold eyes, who falls Su Yuhan, that the lips are thin float cold contempt.
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