Huayang candied fruit gave off a bunch of big words Yu

November 08 [Tue], 2011, 12:51
"Yu Gongzi, I told you to stay a maximum of two strings of candied fruit," a resuscitation, two back cooked. Vendors have been very familiar with them, always leaving them two strings of the largest candied fruit.

"Huayang brother, thank you," Yu blunt language to take over the two strings of candied fruit, and the tour were handed Lin Ruoxuan brother, "I would also like a bunch of candied fruit."

Huayang candied fruit gave off a bunch of big words Yu, "Yu Gongzi, I am sorry, you only leave the two strings of large, others are smaller, this string is still relatively large," he did not think today would be more a person, every son and Yu Gongzai only two people travel.

"Nothing, thank you, Huayang brother" Yu language found Huayang this person is actually quite good, warm and honest people. Do that, just to a person's livelihood, if we met her guests that no money, and that his business but also how to do so ah! Thought of this, Yu language a little bit embarrassed, as if their vexatious, bully others.

"Yu child, you eat this string of it!" Without any explanation, visit my brother has a large bundle of candied fruit stuffed into his hand, took a bunch of small.

Yu language does not force it to proceed in the big chunks of candied fruit, which the lady image to speak of a cent.

Lin Ruoxuan pulling her sleeve and whispered, "slow to eat!" Also kept her wink.

"This is ....." swim son only saw tweaking Lin Ruoxuan, then shifts to the Yu-looking body language, and then did not leave.

"Oh, she is my sister ....." suddenly realized that a slip of the tongue" My sister's brother "what it! Sister's brother? Say more mistakes, Yu language simply does not speak, to concentrate on their own candied fruit to eat.

Travel to see her son did not speak, just smiled, did not expose her mistakes lie.

Lin Ruoxuan see they do not speak, had to bite the bullet and said, "I have ...... Xuan two" weak weak given very little sound.

Villa II ...... Linruo Xuan Xuan children do not have much hope, although he would not treat Yu know, like their language, can only hope to hear from the mouth of the son swim out "Xuan child", the heart is enough !

Yu-language one, in the heart Xiaofan days, did not expect the familiar classics Lin Ruoxuan will take for themselves such a name. However, the 'fear of three' and 'Xuan two' of these two names is quite match! But the surface is still serious about it, or bent on eating the hands of the candied fruit.

"So is the Xuan brother" sound Xuan brother. Breaking Lin Ruoxuan all dream, can not help trembling heart ......

Tour son saw the expression of doubt and confusion, Lin Ruoxuan knew he could not remember her, even if they have ever met, even if they have to get along for a day ......

"Risk children, today I take you to a fun place to ensure that you like!" Tour son no longer ignore Linruo Xuan, Yu-bent on body language.

"Well," Yu language to follow a few steps only to find Lin Ruoxuan also froze "that ...... brisk walking ah, but also stunned with what," she could not really call that name.

Yu language puzzled eyes to see, "Oh, come at once" and look away in the back that he really never had their own care.

Happy to play three one day, happy waves in everyone's face. Yu is the most fun language course that the person, the sight of Yu-language fun, visit my brother will be happy. Once again, as the air Lin Ruoxuan, although in addition to travel son has just begun, never said a word to her, but she felt very happy, as long as you can be with him is like ......

"Yu language, Do you think the government in a particularly quiet ah?" Lin Ruoxuan the government from entering the Valley begin, my heart is very stable, always felt that the palace was too calm.

"No, ah, as usual, or" psychological effect must be, after all, she was different from their own, not always slipped out of the government "too much of your heart, and after a few times to go out with me, will be good."

Entered the door, they shouted "Liuer, I want to take a bath, tired ah ~ ~"

But see Liuer kneeling on the ground and kept to himself blink, Yu discovered where the wrong word, turned himself to be finished it!

A voice of anger and Viagra sounded, "you know come back!"

How this sounds so much like father? He generally will not come to her, how today ......" father ...... how do you too? "

"Valley Classic," the voice from the Lin Ruoxuan can feel her shyness now, "today ......"

"If Xuan, after a day, you should be tired, go back to the government soon," Google did not blame her though classic, but the language has been under the expulsion order.

"Yes," Yu Lin Ruoxuan looked uneasy phrase "valley lords, Valley Lady, if Xuan say good-bye!"

"Dad ......" room only three people, but they do not speak, so Yu language very uncomfortable" Today is her right. "

"Obviously do not know today, that you do!" A porcelain has been dropped, splash.

"My daughter, her daughter ......" prevarication, speechless. Wan about a cup fell to her how to do!

"Well, sir, Do not get angry, and Yu-language to know You're wrong," Yu Gu wife propped language, distressed touch her head, "Yu language, you would not mess with your father angry, and he had to you did not know * How many heart ......"

"Lady, do not say" He looked at with a dismay Yu language, which makes her a bit baffling, "Yu words, stay a few days at home, talk with your mother take it!" Having to go.

"But he ignored the father ......" Yu-language retention, straight away," Mother, father how he was? "

"Yu-language" Valley Lady's eyes filled with tears bite "In fact, you have hurt your father."

"My daughter understand" what the world has hurt their children to their parents, about my mother in the modern know.

"Go out one day, tired of it! A good rest," Valley Lady out of the door, "Liuer, wait a good lady," Having left, leaving a confused Yu language.

How they do not blame yourself Touliu Chu House? Said his stay in Fuchu's days are numbered ......